I love this show post favorite scenes

i love this show post favorite scenes

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Run for your life! The Bunny Rabbits is COMING!

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>Eat my hairy ass!!!

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Holy shit, how did that get past QA?

How come the last two seasons weren't part of syndication?

I hope you bring lots of spaghetti!

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I would totally F her up the A

I would totally F him up the A

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I still to this day refuse to believe that Wyoming exists.

This was probably my favorite episode just for how stupidly fucking brilliant it was.

Weird how despite not seeing an episode for maybe 20 years I can still remember each character's voice perfectly.

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One of my favorite Italian words.

Garfield and Grim Fandango are the two things that shaped my sense of humor before my major depressive phase. A rare example of the cartoon being better than the original comic

I like the pig

I always preferred the Garfield segments. U.S.Acres just felt too preachy with shoving some moral or lesson down your throat.

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>Hey kid, have you heard about procrastination?
>Dude you can't say that in a kid's show!

Im paraphrasing but thats basically the gist of the joke

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I would totally fuck him up the ass

True of the early seasons, but later U.S. Acres gave up on the morals and went all-in on the cartoon wackiness.

>I hear they're making a funny version of Ren & Stimpy!

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The ants episodes were the best by far

You! You're not Sylvia! ...

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The scene where Wade imagines terrifying his prison cellmates when he reveals his crime (tearing the tag off a pillow) has been forever burned into my memory.

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Binky's Birthday Song, for when you want to wish your hated enemy a Happy Birthday.

Doesn't Nermal have a female voice in this?

that's the latino dub which is God tier for Garfield's voice alone



>that moment when Roy realizes that the Rooster Ranger he thought was Orson in a cheap disguise isn't Orson in a cheap disguise
>that shuddering sigh
>those wild takes
Fucking beautiful.

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Anybody got an archive of Wikipedia's Garfield character list? I remember it being a shitpost

Blocked in my country

so, Wade is a duck that wears a life preserver everywhere, because he's a coward and he doesn't think he can float in water. though having your own head in miniature sticking out of it was something that we didn't really need, did we?

I forget who the sheep is but yes the one on the life preserver is also a sheep disguised as a duck, so their face matches their fake ID I guess.

>I still to this day refuse to believe that Wyoming exists.
that state has two senators.

Still waiting for an answer to

Have you ever met them?

US Acres is highly underrated. Wish it got more attention, because it was actually pretty funny.

Pee-wee's Big Adventure did the mattress tag joke better.

though the cartoon, as I recall, explained that the tag says that the owner is allowed to remove the tag and Wade was off the hook.

I wonder why that law kept coming up in media as a stupid law. It's a little weird but the mattress industry is kind of fucked up.

Likely had to do with CBS trying to kill the show in its final years.


>In the United States, the series appeared in syndication on local stations, distributed by The Program Exchange, between 1993 and 2006 (with broadcast stations running it into 2001). Only 73 episodes out of the 121 episodes were acquired by The Program Exchange. This was due to the producers selling syndication rights when the show was still on air and CBS wanting to keep the rights for certain episodes. Since the 73-episode syndication package performed well enough on stations already airing the show, acquiring the later episodes were deemed unnecessary.

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G&F was ahead of it's time. It should be up there with Animaniacs and Freakazoid. They truly did not give a fuck.

>that episode where Garfield wakes up in a toyetic sci-fi action cartoon

Nice editing

Mark Evanier knows the animation medium like the palm of his hand and knows exactly where to aim those darts.

Sheep boobs

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The Star trek parody episode is exactly where I got the idea to draw that comic. Those damn animators had no right in drawing Lanolin THAT thicc, also loved the rest of the Orson imagination episodes


Well, he did work on Groo The Wanderer.

You're one of the Kung Fu Creatures on the Rampage...2!

... 3!

>"Don't bother switching to NBC. They don't show cartoons anymore."