Imagine if he was never born

imagine if he was never born

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He was adopted by an Irish family, I believe. He's a descendant of Spaniards.

We would all unironically be living like it was the 19th century right now.

You do know that Windsor McCay existed right?

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I know, I'm just wondering how animation would change if Walt never affected it. As art and as a business

There is more to Disney's contribution to the advancement of the world than just cartoons.

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Adolf Hitler would take his place.


Techniques would have probably developed anyway, just later

Realistically, other studios would have stepped in. The Fleischers, Warner Brothers, Columbia. If there's a market, someone will come up with the product.

Yea Forums wouldn't exist
furries wouldn't exist
modern cartoons wouldn't exist
I think a good portion of society, music, and videos wouldn't exist because without Disney, most of what we have today wouldn't be a thing.

The animation studios of Warner Bros and Columbia were founded by the people Walt brought from Kansas City that jumped ship when he lost Oswald to Universal.

Not true at all. Comics and cartoons would have turned out very similar. Disney didn't invent animated cartoons or comic books or theme parks, They would have existed perfectly well without him, The Fleischers and Warners would have gone into feature length cartoons (POPEYE MEETS SINDBAD and POPEYE MEETS ALI BABA are genuine masterpieces; Warners could have easily matched a Disney feature except with a sassier attitude,

you're right he didn't however, I honestly think Disney was more of the domino to it all.

Not so for the Fleischers, The great success of Betty Boop, Popeye and Superman would led to the creation of new animation arms of other studios,.

Well, it's all speculation of course, But I think no one studio, artist or director is irreplaceable. When it's steam engine time, people start inventing steam engines as the saying goes.

I don't see how removing the one domino we know of means no other could ever exist in the first place.
If it's not Disney, it'll be someone else. Just as if it wasn't Newton, it woulda been someone else.

This post is way more profound than you might have intended for it to be.

It's so fucking sad to see how beautiful the early disney stuff is and then see what they are doing nowdays

Did he really hate jews? Why did he not have any clauses somewhere for extremely rich lawyers to constantly handle for centuries?

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I think they would have existed but it wouldn't be as much as it is today is what I'm saying. Cartoons would have been a "fad" in time, nothing more. On and off they would come back but not be a thing.

Imagine if Hitler spent his anti-semitism into a massive media conglomerate and childs theme parks like Walt did instead of taking over the world.

That would prevent wwii, Create a secound idea mill, and make anti-Semitism more trendy.

That's what I'm saying. Flescher would basically be the unchallenged big game in town. And while they'd definitely work in advancing the medium, you lose some of that pressure to innovate if you don't have a Disney to compete with.

And if you don't have Walt Disney bringing Friz Freleng, Carman Maxwell, and Harman & Ising to California, you don't get Bosko, Porky Pig, and the rest the Looney Tunes as we know them, you don't get MGM's animation unit which means you don't get Tom and Jerry or Hanna Barbara.

I don't regular this board btw I forgot to add that, but early Disney is pure beauty and it's a complete shame that they've turned into what they are now

There's no way to tell but I doubt,. Animated cartoons and comics were doing well before Disney and would have flourished just as well with out, Others would fill any niches he wasn't there to claim.

All those talented guys might well have gone into the industry on their own. It's not like Disney created them out of thin air. MGM would have seen the market for cartoons before the B picture and develop their animation branch quickly enough.

Never cared for Hanna-Barbera myself, I wouldn't miss them. But I like the idea of the Fleischers branching out into more family-oriented feature length cartoons,. GULLIVER was a thud, but better ones would have followed.

WW II was inevitable. The imperial age had to fall, Germany would have found another leader to address their grievances and Japan would still have launched its empire building so it could compete with the West. If Hitler had died in infancy, WW II would have happened.

Who even is this?

Best guess. Feature length cartoons would never have been a thing. Cartoons would be a novelty, nothing more.

Theme parks would still have lurid carnival/circus appeals. No real innovations.

The only real benefit was his charisma and public persona grafted intelligent, creative people to his causes, to do the work for him. Like Jobs or Musk. Enough money to push innovation, or change views to your agenda. (From Snow White which practically failed) If not him, someone else would've filled that void.

>"So, as you can see by this calendar, this is the date when the Destroyer will return."

