So what do we think about Minnie Mouse?

So what do we think about Minnie Mouse?

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Go topless or go home.

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She's actually wearing a black top

Best Minnie.

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I would totally fuck her up the ass

I'd hit it.

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Low quality furry thread that should be deleted by the mods.

Oh, I didn't realize we aren't allowed to have threads about one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time.

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Get a load of this fucking newfag. Go fuck your mom bitch

I used to fap to Minnie Mouse's upskirts

Why'd you stop?

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I found hotter stuff to fap to. Also, I was in high school

as opposed to "high quality" shilling for newest shitty things like more than half the board is full of?

Or pointless Twitter drama threads.

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That’s not Minnie, user…

There's eyelashes, so it has to be.

Then you'll be fapping constantly to her in the new shorts, where her butt is so big that her skirt can't cover it.

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Outdated stereotype.

>Just Mickey in Drag

She isn't, but I still would a Mickey in drag.

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You think she squeaks when you rub her ----ears?

Do you not?

It will be when I'm done.

Nothing, she is incapable of doing it.

>Minnie is topless
>Daisy is bottomless

Perfectly balanced.

Should they trade outfits for one episode?

Sure, they share everything.

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I doubt it. In fact, considering how massive her butt is, her farts are probably very loud.

>he missed the Daisy thread
>he doesn't know about the duck loli thread up right now
Backseat mods are a joke.

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Does it for free and still sucks at it.

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European artists draw this version of her the best.


I never thought I’d want to fuck Minnie Mouse before, but the GIF is making me reconsider

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These characters are designed to be efficiently animated, and their design is so simple that still images don't do them justice.

and this gif is the hottest thing I've ever seen in my whole life

It's not THAT good.

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Yeah, but Minnie's ass is much fatter than in that drawing.

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Best mouse.

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that's America's ass

Yup, Minnie has the best, biggest and gassiest booty!

I want an Epic Mickey spinoff featuring Minnie and Ortensia

I'm really gonna need you to knock this shit off.

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The amount of arousal I feel for what is essentially a circle on top of an oval wearing heels is waaay too high.

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Why, just why...


that would be pretty cool

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smell the flower, Yea Forums

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Mickey and Donald in drag unironically look better than Minnie and Daisy.

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is the outfit she's taking off, this outfit?

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I believe it is.

>"... never smelled a flower like THAT before... or heard..."

Middle is best.

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So glad her and Mickey broke up so I can take her on dates while he just focuses on Money!

original is best

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