The Owl House

>i kept dying
>there kept being these traps like i would go one way and get my head chopped off
>or go another way and get stabbed or whatever
>and every time i died the dream reset itself and i was standing there alive and ready to try to escape again
>but each time i would be watching myself from the vantage point of a red cardinal
>like i was the cardinal all twittering around in circles like an adorable flapping douche
>and i would always watch myself try to do something different to dodge the trap but i always ended up dead

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Telling Amity she's adorably built for breeding

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>Philip J Fry
To the op of that other thread ngl this made me chuckle

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I thought Rain would be the parallel to Eda refusing help from them because she didnt want to them by turning into an owl monster

but Hunter is the perfect parallel to the whole "you can't do this alone" thing because he has literally been doing it for 400 years and keeps getting killed every time he stands up to Belos

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>ripping off Venture Bros

oh no

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GODDDD I love this show, I want BELOS to win so bad, but I know the dyke would never let it happen. It would be so fucking cool seeing him just wipe everyone off the BI and just hangout with collector for eternity.

>Canon makes you a pity device literally created to be manipulated and suffer
>Fanon treats you like a self insert or a /u/ complex dumping device to the point of starting autism like 70% of the time you're mentioned
Will this guy ever stop suffering?

at least he got away this time

because of clones? then there would be way more here
>NGE, Star Wars, Rick and Morty, and so on

They fuck

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is the rest of the demon realm still intact or do they just chill in the void

Will we get primetime TV premieres for our finale like the frogs

It's implied there's life on the other dead titans and that's where the owl beast came from

>at least he got away this time

which he did with Luz's help

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Yeah the ancestor is probably a Clawthorne but I don't think this is a hint

The demon realm just wiped away of witches. I really don't even think Belos has a problem with magic per se, just maybe the people who use it? In Doro, the problem was really magic users, not magic itself, as that's what hole uses to get revenge on the sorcerers.

I don't know who will be the possessed one.
I think both Luz and Amity are valid choices but I don't know.

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The fuck!
They adopt!
They raised cute and healthy children together!

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It's going to be Luz, I think she's more obvious

He jus' loves killin'!

trips of truth

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100% luz
Possessed amity goes up to meet belos and he's like
>who tf is that?
>Oh one of the blight daughters, you know

Why does belos keep creating him?

he wants to play with his brother, forever

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Getting angry sweaty slam dunk fucked by Amity.

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Why is there such few fanart of edaxluz...

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Don't mind me, just posting the best girls in the show

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Cowards also like a lot of it is porn

She is extremely cute

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So S3 is an experiment. I wonder what creative stuff Dana will do there.

Why does the collector sound like lil from the rugrats?

>So S3 is an experiment.

Am I the only one that's loosing interest on Eda? I feel she's been getting shafted in 2B, only getting b plots and her one focused episode was a flashback while nice it barely moved the plot.
Besides she and Luz barely hang together before being split to their respective plots in an episode. I just really wish we had an Elsewhere and Elsewhen but with just Luz and Eda hopefully since this week is a King episode she'll have a more prominent role.

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i can see possessed luz acting a lot like bipper did in gravity falls
belos has to keep them on a toddler leash

Dana admits that they had to rush the fuck out of the story because the specials are too short for what they originally planned

I watch this show so casually and haven't cared to revisit any past episodes, so I feel like there was something I might've been missing throughout all of "Hollow Mind." Quick rundown on what major reveals were supposed to shock me or whatever? What happened to Philip Wittebane's brother, what happened to the other Golden Guards, and what does Darius have to do with any of this? I felt bad for Hunter I guess, but I didn't know what the fuck was goin on lol

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>So S3 is an experiment.

I mean, will it be that bad?
It's two hours with 12 minutes of runtime.
I think that's enough time to do something fast-paced but not rush

>sun and moon face together, whole theme is halves
>hair doesn't exactly look like Luz or Amity
it's gonna be both of them fused

just watch the episodes in the mega to get caught up

I think she means it in a "this story was meant to run for 4+ seasons and now it's being wrapped up in 2⅓ and we have no idea if it will work" type of experiment rather than anything they were doing intentionally. It was going to be an experiment regardless of what they did.

