Death Battle

Which jobber will come out on top?

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I say Thor since they're being hyper permissive for everyone lately. If Thor gets some sub universal stats then Thorfags will actually have a point

If they follow the same clownshoe crazy ass logic scaling for Vegeta that they used Broly, he probably wins. Unless Thor continues his own DB tradition of being a gorillion times faster each time the research team analyzes him.

>discount Superman vs scuffed Goku
Nobody cares about this

Not even going to entertain that they might give Thor infinite multiverse scaling?
Hyperion is discount Superman- or rather the JLA are Squadron Supreme wannabes

You're right - Thor is less than discount Superman
Maybe a discount Nubia

What's high tier Thor like? I only remember his feats from the Thor v WW ep but r/whowould win is super jerking him off as no diffing Dragonball.

Someone post the swan discord screencap of him saying thor wins

that's more Blue Marvel

>thor is reddit
Says it all

Why are DC fags such children when discussions end peacefully?
>entire personality is spurning Thorfags

I'm tired of capeshit and Swank jerking off his favorite verses. I want a totally based match, like pic related.

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>asshurt and schizophrenia

How high would Swank place Evangelion

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what's wrong with this dude?


Yeah you're obsessed with your catchphrase

Can you two go hatefuck in /trash/ instead? No one wants to see your pent up frustration.

>your catchphrase
Tell me how I know you're a blazing retard

>Not Geralt vs Elric

Those are some nice shades Guts is wearing. Would Geralt be quick enough on the draw to hax him? Because Guts could very easily chop him in half if it comes to that
But user, the only thing these threads are good for is futile shitflinging ;(
>educate me on myself
wew user

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For user's benefit

>not Geralt vs Clare
>not Guts vs Samurai Jack

no shit. but it's one poster spamming it in these threads and several others relentlessly. i'd commend it if it had more spice. a ROFL would be nice...

>Two shit matches where Guts gets stomped horribly.
Are you retarded? At least mine has actual debate.

>one poster

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Your DID doesn't count as different people user.

Your schizophrenia doesn't count as reality
I'd say seek help, but unfortunately it doesn't exist anymore. You'll just have to settle for ongoing humiliation and advancing degeneration of your general condition

Take your meds and then a nap

Don’t you mean topper?

Take your own advice

>honest advice is buzzwords
user... you're too far gone...
I bet you don't know Superman is a secondary Hyperion ripoff...

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>actually caring about debate instead of themes

>attempts lamebait after being BTFO
No really, take your own advice

What the fuck are the themes of Guts vs Clare or Jack? Human with sword fighting monsters? Shit bro, what about Guts vs Dante then?

Hyperion begat Ultraman who begat Superman. Don't you remember when Hyperion said "sorry but... CARDINALS!" as he one shotted Orion in JLA/SS? Take your meds and it's going to make sense.

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Would depend if they allow game feats or not. Book Geralt apparently rarely uses signs and he's faster than sound at best.

No, really
Take your own advice LMFAO


Are all thorfags this mentally weak, or is it just this one schizo?

Remain ignorant, then, poor, poor hylic drone.
>faster than sound
By scaling to Dettlaff who made sonic booms in the game? Curious how nobody brings up that Geralt himself never made sonic booms. Guts was in the same panel as a lightning bolt once or twice so I think they'd scale him to lightning timing.

I wouldn't blame them the WW loss was brutal

This. Haven't seen something like that since the Montreal Screwjob

>Geralt vs Clare
>They're both orphans (Clare's parents died, Geralt's abandoned him) that were taken into a league of monster hunters (Claymores, Witchers) and enhanced to become superhuman by a disfiguring infusion of monster essence (Claymores with the Yoma surgery, Witchers with the Trial of the Grasses which apparently includes a mutagen from a giant centipede). Both received an unusual course of said enhancement (Clare got a Teresa graft instead of a normal Yoma graft, Geralt got more drugs than normal), emerged with pale hair signifying their otherworldly nature as a result (Clare was standard, Geralt was not), had an interesting career as a monster hunter, and finds and travels with a kid that later becomes a gender-atypical example of the group of monster slayers (Raki got male Claymore training, Ciri is the only female Witcher).
>Guts vs Jack
>Western swordsman made in Japan vs Japanese swordsman made in the West, travel in worlds ruled by evil with swords with the special ability to kill evil things spiritually, abused foundling vs silver spoon noble, black armor vs white robes, becoming encased in berserker armor vs losing clothes as fight goes on, no compunctions about killing humans vs breakdown after killing a human, giant sword vs slim katana, lots more contrasts

No, book Geralt is faster than sound. Game Geralt is another thing entirely. He can react to teleporting vampires and sorceresses shooting out lightning.

So nothing beyond superficial and loose connectons. Your matches suck.

If Thor loses some Voice user needs to record the Vegeta fan pasta but in Thor's voice

lol, ngmi

Vegeta is baby level.

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Vegetablebros... we job to BABIES?!

>LITERAL plagiarism
Oh no, Thorcopycatbros...we're UNORIGINAL AS FUCK.

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I object to this conclusion. That's base Vegeta. We don't know how SSBE and UE Vegeta would handle flying babies.

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Jonathan vs Tanjiro is at 757k Views already, that's better then a lot of S8 episodes

In terms of how long it took

Bejita made me realize I was gay
he will always win

I forgot, how long did it take for other two episodes to reach a million?

Alright anons you guys are tasked in writing the Jonathan vs Tanjiro episode however you cannot change the outcome how will it go?

I beleive it was Sunday/Monday

The following Sunday