So is Warner Bros going to recast Mera?

So is Warner Bros going to recast Mera?

Also it's pretty funny that between her and Ezra, there are now TWO DC super hero cast members who have become toxic in the public eye.

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Leto is toxically bad for box office, and Affleck was inTOXICated. Also I'm pretty sure everybody is cool with Cavill just doing bad streaming shows, and nobody really wants more Margot-quin.

>nobody wants more Margot-quin

>chuckles in James Gunn

>nobody really wants more Margot-quin.
Agreed, that roastie needs to GTFO from in front of the camera and just be a director or producer

Yeah, forgot Gunn's smash-hit movie featuring her.
Mamoa's Aquaman is pretty ok stuff though. The bar of expectation for Jason Mamoa is insanely low though. All he has to do is not insult China and not beat up any women and people will buy into his dumb jock films.

Just kill off Mera offscreen and have Aquaman hook up with Dolphin. She'a better than Mera anyway

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Is there even a single memorable line in Aquaman? The only thing I can remember from Mamoa is talking about peeing on something or another.
Even thinly-written CGI spectacle-schlock like Avatar manages a few memorable lines.

Why would they? What did she do wrong? Defend herself against an abusive and rapist husband?

But, she's the one who was abusive.

They are a pair of unstable fucked-up people playing demented power-games with one another.
Neither was poor and trapped in an abusive relationship, they were both entirely up their own asses.

Of course not, only idiots believe Johnny Depp.

Hi Yea Forums. Tell us how Disney getting tax is bad and red letter media will help take down capitalism.


At least Johnny admits it.

Either one of them could have gotten in one of the Beemers and hung out at a rich friend's house.
They were both at fault, playing retarded power games with one another, now they want to act like they were "trapped". They were only trapped in their own egomaniacal bullcrap.

Yea Forums is full of misogynists. They're on Depp's side.


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Who cares? The are both douchebags playing a game of "who can destroy who's career" as a power-game. Hopefully they will both succeed.

I question if Aquaman will ever make it to 3.

neither is getting recast and I can't wait to watch the Twitter meltdowns

There's already been a court case proving that he's lying and is the abuser. You're not actually believing his fake sob story right now right?

That was my point, the unusually competent CGI is the entire reason to sit through it. Whatshisface as Ocean Master is serviceable, but Dafoe seems subtly smug that he could steal the entire movie from him given even half a chance. Unfortunately he's utterly wasted reading Wan's shitty exposition dumps.

I just don't understand why so many women on twitter are taking Depp's side? What happened to "believe all women"?

I support him over an animal abusing bitch anyday.

You're a retarded simp.

>I just don't understand why so many women on twitter are taking Depp's side?

Because Amber Turd is obviously a bitch-ass cunt.

>Tell us how Disney getting tax is bad
It's not in theory, but now the state of Florida is going to be obligated to provide WDW with public utilities (water, electricity, sewer access) and emergency services which were formerly maintained in-house by Disney, all over what is plainly a political stunt in retaliation for Disney withdrawing support of DeSantis's pet bill. The state is going to be losing more money than it's gaining.

And by the state, I mean the taxpayers

Knocking megacorps down a peg is a good thing but this isn't going to accomplish that, this is the legislative equivalent of punching yourself in the nuts.

She hasn't even testified yet. People can't wait to hear her side of the story before turning against her

I can't believe Heard's publicist is paying incels to "defense force" on Yea Forums! crazy!

Amber was a B liste with money well on her way to A-list, and he wasn't her first boyfriend.
At any point she could have packed her designer bags and thrown them into her sports car and fucked off to her next famous boyfriend.
That she stuck around through this whole demented affair is proof that both of them are fucked in the head.
No one is even going to pretend she was some poor housewife trapped in a relationship.
A Chappelle quote about someone being pissed on comes to mind.

She produced birds of prey and that movie flopped

Every single thing DeSantis does between now and the 2024 primary is going to be a retarded stunt to win the affection of Trumptards.

You do understand that people can't just leave abusive relationships? They get manipulated into staying in them. Depp was far older and had more money. He had a lot more power over her and he used it to abuse her.

because it's become increasingly clear that Heard is also an abuser, and women on Twitter still get wet when they watch What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Donnie Brasco

>He had a lot more power over her
Bullshit. He wasn't Harvey Wienstien (sp?), his star was already losing it's luster.
She had a huge hit under her belt and lots of movie prospects opening up. Depp was her trophy boyfriend and nothing more.