If it was me I wouldn't change a thing and I'd just make the S3 episodes as if I got a full normal season pretending like nothing happened, fuck the stress of wrapping it up.
I love him so much bros

God I wish
Then the grom tree in the room would make even MORE sense and and all this time with Lumity would have been buildup to something really cool

I don't know, I think it's not that bad.
I think Dana didn't expect 4+ seasons.
I think it was only three seasons.
I think she will manage to do well despite trashing some plot threads, clearly she sacrificed the development of some coven heads.
Or maybe she trashed some episodes like huntlow and raeda development.

Season 3 wasn't supposed to be the length of just six episodes, so the crew obviously had to improvise to get all the main plot wrapped up as best they can while still attempting to retain their original vision for the remainder of the show.

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Yeah Dana said she was hoping for at minimum 10 episodes for season 3.

Yeah, when she announced the shortening for the first time, she was waiting for 10 - 20 episodes.
I think four episodes less won't make a big deal.

I mean, forcing Dana will make her do something greater like Hollow's Mind.
Thanks to the background pictures, she managed to tell a dark story that can't be animated because it's too dark and violent for kids.
The story is there, we just need to put things together.

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I've seen every episode, just haven't thought much about each new premiere after watching 'em. I don't usually browse Owl House threads, so whatever lore is going on is becoming lost on me. I didn't even realize Luz was supposed to be shocked that Belos was Philip Wittebane. Didn't we find out about that in the time puddle episode a few weeks back?

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The viewer found out but Luz didn't. She frankly had no reason to think Belos was Philip based on the information she had.

>Didn't we find out about that in the time puddle episode a few weeks back
Yes, we the audience found out, but not Luz. She's shocked because she realized she helped the evil guy with the day of unity.

To me the most terrifying thing in this picture is the fact we can see Philips' face when he did the killing to his brother.

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The problem is that for planned for a season's worth of content, not movie's worth. At the very least her preferred runtime for the third season at the very least would be four hours.

lol what a dumbass

>I've seen every episode, just haven't thought much about each new premiere after watching 'em.
>so whatever lore is going on is becoming lost on me
...that's probably a sign that you should rewatch them

this is the face of a man with no regrets

She said 13 episodes at least if not 20, the specials are half of that.

>Hunter recovering and getting better was held off til season 3
>Because of the shorten run time his arc is just up and cut
>Hollow minds ends up being his last appearance
How would you react?

And we love her like that.
Just like Amity does.

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Cool, cool. So who's The Collector and what happened to past Golden Guards?

Do you have the screenshot from that tweet?

Dana outright saying she considers the shortened season to be a cancellation implies to me that the story is going to be as compressed as Game of Thrones season eight.

For me, I don't really seem to enjoy any episodes with Raine in it. Not when they are a focal point anyway. They're hurting the Eda Show.

Ah, she said "10-20 episode pickup"

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>So who's The Collector
Don't know, some guy.
>and what happened to past Golden Guards?
Belos killed them whenever they got uppity AKA had morals.

I think she is just mad. I think she will be able to tell the important stuff while scrapping the least important stuff.
You know how Dana is.
She will be able to give an ending to the story.

We still don't know who the collector is exactly, we just know Belos plans to free him/her. Belos killed all the other golden guards, according to him there's always a point where they betray him, that's when he kills them. He did the same to Hunter but he failed.

>She will be able to give an ending to the story.


>She will be able to give an ending to the story.
It may be very half assed though
is Collector connected to the in-between? that would mean he already knows Luz, plus eda wants to repair her purple coat

I also assume somewhere in season 3 we'll have a time-skip

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At this point it feels like the specials and their runtime were an insult and a challenge, as if giving them ~6 more episodes would've made a difference in the budget more significant than the specials aren't already incurring.

I would've preferred an abrupt cancellation and an unfinished story rather than a forced killing of potential and permanent closing of threads, but obviously the crew getting another payday is more important.

Gravity Falls did it.
Why not TOH?

Gravity Falls felt super rushed and had only one plot thread anyway, TOH is super expansive and rich in comparison, you could've easily had material for 4-5 sense seasons.

Yes and Gravity Falls' finale was very underwhelming


And yet most people saw the ending fulfilling despite its flaws.
I guess I just didn't like for Stan recovering his memories but well.