This says alot about society

This says alot about society

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Lol are Twitter shits actually mad about this?

Diamond. Particularly the trannies, for reasons that aren't entirely clear to me.

Twitter is already a shit hole so any changes to its current ownership would be a genuine benefit. Hell, maybe if they hate it so much it'll be the final push to convince artists to post somewhere else.

I hope Musk ruins Twitter. I know it's already a shit hole, I just want artists to stop using it as their primary place to post stuff because it is really fucking inconvenient.

Where will people migrate to? What site will get infested with hordes of retards on a mission to subjugate any native users to their insane beliefs?

Kek, why are twitterfags mad about it?

Yea Forums again I'm assuming.
Maybe reddit.

I wish everyone would shut up about this.
No-one cares that there are people rich enough to buy an entire company because they felt like it, they just care about "Muh Musky wusky!"

>why are twitterfags mad
Why is water wet?

shut it, redditor

I guess Musk ain’t so bad after all if he destroys Twitter

because their precious echo chamber won't be run by totalitarian marxists anymore

From what is my understanding, they look at Elon's desire for free speech on the platform to mean there will be racist/sexist/etc. tirades all over the place, and widespread misinformation that leads to negative real-life consequences on a massive scale, or something like that.

This really isn't the place to discuss it. There's a salt mining thread, or rather they're up to like 5 in the archive so far in the expected place.

People are talking about going back to Tumblr since it became a chill place after the exodus and finding the new Blaze feature funny (Where you can pay ten dollars to send one of your posts to a completely random selection of people, which is a hell of a way to shitpost), but at the same time the people that remained on Tumblr doesn't want Twitter coming back.

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I got worried for a minute that I got caught up in some fag's blaze meaning I had to be subjected to their terrible politics but it turns out some fag I already followed got weirdly political out of nowhere.

Usually with these kind of pictures, you can tell which side the artist stands on. Here, I can't. I really don't know who's supposed to be the mouthpiece. Maybe there's none. It's refreshing.

The only thing I use Twitter for is porn, so as long as Musk doesn't fuck with the artists, I don't give a shit.

What is it that Tumblr doesn't allow again?
Anything lewd or naked?

They just enjoy taking the piss out of Twitter constantly.

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Correct. It's the reason so many artists left Tumblr and joined Twitter in the first place.

I think they're worried he's gonna be more lenient on "transphobia" aka free speech
And personally, I hope they're right.

I thought you were the tranny expert.

tfw no potato gf to drink petrol with

>Female-presenting nipples
There was a whole list of completely nonsensical newspeak and obtuse rules on par with YT's "guidelines" (which are also rules, but also not since you can be banned for not breaking any).


Yes, though in practice it's more like porn blogs just got shadowbanned with NSFW terms being purged from the search engine and only being viewable through your dashboard. It killed exposure and because they used bots to flag posts, anything even remotely flesh colored could get marked.

>thinks that comic is being serious
room temperature IQ

I'm a cuntboy CONNOISSEUR. Not nearly the same thing. Ask me about the mile of dicks I've had, and I can go into great detail. Going into the mind of the people who do nothing but yell about politics on twitter? That's not my wheelhouse.

>people who post "i hAtE ThE AnTiChRiSt" memes (all one of them) support Muskrat slowly buying the world through tech
I'd call it incredible if I didn't already know "the antichrist" was just shorthand for "someone rid me of this priest."

I'm not sure what kind of peers you have but there's NO shortage of complete raging lunatics on this issue. Including full on institutions.

it's making fun of how people are genuinely reacting to this news you dipshit

So, twitter as it always was?

user...twitterfags ARE genuinely mad about this.

Yeah but now the evil white people will get to say things.

My bet is pretty much the same, just with even more shitposting.

>aka free speech

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They're always mad.

I should be allowed to not agree with trans propaganda and they should be allowed to block me on a personal level

This. Twitter was always a hateful and bigoted shithole, Elon is just leveling the playing field

i hope he unbans loli and shota

Extremely weak and failed men latch onto what they perceive to be the majority group as an evolutionary defense mechanism. This means blind adherence to The Narrative. Anything that goes against The Narrative is perceived as a literal threat to their life. Twitter attracts these types of subhumans, who usually become trannies, and how you end up with shit like "jk rowling and joe rogan are radical right wing extremists" for questioning a single part of The Narrative.

Well at least you sound more reasonable than the usual free speech fallbacker who just wishes they could shout nigger at the top of their lungs in a walmart whenever they want.

Look at the UN 2014 resolution "Combating glorification of Nazism". The US was one of the only four countries in the world that voted against that resolution. Their reasoning? Quote: "The United States Supreme Court has consistently affirmed the constitutional right to freedom of speech and the rights of peaceful assembly and association, including by avowed Nazis"

So yes, transphobia is free speech.

Personally mad about it cause artists have a bad time on the platform already. He's gonna run that into the ground.

>Extremely weak and failed men latch onto what they perceive to be the majority group as an evolutionary defense mechanism
Exactly. So when decent people are the majority, they will side with the Antichrist as he buys the world.

Because he's probably going to get rid of the arbitrary moderation and "fact checking" Twitter has been pushing hard for the past 5 years.

Not like there's other better places to post them. Does Pillowfort even still exist?


I don't see why anyone would willingly want to go back, they fucked up the site so shit like the search bar is practically nonfunctional and the aforementioned ban on porn put it on life support.

>Extremely weak and failed men latch onto what they perceive to be the majority group as an evolutionary defense mechanism.
perfect explanation for why elon musk is so popular right here.


Nigger that falls under free speech too

Putting an anti-social autist in charge of a social media company is like putting a dyslexic in charge of your spelling bee team.

Imagine giving up your right to open discourse just because you can't handle seeing the nigger word.

You sound like a nigger

An african american man used his wealth to invade white people's personal space so now they're mad

It's more like putting a Maniac in charge of an Asylum.
But how can they make it any worse for artists? It's already fucking terrible they're already arbitrarily hiding shit behind restrictions.


But Walmart can call the cops on you.
But now the new manager doesn't care if you scream Nigger in the Walmart so what'st he issue?

>how can they make it any worse for artists?
I don't give a shit about that. He's just the worst kind of person to be in charge of anything, whether it works out or not.

Well I’ll be waiting for the purge 2.0 to occur

I only like that fetish if it’s either an exotic xeno species, or a corrective dicking/refeminization of ftms back into slutty women/housewives.

He seems pretty good at being in charge of his companies, to the point of being one of the richest men alive. What's your reasoning?

nta but Elon has so far proven himself incapable of manufacturing a car that doesn't explode and/or randomly run over pedestrians against the driver's will.