TFW this is what tilly greens original design was

>TFW this is what tilly greens original design was
I love how every green except cricket was originally going to have this grotesque hillbilly vibe in their designs before disney i assume told the creators to change the character designs to be more cute and marketable

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You have other examples?

The grandma wouldve looked like the old grandpa from texas chainsaw massacre

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Looks creepier than how she is portrayed as in the show.
So good riddance.

>change the character designs to be more cute and marketable
More like "to be less nightmarish horror", who the fuck would watch this

Is that them doing the reversed cleft lip on her?

You guys are pussies, i think the original designs are hilarious. Even though i love big city sneeds i do wonder how the show wouldve been different if it wasnt homogenized to be more cute

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She reminds me of Grandma-ma from Duckman.

You're not fooling anyone Chris

Oh god Tilly looks terrifying

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make her say "cricket you bitch!"

Anything else? It gets fucky when the sentence is too short. Maybe "God damn it, cricket you little bitch." Also can't guarantee she'll say any of this correctly so don't get your hopes up.

She looks like a monster from Dark Crystal, or maybe even the oddworld games

most original designs are changed because ideas that work on a single picture aren't necessarily good for the complete emotional range needed for a cartoon.

"Cricket! stop using my panties as mexican masks for your stupid wrestling match with that irwin looking creep." tried to make her say discount Urkel but I stuck with Irwin.

I kneel before you

you forgot mexican

I'm glad they were turned into muppets in the end, like the amphibians in Amphibia.

what is it about bellies you like?

Not bad, How many times did it take her to say it just right?

I can't imagine Proto-Tilly sounding like anything but a mental retard.

I've only tried making her say it right once, and it actually sounded pretty well

Wow, I typically run into some sort of issue with pronunciation or where they're talking just too fast. I actually made multiple clips and then put them into audacity, messing with the spacing till i liked the way it sounded.

That sounds pretty cool user.
Also, here's part 2.

>Deliverance TAS

Oof, is that cricket? Guess the A.I. just doesn't have the twang right. Still much be here than some of the other voices and comes out pretty clear as well.

Does she have the mumps?

>Cricket feeding oreos to his sister trying to puff her into dad

damn dude

Is it possible that it could be a animation, or a part comic?

Holy fuck that is hideous. She looks like a worn-out old woman. But I'm now morbidly curious. Do we know how the cast outside of the Greens would have looked like or was this changed too early on in the design process for them to have gotten to the rest of the cast?

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I meant for characters like Gloria and Chip. But doing a double check I guess that weirdo with the laptop would have been Remy so that's something.

yeah the side cheek they compromised on is much better than the full on denture droop tilly had going on here. makes her look like an old lady

Third Cheek Wonder looking ass

this is common in sweet home Alabama

Alice's early design was closely related to Randl's mom from Harvey Beaks, although they cleaned her design up a bit from looking like she didn't age well appearance wise

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tilly and that nerd would fuck

that nerd is remy

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Why did they make the black kid look like his own character to Irwin 2.0 from 15-17?

>grandpa from texas chainsaw massacre
What? She looks cuter and gentler than in the final design.

>white hillbillies

>moving to a major "NYC-like" city in the 21st century

should have been set in the 1930s

stfu retard

so it doesn’t look like hes a pedo

In the 30s poor white and black people from the south moved to northern cities
to work in factories, etc

Now everybody is leaving big northern cities for more affordable/warmer weather places like
Texas, Florida, Atlanta, Charlotte etc.

Imagine unironically wanting to live in florida or texas

least im born in texas

Here you are. I wish the final show carried that same stylized spirit seen in the earlier designs. They don't stretch character proportions as much as I would've liked.

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Oh wow. I didn't think there would be any early concept stuff for the rest of the cast. This is kind of cool to see. That's an exceptionally energetic and cute Kiki and the Gloria seems a little older and more tightly wound than the one we got. Sort of makes me wonder if she would have had different stuff going on. Gregorian is also looking like a dried up corpse. I like the looks we got in the final show but some of these may have been interesting to see make it into the show.

kinda wished they used some of the characters that either was evolve in a new form that's in the final version and the ones that was never used at all

>crickets original name wouldve been bucket
The fuck?

fuck you i like that name

Tilly is the only one here that looks like she's got the wrong number of chromosomes

I mean i dont really have anything against it but it was weird, i wonder why they changed it to cricket in the final product
The grandma looks horrifyingly old and the dad has loose skin and looks more fatter in areas in a less flattering way if you will. I really love how fucking grotesque the greens besides cricket originally were

Cricket is the only one that remain almost the same with no heavy redesigns

white trash is horrifying

Yeah i think chris just got the design perfect the first try around
>white trash is horrifying
Exactly, thats why i thought the OG designs were hilarious because i grew up (and still live in unfortunately) the american south and there are people who look like that here

Hillbilly horror is way underutilized. Unfortunately it mostly gets used for shitty social commentary, as if antiquated world views are the scariest thing about a Bubba or Cleetus. If someone can turn My Name is Mud by Primus into a cartoon, I would be the first to watch it

as a person living in the american south, i love fat girls

I like chubby girls too, but i like a large variety of varied bodytypes in women anyways.

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