What are your hopes for the next season of Animaniacs?

What are your hopes for the next season of Animaniacs?

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Animaniacs was always shit. This new show is the same formula, but with modern culture instead.


None. I stopped watching in the hopes that gets cancelled


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NuYakko admits he likes men so porn of NuYakko getting fucked in the ass can be made

wow her elephantitis is off the charts


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Show Biden disoriented and literally shitting himself.

Mock Putin directly to secure nuclear strike on Hollywood

Does a full body image exist

Source? Looks like AaronFly98

I was thinking the same thing desu

No but i hope they turn Nora Rita into a fat horny hog

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OP is a fatfag. There's your context

Oh. Based.

I could infer that I was asking about how did this piece of architecture grow to such a size

Alot of process foods

cartoonishly baked cartoon foods with cartoonish amounts of 102% American sugar

Furry Waifus

Same way it happened in the original show. Just give her a snack and it'll all go downhill from there.

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Fucking this.


My hopes have already been destroyed in the first two seasons

Prettt sure its him.


Hopefully we see a George Floyd statue being appreciated.

>NuYakko admits he likes men so porn of NuYakko getting fucked in the ass can be made
yakko + max goof is already a pretty common pair in fan art

what if they bring back dot + mel gibson?

>AHHHHH!!!!! Muh scary reboot of a 90s propety is pozzed and woke! Childhood ruined, I hope it gets cancelled!!
cope, it got greenlit for a 3rd and 4th season.

Honestly, I can believe that. She did go insane the moment they even mention a doughnut. She's probably constantly repressing herself, because she's aware she has zero self control the moment she doesn't.

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Animaniacs had some great weight gain sequences back in the day. The Star Trek parody they did had one for Scotty which was amusing and gave child me a funny feeling.

>he doesn't know season 1 was cut in half to pad out the numbers
>he doesn't know the exact same shit is happening to seasons 3 and 4(which in reality is only season 2)

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>This new show is the same formula
If you're blind, deaf, and completely braindead, sure.

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Sauce? This is great stuff.

No more VORE SHIT. No more furfag fang faggotry shitting up the show and fuck why are they yellow skinned now it's disgusting.

for it to be cancelled

So who the animation staff was the fatfag?

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Aaronfly98, mostly blob but on rare occasion he does slightly morbidly obese

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got his twitter or deviantart or a link?


The 90s was fucking bizarre.

This, cancellation is all this piece of shit deserves, and more embarrassing the things it did to rile up people.

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Citatation: My Ass

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Were nickelodeon the pioneers on this scummy practice?

I figured Netflix started that shit with Voltron, but I wouldn't be surprised if Nick did it first.

>You need to praise new thing because its new, dont try to hold it up to a standard set by the older production

Nick would do it on live action shows too, Sam&Cat I think had this happen.

Wasn’t that just confirmed to be a misfortunate timing of a joke


Honestly I don't know what to believe. It's such an absurd, bullshit excuse and they could be covering their asses, yet weirder things have happened before. Either one lines up with the reboot's lame, obtuse sense of humor.

>the fatfag
>"the" fatfag

They're as common in the animation industry as genderbend fags. I'm pretty sure that any given cartoon will have multiple fans of both fetishes working on it.

8horns' Dotflood 2k23

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Smappa is based. I love his Steven Univer art.

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It'd be super awkward yet ultimately very satisfying getting your fat fetish implemented in the show you're working on.
Pretending you're working on any show of your choice. What sort of fat thing do you implement and how do you go about convincing those around you to let it stay in a non fetishy way?

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I’d like to turn that fat face into an even flabbier and more blubbery face.