>includes kids movies anyway
What did they mean by this?

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fucking manchildren who consider themselves adult patricians because they don't watch disney movies

>Web site screen shot thread

Is the lesson that the press are a bunch of fuckheads that are almost dumber than pol and leftypol?

I understand why adults think animation is for kids if they see Mitchells Vs the Machines, second world film I saw last year after Space Jam 2

So Yea Forums?

MvtM was 100% for kids, anyone mentally older than a child would be too pissed off by katie's behavior to enjoy that film.

Adults shouldn't watch kids shows.

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Yes it is. Stop being a faggot and get a real hobby like gardening or wood-working.

imagine being this insecure about your career

No Yea Forums doesn't even do that, Yea Forums literally watches baby shit and then considers their "mature" content to be shit like fucking Owl House.

I need to in the offchance my kids are exposed to them in the rare moments they're not in my watch.

Easier to just not have electronics though

Most of the shit Yea Forums believes is "mature" is shit like Owl House. Even when they do watch mature shows like Bob's Burgers or South Park, they usually only watch it because they wanna rape the kids in the shows.

I genuinely don't understand why Mitchells is at the forefront for this whole argument. It is UNDOUBTABLY a kids movie. The humor is hyperactive, the colors are bright, it's spastic as all fuck and completely appeals to ADHD children, the protagonist's main character trait is that she makes wacky, quirky videos filled with memes and that an old meme song saves the day. And yet, Mitchells keeps fucking showing up as a poster boy whenever people talk about that Academy speech.

>making us look for the list
Fuck you, OP
>Mitchells vs. Machines
>Fantastic Mr. Fox
>Grave of the Fireflies
>Into the Spiderverse
>Waking Life
>Sausage Party

Because the people shilling it are mentally children but technically adults

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Because Alex Hirsch wrote jokes for it and there's a lesbian

I mean out of fairness, “kids” movies can still have redeeming qualities for adults
Because the current round of this argument started after Lord and Miller got butthurt Encanto beat Mitchells

>I genuinely don't understand why Mitchells is at the forefront for this whole argument.
Because Phil Lord and Chris Miller produced it and they’re assblasted that Disney won yet again.

>Mitchells vs. Machines
>Sausage Party
Remove these and it's not at terrible list

literally it's only because the animation is very unconventional for a kids movie so they assume that elevates it above other animated movies despite having the same subject matter and execution as any other kids movie, Disney or otherwise

>removing Shrek

>Remove Shrek
But why? I remember when that movie came out as a little kid and it changed the wave for animated movies because the word on the street was that it was, "A cartoon that your parents can enjoy" and it was one of the first time I heard about older teens and even adults wanting to go see this movie on their own. Like, I vividly remember my Gym teacher talking about how he went to go see Shrek and it was a hilarious comedy and even did a few impressions while quoting the movie and he didn't have any kids. Has time downplayed it to "just another generic kids movie"?

>Anime is allowed on the list
>Only two made it one of which is a gorgeous but not particularly deep or mature film
>Prince of Egypt isn't on there
>Three really family friendly comedies
The fuck is this list?

>Lord and Miller got butthurt Encanto beat Mitchells
This. Had Mitchells won, you probably wouldn’t see that many people on Twitter bitching about it.

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100% because Miller and Lord were the first animation bigshots to make a comment about it while someone who worked on MvM posted this image. Ironic because MvM is exactly what that dumb speech was talking about. I put on the movie for my niece and nephew expecting something more Looney Tuney and funny like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and my interest gradually waned as the film went on until I basically had zero interest by the time they go to the, "Dad has to use a phone" gag (Which, by the way, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs had a way funnier version of). But my niece and nephew loved it and said it was hysterical. They thought the phone gag was the funniest part of the movie and even said, "It's just like when grandpa (aka, my dad) tries to use a laptop!".

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I think the more damning thing about the list is that there isn’t a single Bakshi films.
Like, even if you hate his work, he undeniably did so much for both adult animation and indie animation.

