What are you guys expecting from Marcy's Journal?

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Gay gay homosexual gay.

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Talking about rubbin the muff n stuff

Quirky garbage.

Just think for a moment. You wasted 2 1/2 years on this show. Multiple significantly better shows with fun fandoms have come and gone. An entire pandemic came and went. Moments you can't get back have come and gone. Opportunities passed you by
And you have regret because, instead of investing into something worthwhile with that time you'll never get back, you decided to invested into this shit heep children's cartoon because there were underage girls and you lied to yourself it was anything more then a episodic comedy with some plot during the season finales.
The worst part? You did the same with Star Vs while missing the good shows from that era.

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A straight reveal. Marcy actually likes newt men

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Any information about Amphibia and those Anne drawings.

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Weird bug anatomy
Her being a faggot
Her (wrong but still kinda on the money) theories about Andrias and the prophecy

Maybe there will be accurate notes at the end of the book, of what she writes after the finale?
Hell, maybe that’s where we’ll get our epilogue

Vandalizing Marcy’s journal with obscene drawings.

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would you have liked it more if Amphibia was a musical?

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No, I wouldn't have watched it.

*Shoots you*

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>good shows from that era.

I don't watch Anime, do I look like some sort of Meritocrat to you?

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Why did they wait so long to put this thing out? The show is gonna end in 2 weeks.

Disney couldn't be paid to care.


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At least I didn't waste $44 billion on Twitter like you did Elon

It's kind of weird how they nickname Sasha as "Sash" even though only one letter is removed.

i'm gonna be frank, i had alot of fun following this show, through the good and bad. even as we bitch we still come back here to talk about frogs day after day.
time well spent on my behalf.

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Yes, especially a rock musical

There is no heterosexual explanation for Marcy

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I can only remember them calling her Sashy honestly.

>fun fandoms
Almost had me for a second there.

Marcy is the heterosexualist character on the show

Which characters are you going to miss the most?

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Marcy is just so seemingly vulnerable.

Sasha Marcy Grime

I'm more disappointed at the underuse of Sasha and Marcy.
We deserve a spin-off specifically about the 3 girls, not just Anne

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If only, chances of that are the same as dying by meteorite.

I'd settle for a half decent fanfic of season 3 treating them like an ensemble cast.

Amphibia has a pretty good cast overall, but I think I'll miss Sasha and Grime the most, their episodes were fucking great

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The calamity girls, Grime, Wally, and the Plantars when they aren't there just to be interchangeable dumb-dumbs.

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These nerds

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Bro I’m capable of watching more than one show at a time

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Oh frogfags, what is the definitive best episode of Amphibia?

For me this is hard, but I think the dinner and battle of the bands is the highest quality episode because its literally the only pair of fun episodes where all three girls are together. I like the frogs too, don't get me wrong I think I watched that episode like 10 times and enjoyed it every time.

>inb4 fryfag

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Other than tc I have to say The Dinner.

General character info on Marcy and the girls alongside everything else would be fun, but I imagine random sketches of different flora and fauna are more likely.

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Anne is amazing, I wonder if this is how Matt felt while watching Pepper Ann as a wee lad

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Reunion is still peak. Almost any Sasha episode is up there for me, especially Barrel's Warhmahmmer. Favorite frog-centric episode is Sasha's Angel's.

no you're right, those episodes are pretty damn great
they're both definitely in my top 10, I'd say
Personally, my favorite episode is Reunion

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I'm very curious about the format of this extended finale, the longest episode probably won't be able to wrap anything up and it will spill over into the last episode which will probably be 1/3 wrapup 2/3 epilogue, but that kind of fucks with the formatting for awards and stuff since I assume the longest ep will have the most action/sakuga

I wish people drew her like this all the time

Reunion is still my favorite emotional episode. I liked True Colors but feel like the first season finale was stronger with its smaller cast and tighter focus. The build-up of how Anne and Sasha's relationship worked, and how its filtered through their new environment and how they've both changed for better and for worse. And how it's all capped off in Sasha's moment of self-awareness and sacrifice as she suddenly realizes that the Plantars are literally keeping Anne grounded and safe, while she was just dragging her down.

Plus Lean on Me makes me cry.

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For me I think its probably Barrel's Warhammer, but as a full package I think The Second Temple is just okay, The Dinner/Battle of the Bands is a close second for sure. Lily Pad Thai/Planter's Last Stand are probably my favorite comedy focused episides, though I think Sprig's Birthday is underrated. Hopping Mall makes me tear up every time I see it, and Fight or Flight, even though its recent, is slowly working it's way into an S-tier episode for me.
This user is also right, Reunion is still the best finale the show has had. One of my favorite finales period, actually. What a great way to end S1.

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I know, right, might be my favorite interpretation of her design.

The Dinner is definitely one of my favorites. Comedic, but done in a way that actually builds on new dynamics and interactions meant to further character development. The interplay was great, like the group reaction to HP's racist joke, and Grime being forced to act like a dad telling Sasha to leave her weapons at home.

I wish we got a bit more of the full trio and Grime just interacting around Wartwood.

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>Hey Anne?
>Maybe you're better off without me.

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Matt did say it would have extra lore and puzzles to decode.

I'd like to say True Colors just for Marcy's actress killing it during the big reveal scene. But Hopping Mall is still the episode that made me cry, even if it's just for the final exchange.

As far as filler episodes go I really liked Wally's road trip with Anne. It's a simple, "don't worry about what other people think" plot, but I thought it was a nice balance in teasing one of the fantastical aspects of Amphibia with the moss man, and exploring Anne's relationship with a fun side-character who pointed out how Amphibia could be a fresh start for how she views herself.

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Anyone know who the artist is, I know it's an user but does he have a blog or something

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My main nitpick about Sasha being fully redeemed right now is that we don't get episodes of just her and Grime anymore.

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Some people here, have commented on how lovely Anne's long, noodle-like limbs are. I'd like to press hot cigarette butts into her exposed arms and legs while I sit on top of her to keep her from struggling

Sprig and Grime has a better dynamic

I'm a sucker for musicals but I'm not sure where any musical numbers would have fit. The show's already spread pretty thin for the story it's trying to tell, and most of its emotional moments are already established in a way that didn't need singing. Well except Lean on Me, but that was non-diegetic.

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You're just pretending to be me, and you're a horrid monster.
You are not me. I am me, I'm Marcy.
You stop doing evil things under the guise of me!!

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Thank you, amazing stuff here

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No but I would've loved more licensed songs or stuff like Battle of the Bands