Gail Simone says they wanted a comics accurate Cassandra Cain in Birds of Prey but “lost that battle”

Gail Simone says they wanted a comics accurate Cassandra Cain in Birds of Prey but “lost that battle”

Why would they even keep her as Cassandra Cain who is nothing like the one from the comics instead of an original character then?

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lmao, who is the one pushing those awful changes that make no sense? The very few DC movies that work only did well because their directors demanded total creative control.

Asian representation is important chud

Margot Robot or whatever has a lot of pull over there. That's why Harley is still this big thing in the DCEU even tho nobody is watching her movies anymore.

Is Gail Simone still relevant?

Didn't the director herself voted against comic-accurate Cass, because she's such a 2000's asian stereotype?

Bullshit. The script wouldn't make any sense with original.

Why didn't they change Zsasz's name or Black Mask with how different they were? Remember how KG BEast was in Batman Vs Superman? No? Well thats because he didn't even wear a mask.
Marvel isn't innocent either, you know Janice Lincoln/The Beetle is in Spider-man Far From Home? She's a bit part and white instead of black.
Ultimately Cass isn't that major a character that studios would care about 100% faithful.

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If Cassie wasn't such a racist stereotype, maybe she would get adapted.

The original script didn't really have Cassandra Cain or Harley Quinn. It was Babs (as Batgirl), Dinah and Helena. But due to some legal shenaningans, Batgirl was ditched and Margot Robbie invited herself in. And then someone pulled a Cassandra Cain out of their ass fir no reason.

what do you mean asian stereotype, she fights with a sword? she's an asian martial arts master? o fucking kay who cares. does cass talka rike dis?

There was a script leak or "leak" where Mask wanted Cass to be his assassin. And another one where the diamond had dick pics encoded on it.

Seems like the movie went through some really screwy changes.

It was a Harley movie and the others got added because Margot wanted a supporting cast. Batgirl has never gotten past the old ass Joss Whedon script until recently.

She's the silent ninja assassin type that thinks with kung fu. She's every martial arts stereotype you can get.
All asians know kung fu and all that.

>Why would they even keep her as Cassandra Cain

It's just a name on a character. Same way other adaptations gave a familiar name to a random character. Only spergy fanboys go WTF IS THIS THEY RUINED CASS FOREVER THIS FUCKING MOVIE SUCKS REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE over this. Yeah, it was dumb, but didn't make the movie any worse. Now get over it and move on.

Cass was already Asian, tard.

they made iron fist not be asian because muh racism and now you're telling me him being asian is muh racism also

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>Now get over it and move on.
You are talking to the fans of Cassandra Cain. If there is one fandom that is physically incapable of moving on, it's them.

I think they made Iron Fist Asian in the comics recently.
>now you're telling me him being asian is muh racism also
Shang Chi's actor screeches about this all the time.

>Why didn't they change Zsasz's name or Black Mask with how different they were?

Zsasz and Black Mask were fine. The former is just a generic serial killer so making him someone who works for a mobster is fine. Gotham did the same thing. And Black Mask was fairly accurate. So they made him gay, so what. He had his whole mask thing and highly insecure bully is an entirely valid way to play the character.

That's not Halfags. Those fuckers called in bomb threats to comic stores and shit.

Fuck, I also meant they made him Asian. mistyped :'(

>s, Batgirl was ditched and Margot Robbie invited herself in. And then someone pulled a Cassandra Cain out of their ass fir no reason.

Seems like they wanted a Batgirl but they still anted a Babs movie so they found another Batgirl. Like a lot of people have said, replacing her with Steph instead would've made more sense.

>The former is just a generic serial killer
>works for a mobster

You really don't get Zsasz. He's not the deepest character ever but he's an interesting one that never gets used right.

Da fuck? Shang chi was a kung fu superhero. I don’t think it’s much a problem.

>we tots wanted comic accuracy
There's a reason comics don't sell and the people with brains try to avoid that

I maintain to this day that the Harley Quinn movie was just a retrofitted Batgirl movie which is why it had the Birds of Prey to begin with. Think about it, it was produced around the time Affleck’s time as Batman was spiraling. Clearly it was originally the plan to have a Batgirl spin off some time after the solo Affleck movie we never got, it would’ve had a plucky young Barbara teaming up with the BoP and taking a young Cass under her wing. Maybe it even involved her overcoming a Joker attack in her backstory somehow and featured Harley in a minor role. Then when Affleck dipped they put Batgirl on the back burner but still needed to capitalize on Harley’s popularity so they just cannibalized the script. But of course now that it’s Harley in the lead there’s no use in having her mentor a younger Batgirl, so they changed her to a motormouth street urchin instead.

All they had to do was not cast a fat piece of shit, make her still a street urchin but a mute. Have her be scrappy but Harley takes her under her wing. Harley talks enough for both of them, don't need girl to be mouthy as well.
Really I think they just wanted to avoid Logan comparison.

Didn't the movie banned in China specifically because of that?
It's like a modern blaxplotiation movie, but with asians.