I still have to disagree with this. Other creative people would have tried full length animated features, theatres would have had a spot for cartoons before the serial chapters and B movies, theme parks would have developed according to the tech becoming available and the markets.

We'd still have airplanes if there had been no Wright Brothers. No one is irreplaceable.

Howard Stark.

>The first feature length animated film is never created, because other companies view it as too costly
>Warner Bros never feels the need to seperate itself from the compition
>Disney alumni never get into animation, so Hannah Barbara productions look cheaper than they already do if they even exist at all
>Early anime and French animation were directly inspired by Disney with, particularly after WW2, without Disney their animation fields likely never would've risen up
>Theme parks never evolve beyond basic carnival rides at best
>movies and filmmakers inspired by Disney either don't exist or aren't well known
>Nintendo in the early days got its toy sales from liscensed Disney products, without them they likely wouldn't have gotten into video games, and without Nintendo the crash would've destroyed games in general
>Roger Rabbit doesn't exist so the techniques it pioneered for CG never happened
>The no The Little Mermaid and Ducktales means the 90s renaissance for theatrical and televised animation never happened
>The effects of which meaning many shows that otherwise would've existed now don't and people who would've been in the industry aren't
>To say nothing about all the countless people met through working on Disney movies, and the people who watched them
>The children who ever never born from a chance meeting
...What have you done OP?

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But none of that is true.
Plenty of other talented creators and entrepreneurs would have filled the space.

This is like saying is Al Jolson had never been born, there would have never been talking movies, television, transistor radios or streaming services. If there's a possible market, someone will fill it. If a technological advance is possible, someone will make it.

No one is irreplaceable.

Without animation we probably would have kept on getting more Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and Marx Brothers inspired Yea Forums.

Half these things imply that no one else ever would’ve had a similar idea at any point. You know how many times in history someone has come up with something only to discover it’s already been done? Countless. I once had a whole idea for a story about a deformed man who uses rubber masks as disguises and then learned that Darkman exists. And even Darkman itself was only created because Rami couldn’t get the rights to The Shadow. Disney just happened to be the visionary who got in on shit early, and maybe things would’ve moved more slowly or in a different direction, but certainly someone would’ve filled the void. Disney wasn’t the chosen one, he was just the lucky one.

He didn't hate jews. That's a misconception from him ratting put other people in Hollywood for being "communist " and a lot of them happened to be jewish.

We would have had animation in any case. Look up Winsor McCay. There were silent cartoons before Disney.

I don't know where you guys get the idea that art only develops because of one person. There's always so one else who would have done the same.

Walt Disney was a good man. (((They))) corrupted the Disney brand after his passing.

For one thing we know Disney is directly responsible for the Animation is JUST for Kids bullshit. Hate Disney for ruining western animation into being censored family friendly trash that's toothless. But sadly even if Walt Disney was aborted I suspect westerners would see animation the same way.

not true, micky mouse hitler would have leveraged his entertainment empire to stabilized germany and create a media cold war with the US and the soviets would bankrole the operation.

But it is.
All those things happened directly because of either Walt Disney himself or the Walt Disney corporation

And sure, maybe another studio and creator takes its place, the Fleischer bros maybe, I dunno
But that point you still have something completly and utterly different from our own timeline that no matter what won't line completely with ours and the speculation one could think of concerning it could be endless.

As shit of a person he was, and entire company is, they still greatly influenced so many things and people, to change that rewrites so many things it's not even funny

>a good portion of music
What the fuck are you talking about? Learn real history

Sure. But ultimately everything anyone does it because someone somewhere was at the right/wrong moment, and that moment might change history, or that person's life.

Maybe someone similiar would have similiar ideas, but again, at that point the possibility to what that may look like or what that person even was is endless

Hanna Barbara were the ones that turned animation into cheap assembly line garbage that existed to sell toys and cereal to children on television.

Mister Rogers

He have more soul than the people who running his company nowadays

Feel free to write your alt.history any way you like. I have an idea for fur trappers finding surviving Neanderthals in Canada.

No, Hanna Barbara proved televised animation was profitable and could be done under the right budget. Before HB televised animation was glorified slideshows and repakaged theatrical shorts.

