What went wrong with VG Cats?

What went wrong with VG Cats?

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Pretty much everything.


Scott insisted on telling the worst video game jokes known to man when all his audience wanted was for Leo and Aeris to be actual characters

Did they fuck?

Yes but Scott insists it's a "what if" story

>Go to.a pizza place
>Yeah this is nice, but why don't you become a full service restaurant? Your pasta is good, you must make great steak!
>But I don't want to make steak
>Make Steak!

Scott didn't want to or had any interest or ability in doing anything deeper. Forcing that out wouldn't have been any good.


That’s right didn’t he officially end it? How did it end?

Wasn't Scott offered a cartoon deal and he turned it down?

>Go to.a pizza place
>Your pasta is good
In any case, it didn't need to be deeper than his meme strip of the gray cat trying to get a christmas gift for pink cat, or just stop having gray cat being completely fucking retarded/maimed for fun and pink cat being a frowny faced violent psychopath, or make a strip once a week instead of once a year if even that

He didn't start making porn before his artstyle turned to shit.

He is reportedly working on the final comic right now. He nuked all the Patreon and social media content. It honestly sounds like he's having a breakdown

He went like years without updating

Things are different now anyway than they were in 2004, simple as... :'(

>Feel unironic nostalgia for VG Cats and that era of vidya webcomics in general
Make it stop

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It died the same slow death as a billion other comics as the creator loses interest, well of ideas dries up, it just happened to incidentally get propped up by furry porn for a while

Didn't he start drawing lewds?

Imagine being one of the biggest gaming webcomics of the 2000s and piss away all your potential and try to recapture that glory a decade too late.

The way he started to draw lost its charm and started to just get gross imo


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The porn is really bad. Dude just prefers a body type most people don't particularly like. Eris has really small boobs which would be fine with a petite body but she has a pot belly. And her legs are always drawn really thin relative to her hips and tummy. There's too much detail in some places like drawing in too many skin folds and stuff when the proportions and coloring and faces are all really cartoony and it just doesn't go together.

Might not have been good but he probably would have made his fans happy and made more money.

goddamn same. Newgrounds vidya animations too

>It honestly sounds like he's having a breakdown

He already had one prior and nearly killed himself, sounds like he's fallen off the wagon again.

>wife leaves you with the kids
>have no custody but have to pay child support
>need money real bad
>have to draw porn of your characters based on your real life long dead cats to make ends meet
Jesus christ no wonder he tried to end it.

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Is Shad still alive? I wonder if he'll take a commission of Aeris and Leo as prostitutes to pay pantsman child support?

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>have no custody but have to pay child support
Why is this allowed

As someone who followed the sordid mess from start to finish, I would say Scott's complete lack of interest in bettering himself in any way. The man was a depressed wreck and just sunk deeper into it year by year.
Don't be surprised if nobody ever hears from Scott Ramsoomair ever again.

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The author was a furry, he wanted to make a CAD type comic but he let his furriness get the better of him, and tried to step into furry porn grounds, the furry porn he actually makes is just kinda sad.

A sad part is that near the end he was getting better. Like not amazing art or anything but he was moving towards a style that was cute instead of grotesque.
Sadly we only got ~4 pieces like that before he lost it.

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As a zoomer, I always saw VG Cats as an icon of the 2000's internet soul that I just missed out on, but every time I read it, it's really just not very funny.

Did scott an hero yet?

It's been radio silence since february, so if he has, his bank hasn't noticed and shut down the patreon.

Wait you have to pay child support even if you have no income? I thought the point of child support was to make sure the kids are taken care of, if the provider is unemployed shouldn't the gummint pay it? Isn't that why everyone's mad about neetbux?

>>have to draw porn of your characters based on your real life long dead cats to make ends meet
He's a furry user, if he didnt want to do that, he'd find another income revenue. This doesn't factor into his misery at all.

>Why couldn't Scott draw porn back when his artstyle was good

These people are living in a fantasy land,if you go back to the "good" comics you'll notice the heads are the only detailed part, all the bodies are just big rectangles of baggy clothing. Scott's porn wasn't his art style degrading, it was the fact that he always cheated out of drawing below the neck finally catching up with him.

You don't have to do "Deep" comics that much. just every few months do a token strip or two devoted to the characters interactions with each other as actual characters.
Like, the Christmas one where Leo does a shit ton of crappy jobs and fucks it up by buying the wrong game is still a joke comic, but it works emotionally due to showing him caring about aeris and her kissing his head.

Real talk though, nothing truly went "Wrong" with the strip, it was more that scott just had an emotional breakdown as a creator and blew up himself.

If he'd been emotionally stable to continue making comics instead of having his patreon melt down, there was nothing keeping the comic from continuing.