Yes but user is creating a problem in his head where he can blame "them" and it doesn't work when reality is involved. Please understand

It's like a modern blaxplotiation movie, but with asians.
So a kung-fu flick from around the same time? There's a reason why iron fist and luke cage were partnered up.

No. The MC tweeting about how China is a shit hole in the past

Actual Chinese in China care about such a thing?

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Yup Shang-Chi's star Simu Liu's family moved from China to Canada when he was a kid and he did an interview where he said his family always told him to be grateful for living in Canada instead of China.

The Chinese communist party were not pleased and banned the film.

YES. See also snake eyes being asian. That's the trick. ALL the options are racist.

Tell Me More how Rapey Woman 84 worka, because Patty Jenkins had full control

You can tell a babsfag typed this because of the IMAX-size projection.

margot did NOT want to be upstaged by anybody potentially hotter, it's standard female lead behavior

it's why she got a post-wall MEW, race swapped canary, and last jedi rose cassandra

>Black Mask was fairly accurate
Since when was Black Mask a
a misogynistic flamboyant gay? He barely wore the fucking mask.

He's a guy who just kills people and makes tally marks on his own skin to keep count. Any adaptation is going to want to add something to that bare bones frame in order make him usable beyond two second cameo.

Him being gay is new, but isn't in any way bad. Him having insecurity and that manifesting in many ways, like misogyny and bullying others to make himself feel strong and important fits the vanity and outward charade aspect of the character who is obsessed with masks. A lot better way to depict the character than "lol he got dropped on his head as a baby and that's why he's evil"

>characters are just functions

>She's the silent ninja assassin type that thinks with kung fu
Almost like she's Batman or something.

"Who cares if it's a terrible adaptation? the character is fine" people say, shoving a mediocre script in your face that's only receiving any attention whatsoever because it's purporting itself to be an adaptation of something you enjoyed

They put a familiar name on a random character. It's stupid, yes. End of the world? No. Does it ruin the movie? No. Does it ruin the character? No, people. TV shows and movies do this all the time. It's annoying for a fan but hardly anything worth crying over two years later when she was a glorified supporting character. It's easily ignorable since the character is just a random street kid who isn't even annoying like most kid characters tend to be.

user, how much can a character be changed until they no longer resemble the character? Is Batman still Batman if he doesn't fight crime, but helps it, and has sex with the criminals afterwards?

It's a consistent problem. Look at the Halo show, they fundamentally changed a lot of the main details of the setting and produced something that isn't even that good on its own merits but people will dive in front of it to go "It wouldn't have worked without the changes!"

And because it's just mediocre enough to pass by those people, that means you'll probably never get your good adaptation anytime soon, if at all. It's not like Sonic the Hedgehog or Suicide Squad where the outcry is loud enough that it gets a second pass. It's just kind of shitty and bitter.

>the filmakers wanted it!!
>none of the girls have accurate costumes
Geee who to believe

Who the fuck would the FILMMAKERS lose the battle to?

no, they specifically don't care about america making a martial arts movie when they do it themselves every day. it's nothing at all special to them, a cheap imitation at best.

They could have called her Bette Kane and it would have been just as stupid. I fully admit that. But pretending like that somehow in itself ruined the movie is ridiculous. It didn't. You can either be an adult about this or you can be a child and keep crying. An adult admits it was dumb when they do it and then move on because Cass in the movie is just a walking plot device.

I was responding to a post about Black Mask and Zsaz, user.

>it would have been better if they used my genius ideas for the show but they never reply to my death threats I email them.
user. Seek help

Whoopsie, I guess I replied the wrong person.

Well, to your point about Black Mask and Zsasz, adaptations get plenty of leeway for a reason. Namely that it is an adaptation, and you always expect changes for different reasons. Practicality, does it work in live action, can you transfer it from the page, is it too goofy, etc. Sometimes those changes are improvements. Sometimes they're not. Your mileage may vary. The main question being if it results in something entertaining and good.

In case of these two characters, I think both benefit from the changes and makes them better fits for the movie in question. Their implied gay relationship is pretty fun, which gives Zsasz more depth as a character which he always requires because he's so one dimensional otherwise. Black Mask being played as a bratty, vain, insecure mobster also works. It's a different take from the edgelord torture fetish guy or brain damaged heir turned mobster with a mask gimnick, but it's one that works. His flamboyance and mask obsession is directly tied to his insecurity and need to project an image of what he wants to be, it makes him act like a bully to people beneath him in order to make himself feel in control and strong, and that's a very nice dynamic and gets a lot out of him.

r u ok

she also says she's working on movies, shows, video games, rpgs and other mediums, which is wild because her comics are like not that good

That's what I'm telling user. He doesn't seem right in the head. Am I not supposed to point that out? Is this some sorta safe space?

>googles Janice Lincoln
oh ffs as if I didn't hate Spider-Man MCU enough already

Settle down

This would be believable if it weren't for the fact the directions they take nowadays are worse than the comics

in all fairness it was probably just a random script name no one cross checked

>Why would they even keep her as Cassandra Cain who is nothing like the one from the comics instead of an original character then?

The executives know there's publicity from angry fans who won't be able to help talking about how their favorite characters were butchered.