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That sounds more like child/autist mentality actually. Adults can separate fiction from reality so they don’t get mad at things that aren’t real

The reason why “Best Animated” exists as a category is because of Shrek, it’d be stupid to take that off

What do you think "just" means?

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Ironically Shrek could actually have an argument for being aimed towards kids and adults and that film opens with a shit joke and fart joke back to back.

True. Even if you think stuff like Fritz is still just raunchy family guy tier, some of his other movies like American Pop legit hold up.


Here's an actual list of 10 adult oriented animated films.

>Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade
>A Scanner Darkly
>Grave of the Fireflies
>Fantastic Planet
>Son of the White Mare
>American Pop
>Waltz of Bashir
>The Simpsons Movie

Because Phil Lord got personally fucking offended when the black little mermaid chick dared to say that little kids like to watch animated movies more than once.

Do they? For all the sperg shit that goes on here this place seems pretty self aware that we enjoy kids entertainment. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone unironically argue Owl House or Amphibia is anything beyond a tween drama.

Fucking amateurs

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Haha So true

Akira aside, all of those were made for kids.

Calling something like Amphibia mature is more of a Twitter thing than it is Yea Forums.

>Waking Life
>made for kids

>Sausage Party
Basically a worse version of the South Park movie

>Mitchells vs. Machines
>Into the Spider-verse
>not kid's movies

>Sausage Party
>Being remembered for anything other than being dogshit

This list is basically telling me "I'm a fucking surface level casual" without directly saying it

It'd only be worse if he included Disney/Pixar movies

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The pic isn't wrong though. Wasn't the whole category made in the first place because Disney make a movie that almost won best film of the year and the people who this thread hates freaked out and made sure it would never happen again?

user, the list is just listing a bunch of movies that adults can enjoy or whatever. It's not trying to do a top 10 or best of.

There are all of three movies in that list that count,

Grave of the Fireflies
and Waking Life, which is only thing even slightly out of the box

Fantastic Mister Fox is a half example due to being more a Wes Anderson movie than giving a shit if kids would like it, though by his own admission it's "his" version of a kids movie

eh, more made for teenagers really. It's basically a college philosophy lecture with some wonky visuals.

Grave of the Fireflies was the co feature to fucking Totoro you retard, it was 100% made for kids. Burgers just don't think so because they think "made for kids" means "can be used as a babysitter".

Shrek is a good movie, Shrek is just not a mature movie by any means. It gives the opposite effect of what's intended here

Mitchells vs the machines is babby shit

So it's a worthless list of the writer jerking off his own queue than anything
Saying "adults can enjoy it too" says fucking nothing is a worthless measure of a film, adults can enjoy the Spongebob movie and has things for adults, but that doesn't make not a kids movie at its heart, or gives the general public a reason to see animation as a medium worthy of respect.

What about Flee? I haven’t seen it myself, but isn’t that pretty adult oriented at least in terms of subject matter

Flee is fine but it's essentially a documentary. I wouldn't use it as some argument that animation can be serious cinema desu. Watership Down, Felidae, Anomalisa, Fantastic Planet are better to point at imo

No it isn't you stupid fuck, it's a family movie designed to be viewed from an adults prespective, same with Totoro, despite its cutesy magic shit it's filmed from the prspective of an adult looking back on their own nostalgia. That's how Miyazaki makes all his movies, the only one you can argue he made for children was Ponyo

Just because kids can watch it doesn't make it a kid's movie. Not because of content but because they'd likely be bored shitless, and the west's case, content too.

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Minor clear up Grave was Takahata but his film making career isn't so dissimilar

did they include Antz at least?

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>Watership Down,
Adams literally wrote that as a bedtime story for his daughters.

That doesn't really change the fact that burgers really love pretending Grave of the Fireflies is "not appropriate for children" and whatever it is they say. I think it has an M rating or something in burgerland.