The Oblongs thread Obdongs edition

Talk about Oblongs. I'll start, Girl with the beak is the best girl.

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Fuck, those old iPod ads are nostalgic as fuck

Just look at her! Who needs big baps when you have big beaks?

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ikr? They were so common back then yet for some reason he just had this made out of nowhere. MP3 players and movies on the gameboy were my go to's.

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Mark Hamill was originally considered to voice Bob but the studio decided they wanted Will Ferrell instead

I wish they didn't kill off Yvette so quickly. She was interesting and woulda made for fun romantic tension between the other girls or at least been a threat aside from the Debbies.

Imagine being Yvette's VA and then only doing like 4 lines and being told your contracts over because your characters dead now after one episode lol. I know most studios hire VA's who do multiple voices but some do cheaper one off VA's to save on talent and that just sucks.

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Whatever happened to that season 2 that was supposed to lack Will Ferrell?

It fell out and no way it'd come back now because the sensitive topics and either he or his show would be cancelled on Twitter. He struggled to find a publisher back then and funnily enough considering he posted in 2016 he wanted to bring it back and he's still trying to get one to this day from his recent Instagram post.

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Creepy Susie? More like CRINGY Susie!

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How the hell does Bob play the piano if he has no arms? With his butt?

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Never got the fixation on Susie other than goth wife meme but if they had gone with Angus's original view of the show based more closely on his book, Susie and Helga would have been literal murders. Susie and Helga's parents are already cannibals in the actual show we got so thats more cause for concern but interest in a more macabre book style Oblongs.

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who's the red shadow?

With his dick!

That's one of his original characters "OC's" Wicked Lady. Actually all characters start out as OCs before they put into an official production but im shocked Angus didn't include more of his original characters like Wicked lady, her cat, duff, or that little girl with the Axe.
Pic related.

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This guys a nut but really interesting at the same time. One of his characters is a literal sentient dick, not kidding. On top of that, he drew women with dick breast at a convention, dudes mental and based af.

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He can draw cute when he wants to. I wish we had a cute Creepy Susie wearing cute stuff (much to her hatred).

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what a dick

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Thinking of how morbid The Oblongs could have ended up with Angus's vision.

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do you think we'll ever get another book? what's even angus up to now?

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Have a look at these cool shirts only at conventions and weren't on his store.

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Probably not unless he hits it big again. He wanted to expand past the Oblongs in the past but he seemed to have realized what most franchises are realizing now. Why risk something new when you have something that works and people already love (The Oblongs)? His other works weren't being seen and his screenplay Victorian Hotel while a passion project were a flop. So he's back to pitching Oblongs over and over banking on that or a new series.

Also that fanart is a nice nod to his other project he worked on here, pic related.

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Fun Fact: Angus set up My Space accounts for some of his characters. Sadly all the photos disappeared in the My Space migration. I only have a few saved.

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POV: You didn't pass Beth's vibe check.

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My personal favorite was the "JEW" shirt.

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Well wishing the best for him then. His style is really nice and it would be great to see it animated again.

also i requested that pic! from a drawthread here couple of years back. she's supposed to be dressed like klaus nomi, but that's an amusing coincidence nonetheless.

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MySpace's image restrictions really butchered these images at least the ones I could save.

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As do I but again I hope that social media doesn't get on him or cancel him for his more spicy art or takes on old post on Facebook or twitter, not to mention his drawings or books more "based" tones.
Examples being JEW shirt, blackface mention and joke, racism in pass but as a joke, nudity, cannibalism (Susie & Helga's parents), near nudity of kid character in the book and in commissioned print, full nudity, that one time he drew a susie pinup, helga nude, drunk kid, and many more.

He does seem genuine and nice but he just does what he wants, not out of malice but just for fun and it'd be tragic to see him get cancelled by twitter twats for no good reason.
Pic related.

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Oh and also this...

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Here's the ad for that screenplay he produced if you were curious.

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Wicked Woman has a lot of nice art and its a shame she wasn't in the show.

I'd never seen that, thanks.
one of the more recent shows is on youtube. It's pretty much what you expect from him already.

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Why are Helga's nipples always drawn in a weird wobbly vibrating motion.

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I really hoped that it would stick around long enough to have the Halloween special thats script was written but never aired on Creepy Susie's birthday with her family. Seeing all the crazy and wacky ways the Debbies would have died in her haunted house with traps and stuff Addams Family style.

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The fact that Susie was much more bloodthirsty in the book and unhinged in the books instead of her down to earth but still nuts TV version who just eats skeletons and kills dogs/pets. Couple that with the lost script that he had posted and that woulda been out of a horror movie!

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Real shame we never got to see her total statuesque mother on the screen. Imagine the fanart we could have gotten..

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I remember that time he posted on some fanart of Susie with a massive rack like her mother has with her literal spike tits.

Another crazy bit is her pet dustball which has its own fucking reference sheet named Jeff. She also has a pet dog that died and she dragged around on a leash despite being a corpse (You can see it in that shirt he was selling here).
Sadly I can't find the art print depicting her with her pet dog before she got Jeff the Dustball but it used to be on his Website.

Here's her dead dog (unnamed) I was referring to.

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