They will kill Mera and replace her with a black character

Heard defending herself does not make her abusive. Do people really want to make it so that women can't defend themselves against abusive husbands in fear of being called abusive themselves?

>"You'll never be in a Tim Burton movie! I'll see to that!"

lol whatever you paid shill liar

And nothing of value was lost. Heard's only memorable scenes were her boobas peeking out of the top of her swimsuit.

honestly that's probably the most memorable part of the movie for me too

daring Depp to tell a jury that she's abusive and saying no one would ever believe him is pretty textbook abusive behavior

>So is Warner Bros going to recast Mera?
If the leaks about the reboot in The Flash are true, they can just not feature her in the resulting universe.

>"She had to throw vodka bottles at him to keep him from leaving the room!"
nice try femalescum

>Do people really want to make it so that women can't defend themselves against abusive husbands in fear of being called abusive themselves?
Shit like this is exactly what makes them want to.

They aren't married? She's not even remotely financially reliant on him? Her career was going places and she had a great paycheck in the bank with other contracts already signed.
If he so much as pissed her off she cluld just pack up and move to her next famous boyfriend.

But they were married. He owned the house they lived in.

Crazy manipulative abusive bitch that is, I would still eat her ass.

Its not as if theres a lot of places to go with Aquaman; The comic book has been tenured since the Golden Age, and it just repeats the same 4 plots over and over. And only 2 of them are even worth looking at.

You can get divorce papers from a vending machine in Hollywood, and she had house money. Not that she would even need that..

Of course it's Yea Forums where I can see retards defending Amber Heard. Contrarianism is unironically a mental disease. Either that or once again this board proves itself to be infested by feminist twitter tourists.

He implied in the trial today that he's the reason she got the Mera role. He definitely had power over her.

Yea Forums stopped being a "Sekret Klub" well over a decade ago. It's just another heavily trafficked corner of the internet now, there's absolutely nothing special about it except the half-assed moderation.

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Shut up faggot

Oh, so NOW you believe all the shit he says.
How selective of you.

As I pointed out above, the women on twitter are defending Depp. It's ridiculously one-sided considering Amber hasn't even had a chance to tell her side yet.

>It's just another heavily trafficked corner of the internet now, there's absolutely nothing special about it except the half-assed moderation.
You forgot also being anonymous, but it's so true, I don't get how more people don't understand this
Anything that trends on Twitter will automatically be posted here so it's pretty obvious the two sites partially share a userbase

but they went above and beyond with black manta tho. Best part of the whole movie, I hope we get more of him soon.

Amber's side has been "Johnny Depp is the only abusive one in our relationship" for YEARS now and the whole reason this lawsuit is happening in the first place

It was an example of his true self coming out. He's been trying to portray this image of a downbeaten husband but he couldn't resist letting his spitefulness show though by implying he's the reason she's famous.

so basically the plot of Gone Girl, but for real?

It died when the unofficial heads of MeToo let Biden off the hook, along with all the excesses and failures of MeToo.

it died when literally everyone named except Weinstein and Cosby faced zero consequences beyond momentary embarrassment

Where else can they go with a sequel but Black Manta redux? He has no other villains worth even mentioning. AM's rogues gallery makes Iron Man's look like a rich history of phenomenal creativity.
"Obsessed SCUBA Negro" is all the character has besides his asshole brother and misc wizards and sea monsters and boring old shark-men. And they already did sea monsters.
They aren't going to adapt "Mantas killed my baby!", so there's a limit to where you can go with that anyway. He's a chump with stuff he borrowed from the guys Aquaman now rules. Aquaman fights Kaijus and armies of monstermen, BM is meh.

WB should cross him over with Godzilla and make his new gf Chinese (like Godzilla is now).

Can we please just keep Amber? She's hot.

And Cosby got freed early. Hardly any of the abusers faced any consequences for their actions.

what about Black Manta RIDING a kaiju

Biden had an uncorroborated accusation that wasn't even supported by the actions of the accuser at the time.
Trump BRAGGED about doing it on tape and no one gave a single fuck. So yeah we can pretend its all Joe's doing I guess.