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This is the end of Sonic Unbound! We have two incomplete stories to wrap this whole thing up. We have a Knuckles comic and… a reboot? Let’s start with Exodus. Knuckles is a guardian-in-training and he’s about to find out that he’s not one of the last of his kind… and a lot of them are pretty bad!

Also, last thread had an update for The Heart of a Monster. Check the OP of the last thread for posts replying to it.

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Oh hey, Blaze is here. Already off to an interesting start.

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You know want to know a funny spoiler? Locke isn't in this comic at all.

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And Silver's here, too!

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These three are childhood friends. Ain't that something?

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>shrine maiden blaze
I like it!

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Athair's freaky gloveless spike knuckles is just wrong.

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>in some things... yes
Gotta protect the Master Emerald and your virginity.

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Jewish Silver

>interspecies hookups
>royalty posing as civilians
>guest characters
This party is something else.

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Aw, shit. Here we go again.

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Gathering of the OCs. And worse, may Allah forgive me for uttering this name, Klonoa.

I thought Blaze didn't have any trousers for a second there...

Furry boy getting some shark tale and Silver gets a bonk on the head.

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is that Klonoa ?

It'd be great to have super speed right now.
I love Klonoa. What a cute little boy he is.

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Another one?

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She's just confused as to why you chose the dragon fruit of all things on that dish, Silver.
I had a PS2 demo disk with a few levels of one of his games on it.
I sort of wanted to get it but half the things in the demo scared me too much.

Oh no!

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That's a big fucking cacodemon.

Another dragon? Okay.
Klanoa is a great game with a gut punch ending. One of the few games I 100%'d.

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>i felt compelled to help
>i can not say why
She's kind of busting out of that armor. I wouldn't blame you.

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I spy with my gigantic eye...
More like a cacodragon!

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I couldn't stand the Klonoa games personally. His voice is incredibly annoying. And god, the fanbase is worse than Sonic's.

>chomps: ahhhh, you little prick!

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>with a gut punch ending.
I don't know if that's a recommendation to try and find a copy on ebay. :(
It's already sad at the start with the amnesia or at least my child brain thought it was reawwy sad.

Are you talking about the Japenese voice or the american one?

Damn, Knuckles' been working out! Also, cute Shade.
Fun fact, they reused Athair in Sonic Underground (as Knuckles' great grandfather)), making him the only comic OC to appear in an official cartoon.
I see Silver's got his GotF skirt.
>I love Klonoa. What a cute little boy he is.
We all know it's you, famed actor Matthew Perry!

>athair: stop that
>chomps: that brat stabbed me in the claw
>athair: were you trying to eat him?
>chomps: fuck, fine, whatever, you got me, i'm out
My experience with Klonoa is just the first game. Outside of that, I've seen the lewd art. That's about it and I'm happy that's the extent of it.

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Whatever the default was on the GBA games.

It's going to make you feel things. It's not a bad ending.

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Friendly reminder that the only good Echidna is a dead Echidna.

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Im pretty sure on gba he barely talked only on the wii version he could say full sentences

What in the goddamn!

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I got some for you take care of.

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Bitch, I'll make fried chicken out of you.

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Spill the beans, girl. We need to find out what happened after your people screwed everyone over.

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Blaze's mom is pretty hot.

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>we were just messing with forces beyond our mortal ken
>how could this happen to us?

He knows...

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>ywn have blaze's mom be your nurse

I always forget but was there any reason to why lx betrayed shade ?

Ix isn't the only bad echidna.

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Echidnas gonna Echidnas

Imagine the smell.
Ix seems like the kind of person to betray people for overcooking his food.

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>Zachary AND Finitevus
I'm surprised Angel Island isn't burning yet. Also I'm reminded of the combined setting ideas.

Down, Silver!

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Time to Cancel Silver for sexual harassment

Now she looks like tikal

Angel Island is such a cool setting. Shame it's rarely used.

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>on any male echidna
So what, fistnipples are common on women?

Shade, what's with that reaction?
It gets even better!
He was always a problematic troublemaker.

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Now she's crying?

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>What in the goddamn!
You can't hide your lust for Klonoa Perry, I have photographic proof!
Oh boy, I can't wait to see how he fucks with Knuckles this time!
One albino omnicidal genius is dangerous enough, I don't see anyone surviving this.
>Blaze's mom is pretty hot.
Blaze's mom has got it going on!
Only on guardians in Archie.

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>daughters of the same mother
Damn, their mom gets around!

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Was Pachachamac the cuck or Luger?

You risking a vacation.

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He was from Fleetway, right?

>shade and tikal are sisters
>zachary and finitevus are brothers
Well okay then.

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Oh no!
Sonic Adventure. He's Tikal's father. Zachary is from Fleetway.

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>and I must have been wearing it for thousands of years in your time
Wait I'm confused. I don't know anything about this.
She's been around forever and only just realised she never went to a dry cleaner's?


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I do enjoy when they use different fonts.
There Zachary goes, fucking things up as usual.
Worth it for Klonoa-posting!
Rock-senses tingling!

Christ, even Dimitri didn't fuck things over this bad and he was ENERJAK.

You think it's bad now... wait till you see this!
She's been wearing the suit while away. So it's been a few years for her but thousands of years on Mobius.

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>two people from the group responsible for dooming our race appear
>better leave the ME unguarded
Why are they like this?

The great emerald's power allows me to feel...

>ywn fist the cat milf nursing you

I will pray for you.
Yeah... about that...

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We just have all the evil echidnas showing up now.
Athair foolishly thinks only Ix is a problem.

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