New "Old Speckled Hen" Ads

Curiosity has its rewards.

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>Can you hear it, hm? That's the horny furry artists, drawing near.

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>Britain doesn't have that stupid rule that Americans do where you can't show anyone drinking alcohol in adverts that are selling alcohol
Huh. Neat.

I instinctively look up whenever I hear one of them on the TV

Why do commercials allow animators to flex their skills compared to TV or even movies?

It would be incredible expensive to animate a 11 minute episode of the same caliber

You're right, I just studios to spend more money to make more money

Yep, they are really going for the furry audience with this

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Ad characters don't draw that, especially if they're already sexualized.
>blue eyed fox got virtually zero art
There might be some but there won't be a storm, more like a droplet.

Caught 'er mirin'.
Fun fact: women say it's really about how you use it; your big dick will bore them if you can't get it harder than a salami or move how they like it.

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Fuck, the first reply was for .

Cold water and temperatures, like in an ocean compared to elsewhere, makes all dicks shrink. You can read up on it
It's actually more realistic they did this

>animators drew the dick smaller to fit the environment/scenario

>licking cane toads
Do people still do this?

I preferred Puppet Fox
Also based Bongs and their delicious beers.

If there's no porn of male fox, female fox or badger girl by tomorrow I will be disappointed in this board

Bongs... do you eat your meat pies with ketchup?

Were you in a coma? Yea Forums has been in permanent "no fun allowed" mode sice late 2013. Go to /trash/ for that.

Everyone should've learnt that from good ol' Mike a long time ago.

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I thought you guys hate warm beer?

>Puppet Fox
It's okay. Definitely nice to hear but the humor is very hit or miss.
>delicious beers
How are those compared to German beer or Corona?

As someone whoses had plenty of Mexican beer. (Modello especial and negro, tecate, corona, sol, dos equis, Pacifico, Indio.) I'd definitely put old hen over a corona any day.
Unfortunately not much experience there sorry to say.

I mentioned Corona because it's supposedly the most sold beer in the world (or was before the other 'rona hit) so I thought it would make a good reference. If you've tried all of those, which one would you say is closer to Old Hen? I usually don't drink beer (I prefer other stuff) but I might give it a try to get an idea.

It's been quite some time since I've had old hen, though to be honest I don't think any of those beers I listed taste anything like old speckled hen. It has it has its own taste, like fat tire or Newcastle brown ale (both lovely beers btw) I guess modelo negro but like I said, they're going to be completely different tastes.

I see. Guess I'll just wait until I can try the real thing.

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For me, it's the momma badger

Why are foxes always trying to sell me things?

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cuz their all a bunch of con artist trying to get your money

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OSH is an okay beer. Worth a try if you want something different. Don't get enough malt and toffee notes in brews stateside. Fucking IPA craze.

You got to love how he sucks in his stomach as he poses.

Check e621 just in case


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It's fucking e621, that place makes Yea Forums look pleasant

>male objectification

How rude! Men have feelings, you know.



Meanwhile various other animals try to convince me to find better paying job.

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Didn't even notice the first time. Hilarious.


kys islamfag


I just got here what I miss?

Should've saved that joke for .
See .

We're more sane over here.
Whenever a friend "legally" accesses the superbowl and we get to see American adverts, I always wonder how you put up with so many fake special effects.
>pay studio to advertise your product for 30 seconds
>you're already a profitable company
>this money was going to be spent anyway

>pay studio to animate their OCs for hours of questionable content
>your channel's future depends on this not being a complete waste of your resources (most of these cartoons are)
>this money could be spent later when it's successful and the studio starts threatening to walk
This. Imagine not taking advantage of people.
>horrible shit gets chucked
>fictional underage stuff is blocked unless you log in
>functional filters
>creepy commenters get banned
Yeah, sure Yea Forums goreposting and constant rent freeing is better than that place. Even if you applied rules as strict as that to Yea Forums, it'd still be fucking Yea Forums.
That this is a continuation of another thread that was probably deleted or something.

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>He sucks in stomach to hide the flab

lmao I do that too

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Two things: I'm jealous of the animation quality of a beer commercial. and i got the premise after seeing the puppet..."Fox in the henhouse" schtick.

Meh...if I got nothing better going on.


id punch her internal clock

>tfw no softspoken English vixen gf

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based and Yea Forumsilled

>that tight crotch

I do that so much my doctor says I have abs under the flab.

I can't really tell if it's that or the animators went the extra mile and his dick is actually inside him like a normal dog

But often it puts you in deep shit.

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Well, yeah. That's part of the ad too.

Pfft... are you serious?