HB wasn't perfect, but they fucking tried, and I'm sick of tards shitting on them

No Disney Adults, No Anime.

I still find that questionable that others wouldn't have come up with very similar products, Most hit movies have very similar projects that were underway by other studios at the time. It happens constantly. Creators ride the wave of public demand, they aren't the wave.

No Don Bluth
No Universal Studios
No Theatical animated movies

user there was a whole team of people working at Disney and Walt never even directed most of the shorts and he never directed any of the features
the only difference is that we'd be talking about the "David Hand Company" or something.

Anime would have developed anyway. There were other studios the Japanese would have seen as inspiration. If there had been no Model T, we'd still have cars.

They gave us Johnny Quest, Space Ghost, Herculoids, Superfriends and Birdman.

So they are based.

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Someone would have eventually done everything he did, could have even been you.

I don't know about Don Bluth but there absolutely would have been Universal Studios. If Disney hadn't tried theatrical animated features, other studios would have. If the Wright Brothers hadn't been born, we would still have airplanes.

Again, maybe things would've happened, albeit later in the timeline, like some unknown auteur making the first animated theatrical movie that in-turning revolutionizing everything

But even then who's to say what result that might bring and the future it might create?

No matter, it won't look exactly the same as what we're familiar with, and the things created because of it either don't exist or are something we don't regonize.

Gulliver and Popeye's Arabian Nights saga were responses to Disney's technical achievements and efforts in using rotoscope techniques for more naturalistic humans instead of just drawing a walrus with wonky proportions over Cab Calloway.
Like you need to find yourself in the midst of an arms race to go from pure rubberhouse surrealism to conceiving the idea of "We can one-up Disney's multiplane cameras if we shoot these Popeye cels in front of an actual miniature set"

I don't think it would have turned out all that different. It might even have been better, with a wider variety of animated features if Disney wasn't cornering the market/

The question is if those products would have become as successful as Disney. There was something special at 1940s-1960s Disney, and who knows if Universal or WB would have been as successful without an amusement park and someone like Walt Disney behind them.
You'd still have Bugs Bunny, Betty Boop, Popeye, Tom and Jerry, Felix the Cat and many others. But who among them could take the spot left empty in a world without Mickey Mouse?

>but there absolutely would have been Universal Studios.
It wouldn't have been a fucking theme park. They got into that game because of Disney, and at the time Disney doing a theme park of that scale and dedicated theming was seen as foolhardy and a waste of money

And you can't guarantee that animated features would exist, why would they? Animation works just as well in short form, the minds of 30s suits would think, and besides, they don't have time to do risks after the depression fucked them over, they need shit that works.

felix the cat could have the place that mickey has in animataion and pop culture history

>I don't think it would have turned out all that different.
Yes it would. Disney influenced a fuck ton, even shit like Fritz the Cat was created to spite Disney and its family friendly image.

There would be no "variety" in animation because it'd be doubtful animation would be seen as profitable to venture, let alone let some unkown artists fuck around and waste studios precious time and money for something that progresses at snail's pace, especially when compared to live action movies

To be honest I find the Fleischer cartoons so much preferable (with their surrealism, adult humor and sharper characterization) than Disney's increasingly bland products) so I have a bias.

According to Wiki, Fleischers invented rotoscoping in 1915: "
The rotoscope technique was invented by animator Max Fleischer[5] in 1915, and used in his groundbreaking Out of the Inkwell animated series (1918–1927). It was known simply as the "Fleischer Process" on the early screen credits, and was essentially exclusive to Fleischer for several years. The live-movie reference for the character, later known as Koko the Clown, was performed by his brother (Dave Fleischer) dressed in a clown costume.[6]:

Someone would inevitably try a full length animated feature or two. If there had been no JAZZ SINGER, someone would have tried a different talking picture. No one is irreplaceable.

Well, i don't agree. I think enterprise and creativity will always find ways to express themselves. But we're not going to change each other's opinion on this.

It could just as easily never happen and be stuck in short limbo forever.
Maybe, MAYBE getting off the ground after the advent of television which is its own can of worms.

Even if it did, it wouldn't result in something that's "the same" or even have the same people involved.
The result of what could be is too much any of us to fathom

imagine if he was never born

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