>Wait you have to pay child support even if you have no income?
>if the provider is unemployed shouldn't the gummint pay it?
The government will never pay for anything if it can bend people over a barrel to pay for it instead.
Yes, in some miraculous paradise where socialism worked, the government would pay for all those in pain and in need. But the government is not your friend, and it will embezzle every penny it can, and blanket deny every concept of "in need" that it can.

No, your lazy ass if forced to get a job. No easy get around with "I don't have a job but I happen to live off someone else's money"

The strange part is this feels like a big downgrade from his earlier work.

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Govt is totally my friend. It jails all the people I don't like and ruins their lives. Less work for me

Fuck, they'll bend you over backwards so CORPORATIONS don't have to pay either!

just look at the tennesee law they passed recently: Drunk drivers now have to pay the child support of a kid if they kill the parent. Okay, this sounds great to the lizard brain of their base! But guess who paid that BEFORE? The insurance company.
That's right, the thing that we pay money for to cover shit when accidents occur? They were the one having to actually do their job. NOW, that company gets to just pocket that money instead of paying it out like before, and you have a convict in prison instead on the hook for paying that support: Good luck getting it from him champ!

Yeah... real improvement, but it helps out their corporate donors and appeals to the base's, so it gets passed.

Here's the thing, as a kid in the 2000's you didn't have access to that much free media. Piracy is risky unless you know what you're doing and your internet may not be the best.
Then you have a comic, its free, and most importantly it's talking about video games! Video games YOU play! At this point there's no real media that can relate to you on that level well; cartoons are made by much older people and TV shows are out of touch. and if they even get close its in a really general sense. But here's a guy who actually plays them, giving you a free product, and it relates to you.

tl;dr it gave people at the time the same sense of gratification something like a lets play or youtube retrospective idea does. Its not necessarily good or original, but its engaging.

The customer is always right.

Don't bring a kid into the world if you can't pay for it. Also don't kill that kids parents if you can't pay for it. I see no issue here

Rupert Murdoch convincing the poor on mass to vote for the interests of corporations is actually going to kill the west, not whatever /pol/s current boogy man is.

Fun thing about unemployment, the government often denies those who need it even if they meet all the requirements. They also racial profile so of you’re not a minority they often deny you. The only time the government will 100% provide unemployment is of your company went under.

You're missing a big point. You're paying for car insurance right? Yup you sure are now it covers nothing for you if you die and your kid has to get the money from meth head sally.

>people pay crazy insurance premiums to ensure their children are adequately protected if they die
>'government' (corporate puppets) step in and make a law that short circuits the payout, your kids don't get the premiums back
>kids now have to live on drunk earl's $2 a month from prison instead of the insurance pay out.
>I can't see the problem with this
loving every laugh, where will you prefer your google mandated id tattoo when they buy your state my corporate drone?

Insurance still gets paid out though. They don't pocket anything

Insurance STILL gets paid out. Nowhere in the writing says it doesn't

VGButts is the porn he should’ve drawn. I think he drew it so badly so people would hate it and give him a reason not to.

As someone who participated with VGLewds until its last day, I don't think he did. I think it's really just how he drew, for better or for worse.
He asked for suggestions, he tried to follow them. He just isn't that good of an artist.

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Scott's wife took the kids and he had a mental breakdown.

>What went wrong with VG cats?
Scott refused to draw Aeris farting!

The easiest thing would be to do less details. Keeping the bodies simple is all he needed to do.

A lot of humor was very topical, you had to be there, at that time, have been a part of the zeitgeist to get it. But even then it was just mildly amusing. It was successful because it combined a bunch of things people liked. Video games and video game humor with cute characters. There were lots of gamer comics at the time but VG Cats had genuinely cute designs. It is true that there was less free entertainment to go around at the time but even then by the 2000s the webcomic market was actually fairly saturated. The reason you don't hear about more of them is because monetization schemes at the time were a lot worse, internet culture at the time was actually deeply against things like tipping jars or direct payment, it was seen as crass and cheap and kind of embarrassing so the only acceptable way to make money was from physical book collections and selling merchandise. All the big names were expected to have their own site (and pay for their own hosting), it was a much more convoluted environment in which to monetize a webcomic. This is because the internet culture at the time was directly influenced from the decade just before when there was more of a financial barrier to participating in online culture and people who could afford it set the norms. If something like Patreon had come along and been widely adopted a lot more webcomics from the time period would have survived and gone on to be known as 2000s soul. VG Cats managed to bypass the gauntlet to make Scott money before more straightforward methods were adopted.

In their personal tastes, not policy, availability, or reality.

Corporations only exist through the support of the government. Many corporations are just sockpuppets of the feds.

Take your meds, schizo


Scott made art of Leo fucking his mom and sister

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Not even his mother. In the four years of VGLewds's existence, the only person Leo was drawn having straight, penis-in-vagina sex with was his sister.

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But that's pretty much true. Many corporations would be out if business if it weren't for state subsidies.