What the hell is Sony doing? who asked for this? this guy literally only ever appeared in two issues

what the hell is Sony doing? who asked for this? this guy literally only ever appeared in two issues

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literally who?

Doesn't Sony own actual superheroes besides Spider-Man?

What's next, an origin movie on Bonesaw?

January? Lol why the fuck would they death slot it in advance?

Sony owns everything that appeared and is central to the Amazing Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man.

What happened?

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your pixels have a bit of picture in them

>Sony just bypassing B, C, and D tier of Spidey's rogues' gallery and just go straight to Z.
>It won't be a superhero wrestling movie either.

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>Not doing a Paste-Pot Pete movie.

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>what the hell is Sony doing?
Forgetting that Puma exists aparently.

>what the hell is Sony doing?
Setting up additional characters for their Sinister Six teamup. They'll budget the film at 60 million, knowing that buys an assload of wirework luchadore action, and hope that it does well internationally and on streaming -- thus the January 12th death date.

tldr; It's not there to make money in theaters. It's the cheapest possible character tentpole they can make in order to call the Sinister Six a 'teamup' film.

Honestly that's kinda smart and maybe the only way to challenge the multiverse movie. I guess Miles, Gwen, Ben or another Peter movie is to risky.

Not every superhero -needs- a 200 million dollar movie. And if Sony can successfuly use "they will eventually be part of our teamup/meet Venom" to market a cheaper film during a dead spot with no competition... well it makes sense for them to TRY anyway.

None of which changes the fact they SHOULD be making a Puma movie.

at this point playstation are the only good stuff that sony produce

what if this is just a cover-up for a different movie? like, they're calling it now an "El Muerto" movie but in reality, it's about someone completely different. IIRC, Wan was doing the same thing with Black Manta by hiding his under a different name before it got canceled

Dumbasses needed to do a heist movie with the Superior Foes.

Using the most popular latino singer to promote a show user, since it's character no one cares about there almost no risk

Did anyone ask for a young Aunt May spinoff?

Sony doesn't care. They want their cinematic universe and they're gonna have it, dammit.

His name is bad bunny?

>It's real
Jesus fucking Christ. This will worse than Morbius. Movies will go the way if comics at this rate where low quality garbage floods the market and crashes the whole thing

I doubt it from what I've read Bad Bunny looked through a 'library of characters' and chose this dude in particular

This is just 2020s Michael Jackson as Spiderman

>goes over Yea Forums
>goes over /pw/
>goes over Yea Forums and Yea Forums at the same time
How do we stop him bros?

Or Professor X.

Why do they keep making movies for 5th rate nobodies that appeared in a Spider-Man comic at some point in the past?

I have no idea who the fuck Bad Bunny is. Sounds like furry porn

>Sony causes the superhero bubble to collapse

Because Sony is Hellbent on making their own universe using only Spiderman characters, no matter how obscure.

This is weird even for Latins.

>Bad Bunny showing up fucking everywhere
>Every single time the reaction is universally "Who?"
>Followed by people smugly explaining that he's the most popular musician alive for the people who never met their own father
Sick of this dude

literally who

So rappers are just all faggots now as the default?

Why dominos for finger nails? Are they quirky and not like the other girls?

this is the dude who was in the Corona commercials

why does he wear the mask?

Bad Bunny and El Muerto linked up! Need it or keep it?

they used to own Ghost Rider and Thor but gave it back to Marvel.


Keep it.

wait is that the guy that spiderman fought for cash in the first raimi film?

literally, just do Superior Foes of Spider-Man. Get Gunn or Wright to do it. At least people know who Shocker.

Don't is crazy enough but I don't buy it, plus Mobius fucking sucked ass.

nope different characters
even that guy would've been a better choice

El Muerto sounds like a movie Sony would make after a movie called Morbius

Sony doing everything they can to end capeshit by making bad comicbook movies.

Nice freemason symbol. Oooh so secret, so cool. Nice nails asshole.

And people say Marvel Studios is scraping the bottom of the character barrel

Only reason I know him is beacause of that Simpsons video thumbnail that was posted here a few times.

>believing anything that DiscussingFilms posts

why would you do this

>having a known Latina Spider-Girl who has some exposure due to the cartoon
>nope let's pick this random spic that only appeared in two issues and was almost a caricature of mexican culture
sasuga Sony

based I don't know the character but luchadores are dope

Okay, I'm imagining a scene where bank robbers are robbing a bank, shooting guns at the ceiling, assaulting people, and then a luchadore jumps down from above and uses wacky lucha moves to take them out.

Guys this could actually fucking work... if Sony wasn't completely retarded.

>>young Aunt May spin-off


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>what the hell is Sony doing?
Attempting to tap what they see as an untapped demographic market: U.S. Hispanics.
>who asked for this?
Marketing execs trying to justify their existence.

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>El Muerto
No Tarantula?
No Puma?
No Anya?
Then again, it makes fucking sense, this is the company that thinks Jackpot, Morbius and Nightwatch will make money, they're getting all these film ideas from a sorting fucking hat and people will still go see tjem because Marvel has given them brainrot for 14 years now, FUCK FUCK FUCK.

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Because it's not just them saying it

Is Sony really this desperate to have latinx representation in their clusterfuck of a cinematic universe?

They hired bad bunny for a reason
His concert tickets are 2k each because they are so wanted
The movie will sell out with bitches wanting to see a giant sweaty bad bunny
Its a great time to hit on chicks since covid should be gone by then and the women should all be hot and bothered
Dress up like El Muerto and have some tequila on standby at home and you should be getting mad pussy that night

I just read the comics he is introduced in.
There's NOTHING there.
He shows up in 12 issues of Marvel, 3 of which are just handbooks of character bios.

El Muerto???

I'm so fucking confused. This is a fucking literally who character in the Spiderman mythos. It'd be like DC making a movie about Sharon Vance, who's a Superman ally that has that electric powers Superman once had.

Like seriously, they got so many other characters to choose from. They surely have at least Ben Reilly??? I mean damn, I think it'd be cool if they made a Spiderman movie without spiderman for once, and focus on Ben Reilly who has his own fanbase. Of course, this is assuming they have the rights to him. Seems like Sony has the rights to everything Spiderman related so why not go with Ben???

>inb4 someone tells me that he's always supposed to be a clone of Peter Parker

Fuck off. They could easily do something without that clone bullshit. Just say that he's an alternate universe Ben Parker.

"El Muerto is here, to save the day".

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I'm not a fan of his music but iirc he was in Narcos, did anyone watch that? was it good?

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Here's the ending anons, I saved you 2 hours.

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Give this guy an ongonig

>Madame Web
>El Muerto
And I thought Morbius was bottom of the barrel

I think El Muerto may be the actual bottom. You can't even go more obscure

Why don't they just, I dunno, make another Spider-Man movie

:cia: Bane?

>I think El Muerto may be the actual bottom.
The guy playing him definitely looks like a bottom.

See that's what makes me confused.

They don't get that the Spiderman characters can only work with Spiderman.

At least just use Scarlet Spider/Ben Reilly as a stand in for Peter Parker at this point.

Sony is doing something even weirder than DC does with it's own DCEU, and that's REALLY saying something.