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I just use both interchangeably.

This comic would be better if it ditched trying to be like Archie altogether.

>You know what Sonic? FUCK YOU!

God fucking damn it Ian can you try not being a total hack for a second?

>both are written by Ian

Reminder, he's writing Frontiers' story. Are we hyped, Sonicbros?

It will be fine like his game adaptations in Archie.

Is it Ian or Evan?

Did we read the same comic, because those were not fine.

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I'm inclined to agree with the genius fox.

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It a city full of water. A Hydro City.

Oh don't start.

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I don’t see the issue here

They are passable like his run on Sonic X. I do not have high hopes the story will be fantastic just passable.



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Why not Aqua Town?


It's officially spelled Hydrocity. It shouldn't even be a debate.

It's pronounced Hy-Drocity.

>You're a beta male, Sonic.

>Two nerds arguing moving societal questions
Don't see the issue

Except there is no other instance of classic sonic level names being made up words. A bunch of japanese devs with so little understanding of the language they didn't know what "genocide" meant wouldn't think of making a composite word like that.

So what if it's bad engrish, Sega never corrected it, it's still Hydrocity as of Mania, they clearly don't see it as a mistake. It is what it is.

What about... Hydro-City?

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It doesn't work with the sonic 3 naming scheme
Angel Island
Marble Garden
Carnival Night
Ice Cap
Launch Base

Hydrawsihty sounds cooler so I say that


double dubs Knuckles wins the game
What are you, the City Wok guy?

I want to start reading the comics, but theres too damn many. Are the archie ones worth reading? or should I just skip to sonic universe?

Sonic Universe is an Archie publication, user. They're spinoff side stories of the Archie continuity. Most people recommend starting at issue 170 or starting at the reboot point in the Archie comics. I start at 160 because that's where Bean was introduced, though. I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.

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start by reading the greeks and move up from there.

I don't know what that is

Its a pun on velocity, like speed

Read them all. There's nothing like having to cross reference back like 70 issues when they bring up Dulcy's abusive domestic partner

I guess I can kinda see what you were going for there

So it's actually Sand Opolis?

Pretty much this. For Archie, the highs and lows are equally entertaining and when the comic is legitimately good you'll have a weird connection to this fucked up world. Fleetway is a completely different beast that starts off weird, has a couple of high points (mainly Robotnik stories that are sadly not that common), but loses a lot of steam when it becomes filler and the magazine becomes more and more reprints. STCO is a fan comic continuation and it's fine. IDW is okay. Nothing special. It's just more Sonic.

>Reminder, he's writing Frontiers' story.
He's probably just writing cutscene dialogue.

Sandopolis literally just translates to "Sand City", so sure.

Stealth Hydrocity thread? I'm pretty sure this would be a Yea Forums thread but sure I'll take it.

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Oh shit! Something's actually HAPPENING?!

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She was made to be corrupted.

is no not her she was my favorite the character

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Oh snap

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God I hate IDW its so soulless
Thats exactly what it did and why it sucks

that bitch

I know that reference ^_^

Will Sonic ever reach Fleetway kino again?

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>sonic gets stuck in the special zone
>amy becomes the leader of the group while he's gone
>she stops having a crush on sonic
>tails goes from getting no respect to being a popular hero on his own
>johnny lightfoot is able to step up as well
>porker goes off to the floating island and pals around with knuckles and helps him with his security system
>sonic just goes around and gets pissed off at everything and has random adventures
>comes back and the team practically disbands and goes off on their own
>amy leaves to go on adventures with her really close gal pal tekno
Oh StC Sonic, you lovable little shithead. I also remember when Tails saved your ass from that Knuckles Metallix and you acted like an asshole even though you did nothing useful.

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I love asshole sonic

Nope it is too much like Archie still.

The Hydrocity of our city, Hydro city

>TFW falling back into old habits after Watching Sonic 2
>TFW tempted to read the IDW comics
>TFW I already made a new Sonic OC
So, anyone Storytimed the IDW stuff?

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>Bean, Bark, and Fang will never appear in anything again because "HURR DURR TWO UNIVERSES!"

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They appeared in an IDW comic that was released less than a year ago. Has something happened since then to prevent further appearances from them?

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it will at least be better than anything since unleashed, but it really depends on how much hes actually writing

Metro Shitty


All that sounds awful.

Classic sonic, which includes all the characters in that page, is now considered a separate universe internally at SEGA for some retarded ass reason