Deathstroke Inc. #8 + Robin #13 Storytime

Shadow War: Part 3 and 4.

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And that's it for the first issue. Now for the other one.

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I'm really not liking the way Williamson is writing Respawn.

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And that's it. If you liked these, support your LCS or whatever.

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they let any nigga just up and join batman inc eh

She looks like a bimbo. Nice.

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I love the fact Slade wore a full face mask that looked like him without the beard.

What a hideous page. I’m not new that generally cares about backgrounds but these are the first panels of the issue for many characters they need to have backgrounds. The layout would have benefited from a gutters too.

I mean he created him he can write him however he wants. The character just sucks and doesn’t need to exist

These are genuinely awful comics. Williamson really shit the bed


Aw man, will they also reveal that this is not prometheus, but a side kick who took his place???

And that was the regularly scheduled mocking of cry for justice.


Thanks for storytiming. Shadow War’s been a lot of fun so far.

Death Tournament?
Shadow Moses?

Jesus, did Batman have a fucking (death) stroke this issue?

Yeah, why does this character exist? I hate this plotline. It's so unnecessary. I want Slade far away from Damian and Talia.

That's...underwhelming. I miss Tomasi and Gleason writing them. This feels rushed, lazy and dumb.

Slade has peak sexual predator energy here.
Oh well, it's his son, he knew what was going to happen...

I'm happy Bruce and Damian are repairing their relationship


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