Action Comics #1042 Storytime

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Bump if you're reading.

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Now for the backup story.

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>best run on action comics since 2011
>Yea Forums doesn't care

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just shows how far superman has come

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And that's it. If you liked this, support your LCS or whatever.

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AC is almost always shit because it is the "and then Superman punched his problem" book while Superman lets him be Superman.

>planet hulk but superman
I sleep

>i haven't read warworld saga and planet hulk

Bendis fucked Superman up to much and this run requires knowing all the Bendis continuity so I’m going to pass. I’ll wait until they retcon all this shit so I can pretend everything that’s happened since Bendis till now never happened.

What? No it doesn't, I haven't read any of Bendis and am following it just fine.

Is this good? I don't care about Clark's gay son

>this run requires knowing all the Bendis continuity
Outside of Jon getting aged up and everyone knowing that Superman is Clark Kent, no not really

I miss when comics where not all the same "fuck white men" sexist leftwing bullshit. I have never seen a female character be sexually exploited like this

It's amazing how you don't read comics but comment on every tread talking the same lies all the time! Don't you get tired?

see, this is how Jonn should be versatile with his powers

About to read this whole back up story alone soon. Is it notably anti police? Explain!

How's this run

Its amazing how you find yourself victimized at every opportunity. go back to tumblr with your kind.

Is J'onn still fucking Kendra? Still have no goddamn idea what the status of THAT pairing is after Death Metal.

Well, whoever enjoys their Superman beefcake is eating richly tonight.

wtf, is Superman in Caelid?

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Because this isn’t true at all. Even jurgens was better than this. Being better than bendishit doesn’t make something good.

Stop samefagging you insufferable cunt the faggot is right he’s just whiny. This comic has superman half naked and constantly being shown as useless. When they EVER have a comic of supergirl/Wonder Woman in a thong getting the shit kicked out of them we can talk.

It’s no less gay than the gay Jon Kent fan fic. Make of that what you will.

its just planet hulk but superman, its decent

Pretty awful to be honest. Hasn’t been a good run on action or Superman in 5 years.

>Outside of the Bendis continuity shit it doesn’t involve Bendis continuity
man user, you sure make little sense

Its not even top 5.

bump. It's a pretty good run, no doubt. But I think Superman fans overhype it a bit, they're just starved for anything decent since the character hasn't been used for anything worthwhile since Morrison's Action Comics or Tomasi's SuperDad run

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>When they EVER have a comic of supergirl/Wonder Woman in a thong getting the shit kicked out of them we can talk.
By that time you'll instead move the goalpost like the dumb gook that you are

Morrison’s AC is horrible because it isn’t Superman. Like all of the new 52 it would work better as a non-canon Alt U, unlike most of the new 52 it just happened to be good enough for single issues.

Next time just say “you’re right” rather than going full schizo.

No, next time I'll say "You will never be white, gook."
See you in the Spider-Man thread tomorrow

>everyone is the Spider-Man poster.

I don’t wanna see Superman do this gladiator shit I wanna see him like fight Lex Luthor

way too decompressed to enjoy this run

don't care, I liked it

>still on fucking namek