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Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit #5 (of 5)

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Rich the Leech has some FCBD spoilers up including a couple Carol panels.

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>pacifist x woman of war
Would be neat nowadays.

When will the Marvel and Viz partnership bear fruit and give us a Carol manga?

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As soon as Marvel stops being allergic to money.

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Hope that leak about Carol appearing in Ms. Marvel is true.

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I’d read the fuck out of that

Brie loves Kamala so it probably is

What leak

There’s a list of funkos for the show. One of them is Captain Marvel.

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>There’s a list of funkos for the show
how the hell are funko pops still a thing?

How could it have been

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boobs are too big. brie hadn't gotten her implants yet when they filmed the first movie.

>he wasn't here for the fappening

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Carol v Cars, vol 1/297

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Not a carol fan. Can anyone say how frequently peter, jameson, mj appear in carol books? Or their appearances are only limited to conway's run?

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This is her one and only appearance I think.
pops up in a couple more issues this run

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strangely carol never appeared on spider-man books as a member of bugle staff

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She never worked for The Bugle so yeah

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>No women writers trained in super-hero comics

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cuz people like buying them and their cheaper than the nicer jap stuff

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>Carol immediately dating MJ
Dangerously based

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Is her old stuff worth reading

Origin of the best panel

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I'm enjoying it so far

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Salia time
Jess got her old bff back, when will Carol get hers?

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