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... yeah?

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I can't wait for entirety of season 2 to be focused on these 2. It's gonna make everyone here seethe with anger.

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Their loss

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OPM reference? Cool!

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Imagine sloppy make-outs with her pit while she makes squeaky noises you didn't think a tomboy was capable of.


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ngl but i feel like 70% of the shitposters dont even watch the show, so there will be almost no seething

good god i hope her snatch looks like exploded brisket after all those years in jail. Im talking just perma-gape cervix falls out when she pisses loose. Asshole too, oh yeah you know he got bored of that worthlessly pussy quick and ruined her anus too. And now vi is extremely self conscious about it too, Wearing granny style swimsuits if ever when her and cait go to the beach. Even in bed she is shy with cait poking around her pussy-cave even after theyve been dating for years.

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70% of shitposters watch the show without knowing that the creators and all of the writers are yurifags and fujos and that we will likely are gonna see some homoeroticism between Jayvik as well.

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Why can't we just have good on topic Arcane threads, you people are the reason this shit got moved to /trash/. It's a good cartoon with good creative animation, you fags had to ruin it

>you people are the reason this shit got moved to /trash/
Newfag? Every non-running show's generals gets kicked out of Yea Forums

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Were the creators too scared of being called pro-groomers and child rap artists to confirm the very odd, almost sexual relationship between Selco and Jinx?

How would it be viewed if they doubled down on it and confirmed that Jinx really was diddled by her new Daddy over the years?

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Built for Big Malphite Cock

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>le six day old thread
these numbers are just fucking pathetic
and he still hasn't made a single friend there

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mmmm. sweet sweet arm pit phusshy

>that guy
"You've got the makings of greatness in ya, jimbo"

>try to nerf his chadness
>make him even more attractive
based fortiche retards

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POV: you're Vi, tied up naked in Caitlyn's sex dungeon

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>amanda outs herself as a groomer

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I hope Elon deletes that awful place.

Vi-rgins have their days numbered that's for sure, they'll all have to crawl back to tumblr

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