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Chose one character to get a multiple season cartoon

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Ideally more of a videogame than a cartoon but Ventress

couldve had a dark side/light side mechanic and multiple dialogue choices and endings, kinda like a Mass Effect game
Story erases Dark Disciple out of existence, it focuses on Ventress bounty hunting with a main story and lots of side missions, upgrades, skills etc

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>Story erases Dark Disciple out of existence

good, it was shit and you know it was

It was literally the best case scenario for her character

Luke Skywalker
>ignore all new continuity beyond the original films. build new stuff including a new version of the clone wars. FUCK the prequels, FUCK the sequels, FUCK the shows, and FUCK all star-wars beyond Episodes 4, 5, and 6
top tier space-fantasy (yes, star wars is space fantasy.)

>make her act out of character for the entirety of the story, make her disregard her entire character arc and act like shes learnt nothing when it came to the dark side, make her in a relationship with a character shes never met that doesnt really work and then kill her off

ah yes "best case scenario"

Her arc was about the ways the dark side totally fucked her over and the book caps it off by having her overcome it

>the dark side has fucked me over more than once, I must not use it in its entirety
>why yes i'll teach you the dark side, this will in no way fuck me or you over

Read the book

>Season 1 is his Kaleesh origin
>Season 2 is Cyborg Grievous

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you read it too

there is no way ventress would teach vos the dark side when shes been burned multiple times by it and learned that the dark side is no good for anyone when used like that

This would be great

Battle of Jakku. Kino.

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How do we deal with the anime problem?

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Make more of it. Simple

I'd really like to see more of the era where dooku was still a padawn. Season 1 could be that, season 2 could be solo adventures, season 3 could be training Qui-Gon, and season 4 could be his fall to the dark side after hearing of Qui-Gon's death. Maybe something in between 3 and 4 since that's a rather big time jump but idk what else to put there.

I would have unironically preferred a show about Cobb Vanth defending Freetown while also dealing with all of Boba's old rivals and enemies targeting and mistaking him because of the armor instead of whatever the Book of Boba Fett was.

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This would have been incredible

This. I'd honestly be down for a full season of Star Wars anime. Visions showed that it can be done and you could easily kickstart a series out of some of the shorts.

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Yoda and his journey to escape the empire for dagobah, tailed primarily by commander cody

A show about Mara Jade. Starting with her time as an Emperor's hand and her training, moving into her time as a smuggler and then adapting the thrawn trilogy. Ending with her accepting Luke's invitation.

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>"Come on Ben let's murder everyone at this bar!"

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A man more likable than the entire cast of the Disney movies.

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Jar Jar

Yes, I love it.

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How do we improve the mandalorian for a general audiences?

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Wow, that was mean.

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I unironically want Star Wars slice of life series, no fighting, no big reveals, no returning characters from the Clone Wars cartoon, just a regular guy living a normal life under Empire rule.

Dantoine farming simulator

I'd take an order of Kyle Katarn pls.

Based and katarnpilled

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I still can't believe they had Master Chief take his helmet off

that's the LEAST of the fucking problems here

Im a droidfag, sue me. And its not just triple 0 and BT-1, I would love to watch an anthology series about the daily lives of different types of droids.

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Kino. What familiar faces would appear in season 1?

Based Droidchad

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>from the dairies of the poor fuckers who decided to explore the unknown regions
Picture Star Wars meets At the Mountains of Madness.

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Gonna start mara posting.

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Remembering why this general was banned.

Sometimes i really miss dark horse's edge.

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Hey janny, double or nothing we get a third thread!

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Fuck you kidd


>Always two there should be, no more no less.

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Jade pilled.

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Well the world needs third wheels too, Bane

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>Do you want to end like that fuck krayt with an army of threads? Do you!?

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Bomo Greenbark.
Say hello to triceratops Rambo!

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Based chicken legs maul brother

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Something that i like a lot from both 03 CW and TCW is how anakin's outfit was so vader like. I wish episode 3 had gone for something like that, thus not forcing both to backtrack at the end.

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>Bane was a Sith janny




Robert lives

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>Ban(e) of the sith

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And he is living the high life.

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George Lucas

Tusken approved

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Currently rewatching TCW and yeah I can definitely see the resemblance.

fascinating that krayt only appears in the weakest dark horse SW comic yet he remains memeable still to this day

Really wish either that or the 03 wars look were used ni ROTS. To show the war affecting the jedi's design. Just like obi's clone armor look.

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I rather enjoy Legacy, but Krayt is easily the best part of it. Him being such a clear anti-luke skywalker adds a lot. Plus the rule of one is cooler than the rule of two. It might help that he's actually a prexisting character so there's more impact to it. And that he's tied to the movie cast.

Its a shame that only talon gets constant art. Not that i dislike her.

And i would say Legacy was stronger than a lot of the others, such as legacy 2, dark empire and about half of tales of the jedi. And that 2013 star wars book.