DC does something unique

>DC does something unique
>Yea Forums shit on it
I hate this board.

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Getting rid of your heroes for a year before bringing them back is unique?


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It is better than anything marvel and Disney has going on at the moment


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They both tie for last place.


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Is this some sort of bait, or something?


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>same old shit
This is why comic book industries is dying

John getting killed is a major fuck you to Geoffrey Thorne

Show me DC doing something like this in the past.

Superman and Batman have both 'died' before and even the way they died has been done before. And the whole schtick of killing of the primary hero team has been done.

Obsidian Age

Show me what you think is unique about this.


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wonder woman just died and was revived not too long ago...

Hell, even mention in the number this is to commemorate Superman's death back in the 90's...


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they will back to status quo six months later bare minimum

Is this your first comic?

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Forever Evil


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It's literally a reference to Flash's death in the first crisis, you nincompoop. This entire thing is metanarrative wank.


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Can you just say you don't read comics so we can close this shit show of a thread or are you going to double down and have more people come in here and make fun of you?

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after 52 there was a line of comics where the Trinity took a year off

Source please? Google and saucenao can't find the original.


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First day on the job, Corporate Shill?


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"Killing" old superheroes to replace with (((diverse))) supers has been done many times

>superman died in the 90's and new 52 superman died around rebirth
>batman died in the 2000s
>wonder woman just died a few months ago
pretty much every character in that pic has died before. is doing it again but all at once really that "unique?"


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>unique = good

Remember when Superman dying made actual news/headlines....

so unique they made a videogame about it like more than twenty years ago

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>when you're so contrarian you accidentally suck corporate cock
DC can't afford shills, so I know you're just an actual retard.

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That was honestly the only based thing about the issue


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Newfags, amirite?

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>Flash's death in the first crisis

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>Death of Superman
>Obsidian Age
>One Year Later/52
>Final Crisis/Batman RIP
3 of those are less than 20 years old too.

Does anyone seriously gets shocked when a major superhero "dies" these days?

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