Scared of sonic

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Sonicchads win again

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Might be a slightly stronger chance it's actually good now.

Post the link so user won't claim it's fake or some shit:

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Memories of 1993 probably still haunts Nintendo.

As a stock holder of Sega-Sammy I appreciate seeing our victories.

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>takes one look at their new IP mandates

>AW soulessboot mogged by putin
>botw2 mogged by elden ring
>mario mogged by mcu sanic shit

The script was probably done ages ago. If it's good or not is already decided.

>After consulting with chris-san
Holy shit chrischan is pulling strings even while in jail

It is not going to be good. There is no universe where it'll be good. It's Illumination, they peaked on Despicable Me which wasn't even good but "harmlessly meh"

I hope they consider my idea of adding an interactive playable Mario level during the movie. It’s gimmicky as hell but it’d be fun regardless.

>this is a real tweet
What the FUCK

Cold feet because of Sonic, movie is looking worse.

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Chris chan has spoken

fucking bastard. lied his way into women's prison, too.

Yeah I'm sure the delay of CP77 was also to assure quality

>movie was supposed to be out in December
>not even an official teaser poster
What's going on over there?

They have a teaser poster. It's the shitty ? box.

At this point I'm expecting the movie's first look to leak through merchandising.

Unsurprising, we've had absolutely zero info given to us about the movie besides the cast.

I can't believe Chris-Chan was in charge of the Mario movie.

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Moviebob on suicide watch

It legitimately had to be because of Sonic. Miyamoto said that the movie was basically complete in November in an interview, so they have to be essentially making a whole new movie now.

More like "waiting for Sonic Frontier to remind people why Sonic is bad"

Delay it forever so this trash never comes out

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It's over for Nintendo

What are they cribbing from the Sonic movie though? That's what I'm wondering.

>has absolutely nothing to do with Sonic, not even release date

They probably saw what people actually want out of a video game movie, which is shit from the video games. That's all I can see here. The movie as it was may have been too "original." It wasn't a real-world thing like Sonic, so I can't imagine how they'd goof it up, though.

Sonic fans still stuck in 1992.

>Mariofags can't take jokes

Yeah, why would they be scared of Sonic when the Sonic 2 movie ALREADY came out?

So basically Sonic fans sniffing their farts?
Honestly I am more surprised people here didn't think Chris-san was Pratt than the producer.

They made Mario do the peace sign, so now they have to start over.

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why so upset?

because sonicfags are obnoxious and they have that "give them an inch they take a mile" attitude
I still remember the smash autism involving them

>literally can't handle the bantz

Miyamoto probably watched a near final cut and decided he wanted to change something that would take nearly a year to change.


>sonic tries to be close to the game by making sonic sound like sonic
>mario goes into the other direction with chris pratt voicing mario
I have 0 fucking hopes it's good.


I think they picked Pratt because they saw Lego

The Mario mandate

>>sonic tries to be close to the game by making sonic sound like sonic
Sonic has had a dozen different voices at this point though.

all we just need are paperfags and guru larry fags

Yes it actually has to do with Morbius

He saw multiple Koopas, Goombas and Toads with distinct personalities and visual differences.

it being good

That Sticker Star shit wasn't his fault, man.

but user, mandates!

Actually, it's Miyamoto's perfectionism seething that the synopsis got leaked. He doesn't want anyone to know what the movie's going to be like until he's READY for everyone to see, so now a new draft needs to be put into place and everything's basically starting over.

>sonic tries to be close to the game by making sonic sound like sonic
How exactly does that help when the movie is a "realistic" live action adaptation?

Daisy isn't in the movie, thankfully

Yeah, Sonic's voice has gone through many changes but they're mostly all have some aspects in common. Sonic is a young teenager with a cocky attitude and Ben Schwartz had already voiced characters like that in the past.

Mario however has only has two voices people can recall (it's really one), Charles Martinet's happy-go-lucky italian stereotype that's been the character for most of his history and the gruff brooklyn plumber that Lou Albano did for cartoons before Martinet came along. Neither of which you can imagine Chris Pratt pulling off.

Why are people hyping this so much anyway? Jeez, it's obviously not going to be groundbreaking.
>fat man with a mustache saves a princess from a dragon in a castle
There, I just spoiled the whole film for you.

I guess Mario wasn't feeling like P Diddy this morning.

Unironically no one gives a shit about Mario anymore. It's a franchise only thirty to forty something weirdos connector. Kids and young adults want something like Sonic, it is just more fun, it has more of a story, it has characters with more swagger, they can do stuff like dip into AAVE and they don't give off this weird virgin feel Mario shit does. Fuck Knuckles is straight up badass now, he has that black excellency feel, you can't get that shit out of... what. Fucking Yoshi?

That series is a relic of it's time and it's going to phase out now

Sonic games were just "hedgehog that runs fast saves animals from a fat scientist" and look how his movies turned out.

Just a reminder to sonic fags that he has constantly bad games

Alvin and the Chipmunks but with lore references to Sonic games? That is hardly a good thing.

How does it feel?

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A rushed game is forever bad, a delayed game is eventually good.

dont care, im a sonic fan because of the porn and memes, the games are for fat old faggots

Just a reminder to mario fags that gaming journalism is a fucking joke

Sonic has only ever had one bad game.