ITT: write a backstory/origin for Miles Tails Prower and how me met sonic

ITT: write a backstory/origin for Miles Tails Prower and how me met sonic

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He used to be Eggman's personal cocksleeve until Sonic destroyed the base he was kept in now he's Sonic's personal cocksleeve.

He was just some kid who idolized Sonic and started following him around in Sonic 2. I'd like to imagine that Sonic was initially bemused but grows more and more impressed with Tails as their adventure goes on until eventually they're inseparable

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Duality of man

Tails got bullied a lot as a kid because of his two tails, but one day Sonic was doing his adventuring thing and after saving Tails from something complimented them.
Having someone so cool compliment him made Tails want to be like Sonic and go on adventures.
So, when Eggman launched his second offensive on the world Tails managed to track down Sonic and ask to come along and help.
At first Sonic was wary to let a little kid join him on his adventure, but when Tails showed off that he was capable of flight and even managing to not get left in the dust following him Sonic allowed him to come along.

sonic met tails under the bridge, where he was jerking off punks for 15 dollars a man

I'd love for them to go into the more toxic, abusive nature of the relationship between Tails and Sonic.
Mainly how Sonic only has interest in having someone who will do every command he says, tells him how great he is and he can put down but will still follow him, how Tails is desperate for any bond with anyone because of his previous bullied state and will take Sonic's shit if that means he's able to do heroic things under him and feel some sort of bond

He used to sit at parks and watch children play

I'm the exact opposite.
I love the idea of Tails and Sonic being like brothers, both of them happily supporting the other

Tails sat down at his Yea Forumsmputer and decided to check out the Yea Forumsmics and Yea Forumstoons board and was outraged to see 20 Twitter threads, several threads about the same show and some shit related to Yea Forums or Yea Forums

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Tails gets me so fucking hard bros, I don't get it.

Actual spoiler
I want him to sit on my lap as I take him from behind while giving him a reach-around and whispering in his ear telling him how cute he is

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The End

He already has a backstory.

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What's wrong with the game backstory?

which one?

There's only one. Unless the US screwed something up in localization.

He already has one that's good,

One thing about Tails that now I've come to wonder is, what's the explanation for his two tails? I would like if it was explored how that is linked with the kitsune folklore but in a mysterious way, like he starts to research about his condition and he starts to wonder if it's something of "magical origin" or he simply
was born as a mutant freak. I would probably go with the mutant explanation

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user, at least wait for him to be legal first

>Design a Tails OC story for me

Sonic speeds by and notices a bush making noises, he checks it out only to find tails sucking himself off, sonic says: "that's pretty cool we should hang out"

And the rest is history.

>He was just some kid who idolized Sonic and started following him around in Sonic 2.
>Miles was the Sonic autist that proved himself to actually have value.

>how me met sonic
Tails get off Yea Forums, this is no place for a young fox

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Him and Sonic were old army buddies or childhood friends who drifted apart.Maybe they met on Jury duty

Soulless remaster.

>watch Sonic X
>see Tails gets turbo cucked

He didn't deserve it bros.

I agree that no redraw holds a candle to the original panel, it's perfection.

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>brave enough to post cropped porn
People actually do this?

He has one.

He was bullied for his Tails, no friends. Finds Sonic sleeping in his plane, is amazed by it, scopes it out. Tails hears Sonic stirring, and hides in the back seat until he falls asleep again. Eggman shows up, Sonic jumps into hero mode, Tails pops out and asks to tag along. Sonic doesn't care, says "lol, ok". They bond over the course of Sonic 2.

>Miles was the Sonic autist that proved himself to actually have value
That's pretty much how he is in the movie lol

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I've heard that game is pretty decent, it's true?

the only decent Sonic media from 1995 (Knuckles Chaotix is awful)

I love that in AoStH, their relationship is just so wholesome

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it's certainly one of the highlights of the series

The bestest boys

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Ok so there's a unconfirmed rumor about Tails getting a solo movie. If that were true, what the hell would it be about anyway? Tails Adventure?

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(S)he already has a backstory. Here

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(S)he? (S)he? It's SHE, bigot.
You WILL like Sontails

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This plus the bullying angle is what I consider the canonical explanation.

Why Sonic was on Westside Isle is another matter.

>Sonic saves Tails from Eggman's bullshit
>Sonic inspires confidence in Tails by acknowledging his scientific prowess and telling him his twin tails are cool and that he shouldn't be ashamed of them
>Tails tries to do him proud out of admiration for his big brother figure

based sontails poster

Why do trannies think people are afraid of misgendering them? Knuckles is totally the type to start shitting on him further for being a troon. Wait... does this comic imply that Tails has a cunny?

>Wait... does this comic imply that Tails has a cunny?
Yes, yes it does.

Y'think Sonic ever... y'know...

...fed Tails his big fat chili dog?

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Fortunately Tails eventually detransitions and embraces wearing things for her real gender.

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Slutty femboy (female) Tails when?


Ohohoho too bad fox boy, I'm announcing the world about your sins

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