Serious Sonic stories are...le bad!!

>Serious Sonic stories are...le bad!!
>Just because...they are!!!

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I don't care about your premise. I just want to say that Swatbots are based and underrated characters

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If games are like $60 most fans of a franchise have spent 100s on the franchise over the years I would imagine

This the biggest cope image I've ever seen in my life.

Literally only bad when penned by Penders and/or Bollers.
Flynn? Kino. Kitching? Kino. Maekawa? Kino. Hurst? Kino.
Even fucking Gallagher managed to write a better serious story than those two (Mecha Madness)

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>and/or Bollers
I'd argue Bollers had some fun stuff like Return to Angel Island or Tossed in Space,

how many times are you gonna make this thread only to get the same exact responses every time, go outside dude

not an argument I accept your concession

This is now a Karin Kanzuki Thread

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Spamming off-topic is not an argument

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fine ill give you an argument retard:
sonic absolutely can work with a darker and more serious story which has been proven multiple times in the past with the adventure games, parts of 06, and a lot of the comics. the problem arises when its done poorly, and a lot of the times it is done VERY poorly(shadow the hedgehog, penders, a lot of 06, forces). when writing a darker sonic story you have to remember that youre writing a story for fucking sonic the hedgehog so you have to strike a balance, nobodys gonna take your story seriously if you make a sonic version of the killing joke for example. but you already knew all this, youre just a faggot fishing for replies so here you go

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Stop giving him his dopamime retard.

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Do you believe the picture you always use helps your argument?

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>nobodys gonna take your story seriously if you make a sonic version of the killing joke

Why not? Batman is a rich guy in a bat costume who fights a clown. It is no more inherently serious or silly than a Hedgehog fighting a Robotic Dictator.

Killing joke could easily work if you wrote it right in Soni

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sorry bro just had to sperg for a minute

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This. It's just thought terminating cliches and lack of suspension of disbelief.

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this again?

You're right, user. We need a 18+ Rouge The Bat graphic novel with drawn sex scenes.

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Why not? Why stop creativity?

What did Sonic understand about war? Answer me that, OP

Video essays belong on the left

>Why stop creativity?
Creativity isn't inherently positive or negative, it's neutral. Execution determines quality, not inception. A better writer can make a Sonic war story work. But you're not defending good ones.

Are you trying to compete with the "WHY DID X DO GREAT WHILE Y WAS SHIT" threads for worst continuous schizo or what?

Not all of them. Some are pretty pro sonic, like lore deep dives.

Glad you approve of Rouge's fully-drawn breeding rape scene.

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why are sonicfags so autistic

Would you watch a story where Bugs Bunny kills Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam by snapping their necks?

Why is that your only comparison is stuff like bugs bunny and pop culture and not actually good children's stories?

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Because the Sonic/Eggman dynamic is entirely a Looney Tunes scenario.
Sonic the Hedgehog is a smartass woodland creature that doesn't take anything seriously and enjoys eating junk food while making quips. He used a Dragonball Z parody to take out the Star Wars parody built by Fat Scientist Yosemite Sam and instead of being a one-shot joke like when Bugs Bunny dressed as Superman, it turned into the cornerstone of the entire lore where the universe is constantly in peril from humorless all powerful superbeings that happen to resemble Cartoon Hedgehog People.

The Sonic franchise is basically what would happen if you let a Snyderfag go back in time and decide that every Looney Tunes cartoon needed to be some grim and humorless Meatcanyon take on Super Rabbit.

I mean, that comic is its own beast but you could probably count that one where elmer fights batman.
Still, its not the same as ken penders' usual delusional shite since they took the effort to write elmer in a way that fits

>Inspiration or homage decides how a tone should be
Tell me how I know you're retarded.

It's about the framing. Why should I take Sonic seriously when he's a character incapable of taking anything seriously? The only reason he's outlived any of his imitators from the 90s is because he was first.

Bollers is actually good, though. Just a really unfortunate writer who had to power through the Dark Age.

>Why should I take Sonic seriously when he's a character incapable of taking anything seriously?
This the entirely americanized version of Sonic. In Japan and in the Japanese game manuals, he only was humorous in humorous situations. He takes everything else seriously when the moment calls for it. But I know that you're just going to ignore this and spout another mountain of uniformed bad faith arguments because actually engaging with what I'm saying is too much for you.

Ah yes, the grimly serious content that is the Sonic OVA.

I approve

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>No actual argument
My prediction was correct it seems

>Ah yes, the grimly serious content that is the Sonic OVA.
I think that user is referring solely to the games, which have always been more complex in Japan than in the west. Just look at Sonic CD and it's post apocalyptic bad futures.

What benefit does Sonic gain from being serious? Is there some unexplored narrative that only Sonic can tell or are you just an insecure manbaby that's tired of being called an autist for liking a blue cartoon hedgehog that fights robots and eats chilidogs?

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Guys you could
I don't know
Stop giving the autist replies and giving him dopamine rushes

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