Where was the outrage?

Where was the outrage?

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Cyrax was made black way earlier in the games

As someone who grew up watching the Mortal Kombat TAS, the "race swap" did caught my attention when they revealed the fully human forms of Sektor and Cyrax in MK '11.

Maybe the paperwork got mixed up when they wanted to show the human forms in TAS, maybe by the time of '11 they decided it was better that Sektor was the asian guy while Cyrax remained the black guy (as, technically, Cyrax was confirmed black since Deadly Alliance, I think? That or Deception, can't remember the roster).

On the other hand, it could just be an amazing coincidence. Regarding the outrage, well, no one who would have given a crap probably saw TAS, so there you go.

>revealed the fully human forms of Sektor and Cyrax in MK '11.
Cyrax had a human form in MK-4. It was developed at same time as the cartoon.

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Sektor was the only one that didn't have a human form until mk9.

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probably just a lack of quality control. Nobody cares about those jobbers anyway. Now my man Smoke would never have that mistake made

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>Cyrax had a human form in MK-4
Interesting, of this I had no idea... the more you know.
Thanks user!

I love that MK9 finally did Smoke justice... it was about freaking time.

there's no outrage cause sektor is a villian and cyrax isn't
can't portray black people as villan cause that would be racist

Mk Ninjas change races like underwear, Sub-Zero goes from chinese to white to back all the time

>tried to protect his family is le evil
Sektor did nothing wrong.

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Geras and Tanya are villains

not to mention Sektor isn't a racist unlike Sub-Zero.
Lin Kuei use to be filled with ninjas with diverse abilities
now its only filled with cyromancers

>not filtering out the jobber ninja
cyrax, sektor, and smoke didn't even have real abilities. Better to have an army of freezemen than those generic mooks

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All I ever wanted for a MK game was to make this Reptile form playable.

The alternative palette for Player 2 if both are using Reptile in Shaolin Monks VS Mode is the perfect depiction of human disguised Reptile, in my opinion.

A man can dream...

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always thought Tanya was more Egyptian or Indian, so its okay if she's a villian
Geras is an immortal machine being controlled by an evil white lady, so all his sin is absolved

>no real ability
nigga please, sub zero wishes he could be as cool as Smoke

No, not really.
Scropion always been pure Japanese ever since the first game.
Sub-zero always been half Chinese & half white since the first game.
Reptile and chameleon are not human and never been human
Kitana only became asian in MK11

>Killing your father and turning your clan into soulless robots is protecting them
I see.

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>Dirty greenish white "human" skin, as if a chameleon changed colors
>Lizard-like mouth under wraps
>Lizard feet hidden under wraps
>Long claw-like nails
Damn, the regular Shaolin Monks design was probably my favourite Reptile's... but now I honestly like this one better.

I feel robbed.

Kitana became asian cause Netherealm Studios hate asian male x white female couples

I wish they made more games like Shaolin Monks. Much better use of the setting though it's probably harder to design a bunch of characters in such a game

>Sub-zero always been half Chinese & half white since the first game
I think the thing with Sub-Zero is his actor, MK1 and MK2 was Asian, MK3 was a white dude, MK4 is hard to tell, Deadly Alliance onwards the Asian depiction took hold... if memory serves.

till these days i still dont get if blue were linkuei main color or not

You forget the villain in the Sub-Zero game.

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Only in MK1

it was only after Sub Zero took over when blue became the official color

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Because he's a C-list character that no one gives a shit about. His most notable appearance in the games is being buried in the sand in one of the stages backgrounds

>MK Gold
Sektor's ending was so badass on that game IMO


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yes. Go to the shinrai ryu or shaolin if you love diversity so much. Maybe that can teach you how to throw a hat or whatever dumb shit they do

turning the clan in robots isn´t the problem , losing your free will is.

>joining a ninja clan
>caring about free will
once you join a ninja clan its all about your directives and what the head master want

In the latest mortal kombat comic scropion second best student turned evil and genocide his clan again. He's black and really edgy

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Until they killed him. Bad writing is a big problem for a series that tries so hard on presenting epic stories. This extends to the characters too: there's nothing inherently wrong with the sixth gen characters, just very little thought was put into what to do with them.

Take Kobra and Kira. Kobra is an asshole who sees himself as Johnny's rival and can back up his talk and gets brought into the Black Dragon. Kira is a corrupt Special Forces member who defected to the Black Dragon. Together they're an effective duo and a dark mirror of Johnny and Sonya. And that's with relatively little thought.

But NRS brings back Frost and instead of putting any thought into her and her relationship with Sub-Zero, giving her proper motivation and fleshing her out they just make her a cyborg and even more one note. They completely ruined Sindel. MK9 felt like they listened to nostalgiafag bitching and rebooted things but then became obsessed with swerving and outsmarting the fans. By the time of MK11 they wrote themselves into a corner and hit the reset button again. And they'll probably do it again next time and reboot once more.

>Yea Forums

he was also broken as fuck

If you are force to join a clan which one will it be?

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they will reboot it since Liu Kang is now a god and Raiden became a mortal and died

>I think the thing with Sub-Zero is his actor, MK1 and MK2 was Asian,

Daniel Pesina played the ninjas in MK1 and MK2, he was white. He also played Johnny Cage. John Turk took over when Pesina left due to posing as Johnny Cage for a rival game that touted itself as an MK-killer and flopped.

Special forces , I don´t trust the others


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what the fuck is white lotus? Is that Lui Kang and Kung Lao?

Lin Kauai, but only if i get to sleep with kuai liang,

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You don't about video games on Yea Forums, silly user.

What "diverse powers" did any of the cyber jobbers have? Bare in mind that MK9 shows us that Cyrax and Sektor could already teleport, shoot flamethrowers and nets, and use bombs and missles and all that shit just fine even while still human.

>Daniel Pesina played the ninjas in MK1 and MK2
I know, my bad. I meant to say in the unmasked endings (which was only in MK2, right?) he was shown as Asian... but I could be wrong, please confirm.

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What make the ninjas asian are the character bios.

We can all agree that cyrax is the best robot?

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cyrax is stupid
throwing a net is a stupid power

Bi-Han did nothing wrong, Scorpion is a gullible dumbass

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Yes I know and I'm saying they'll fuck it up again, too.

Bi-han should have spared him in Mythologies instead of being edgy and ripping the head off of a defeated man begging for mercy. Even if Quan-Chi hadn't framed him for the clan massacre, Scorpion would still would have been well within his right to want revenge over his own murder if nothing else.

>well within his right to want revenge over his own murder
sounds like Scorpion is just a bitch


you were beaten and have to accept it
anything other than accepting it makes you a bitch
bi-han also became a bitch when he became noob saibot

Oh shit, I remember this show but had forgotten what it was called, I had action figures of that guy on the bottom right and some dude with a red gi

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>Hey guys I heard we were discussing about becoming robots

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Everything after MK9 is not canon.