The level of advertising for this film has been atrocious

The level of advertising for this film has been atrocious.

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Such is the fate for theater 2D movies. I think they're banking on the show's popularity to be a hit.

Bob's Burgers just doesn't scream "Movie Material". That's likely what the suits are thinking and I'd have to agree

I guess you could say it's.. undercooked

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seems appropriate for an atrocious show

>newest ad is just a 30-sec cut of that very first teaser trailer from back in early January, not even with any new snippets of footage spliced in some places

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>I think they're banking on the show's popularity to be a hit.
People still watch Bob's Burgers?

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>TFW the actual film is just those 2 mins of trailer footage looped

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Hell, do people even meme about it? I know for a fact nobody tunes in to new SpongeBob episodes, but clips from older seasons are constantly being shared and new reaction images are always popping up. Same for Family Guy even. I just haven't seen Bob's get even a quarter of that online engagement.

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What would be a better level?

I'm not saying it deserves "IRL Kwik-E-Mart"-level marketing, but an actual trailer and more fancy posters or special promo gimmicks should be reasonable enough. They haven't done shit and the movie's a month away now.

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>Lack of advertisements.
>The hype for Bobs Burgers has long been dead for a while now.

It’s D.O.A.
The only reasonable thing last minute action they can take is to delay it to Fall/Spring or next year to give more time to advertise it.
I’m surprised they didn’t make it a Disney+ exclusive.

Movie should’ve come out no later than 2015. The only people who care about this movie are the few dedicated weirdos who still watch new episodes, and that's pedophiles and Linda fans.

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Who’s ready for this to flop so this will convince Disney to kill off any future animated adult features, and finally put this irrelevant as fuck franchise to rest?

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This is going to be a huge financial flop, unless the budget is only a couple million dollars.


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Who cares anyway? Bob's Burgers sucks and this movies gonna flop hard.

>Bob's Burgers sucks
no it doesnt

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It's going to flop hard. Not only is Bob's Burgers such a niche and unpopular show, Disney is doing jack to promote it, shows how little faith they have in this film. It's not like back in 07 when Fox promoted the Simpsons movie like a wildfire with commercials, posters, remodeling 7-elevens to resemble the kwik-e mart that sell in-show products. They couldn't even give us a fast food commercial or recipe, It's literally a show about burgers and you can't even do that.

>Bob's Burgers Happy Meal toys never ever

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I want to fill Linda's belly with my cum

Now we’re talkin

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whoa ass ahoy

We literally just got a TV spot today.

To make matters worse, It's coming out the same week as Multiverse of Madness.

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some cartoons are just more memed
i think early spongebob quotes are embedded deep within anyone who born between 90 - 05

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You really mean to tell me the future of hand-drawn theatrical features rests on The Bob's Burgers Movie's shoulders?

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No?? Doesn’t Doctor Strange come out in early May?

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I'm sure The Simpsons Movie did well. That didn't stop Princess and the Frog and Winnie the Pooh from poisoning the well.

It's a start. Let's see how the rest of the film's marketing campaign will be

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So how come I havaen't seen any?

Thanks for the confirmation. Disney WANTS this to fail.

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but how do you market to today's youths?

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thanks doc
what do all their shirts mean though?

Based Bob not wearing that gay shit

>people seriously thought we'd see Ginger's face last night
I thought we learned our lesson back in Season 3. How are you guys still falling for this?

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So who is showing his uncensored dick on this movie?
They already did that on the Simpsons movie

>I'm sure The Simpsons Movie did well
It made half a billion


In a perfect world, it'd be Bob. I need to see what meat the guy is packing.

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Is that a lot?

No you need to make 2 billion just to break even

Does 600 million not convince you? It was before capeshit became the industry standard.

>Yea Forums completely broke my standard of success the post

Cause Bobs Burgers was hot for like two years and peaked when tumblr died.

This. Bob's Burgers wouldn't be where it is today without Tumblr. The show resonated with a very niche crowd and hasn't grown beyond that level of popularity since. It's no surprise the show is so irrelevant these days.

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It’s budget wasn’t much either for a 2D flick in a time where Disney ditched the medium after they kept flopping.

Absolutely insane how this gif keeps getting tossed around despite never appearing in the actual series.

Not quite, but Bob's IS gonna have some competition.

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I saw a trailer for it in a theater.

How'd the audience react?

I wanna lick Tina's tummy :3

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They didn't. I doubt any of them will go and see it, and who could blame them?

Then why did the suits greenlit the damn movie in the first place?


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Well I have to go see it now.

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Kneel to Pac-Chads

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>fucking Pac-Man over the Bob's Burgers movie
These media journalists aren't even TRYING to pretend to care, huh?

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I remember the Simpsons movie having a massive ad campaign around most of the world, but this shit has literally nothing, is Bob's Burgers really THAT unpopular outside USA?

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The show peaked in 2014.

Trust me when I say NO ONE cares about Bob's Burgers, especially not to the point where a movie for the show would get people all giddy and ready to buy all kinds of new merch. There was no way the film's marketing would be that big around the world, but it's very telling that even the U.S. has stayed pretty indifferent to the whole thing.

I never expected people to care that much, so I'm more disappointed in how little advertising is coming from Disney/20th Century themselves. They've barely cashed in on teasing the soundtrack or Louise's bunny ears. I'm hoping the TV spots become a bit more interesting in the coming weeks.

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I was already worried when the movie was announced back in 2017. The fandom was already dying out before even Tumblr fucked itself over. Bob's Burgers has only grown more irrelevant with each passing season. "Brunchsquatch" was maybe the last hypeworthy new episode, and that was thanks to its fan art gimmick. I have no idea how popular the writers think their 2-part Blade Runner finale this season will be.

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I was a fool to think Bernard Derriman would keep up with his sharing of behind-the-scenes content up on Instagram

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>Trust me when I say NO ONE cares about Bob's Burgers,
I do.