2022...I am forgotten

>2022...I am forgotten...

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If they are forgotten, how did you remember them?

Stop right there, or I am forced to use my invisible reaction image to send you to the shadow realm!

>they took away muh blackface in one piece
do weebs really

What would Marineford be like if 4kids did it?

Konami owns them, now.

>"Ace, there's a doctor in Alabasta."
>"Get me there fast!"

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How would 4kids do JoJo?

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Dan Green as Dio.

>no, it is (you) who must got to the shadow realm, jimbo.

You could have saved her, Nami.
She was only locked in a dungeon, Nami.

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I'm the only one who does


I remember it so you don't have to.

Uh yes? Not everyone is a sensitive bitch about black face like you

>t. zoomer who doesn't even know what 4Kids is

>this fucker got sent to the Shadow Realm in the GX dub in the one out of two times it's mentioned
>Season 4 makes the Shadow Realm a real thing
>he actually got sent to the Shadow Realm

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Was the Shadow Realm not always a real thing?

It is, but only Pegasus used it. Everyone else just killed you.

Their legacy continues on in modern Anime Dubbing. While 1990s Nintendo of America legacy continues on in modern game localization.

Nothing has changed.

The name was a dub invention to cover up deaths that they were lucky enough they could throw onto some actual other dimensions that popped up in the series to make it seem more real.

I'm serious when I say this.
If My Hero Academia came out earlier and 4Kids got it, it would have probably saved them.

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and then GX came and embraced death and kept them with the only one that got censored still happening off-screen as it still keeps the aftermath

>The 4Kids names.
>Dan Green as All Might
>Who's name would more than likely be changed to Mr USA.
>Eric Stuart as Tenya
>Froppy gets an Austrailian accent.
>All the censoring on Mineta (how the fuck do you censor Minnetta?!)

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They're not forgotten, they still get death threats to this day for what they did to One Piece

>Ace has to go to the doctor after Akainu punched his spine and broke it
>Rest of the series Ace is away recovering from his injury
>Luffy has PTSD about his brother being punched so hard

Actually if 4kids still had One Piece they'd have gone bankrupt just a few episodes into new world because of the amount of time and money they'd have to spend on editing Nami and Robin's tits smaller in every shot.

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Unironically an improvement. What kind of name is Yayorozu? Bakugo sounds like a Digimon. How am I supposed to take Urawrawka seriously?

>Everyone else just killed you.
Sometimes it was a fate worse than death. Yugioh started as a horror manga. They went so overboard with the censorship because while soccer moms were going mad over the satanic influences of pokemon and harry potter, yugioh was unironically all-in on occultism and demons and having an evil spirit possess the main character.

Sorry mate, just not into hugs that much.

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[The Review Must Go On starts playing]

They did a good job making it an action series that would appeal to Americans. The 4Kids ending is actually a good place to stop since after that the anime gets so ridiculous no amount of editing would save it. Pirates in the desert were retarded enough before they started going to sky cities and shit.

Imagine the hell they'd go through editing Rebecca

Wasn't only season zero full on horror? The dub censored some stuff to avoid outrage but the anime toned itself down plenty.

one piece is supposed to be ridiculous.

>I need simpler concepts to wrap my head around
>Adventure is scary

>season zero
The manga had roughly the same fairly brutal tone all the way through, and both anime adaptations censored a lot.

The manga largely retains its horror influences throughout, they just offset those things from being inflicted by Dark Yugi. What I was stating though wasn't that they were directly removing occult references, but why they went so puritanical as to get rid of words like "chaos" or things as petty as horns or skeletons. You can compare to Pokemon and see just how much more got changed, and that's almost certainly because similar accusations about devilry and BDSM imagery would've been objectively correct.

>and it was the COOLEST iceberg we ever did see! We promised we'd all go back to see it sooner or glacier, but once we all caught our death of cold there wasn't a snowball's chance!

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I find it really weird that they'd remove even the remote threat of bodily harm when adapting Japanese shows, but have no qualms outright killing characters on their original productions, like Tangath Toborn in Chaotic.

By the time they started Chaotic no one really cared about cartoon violence anymore. All the outrage was directed towards GTA and Manhunt.

Has any youtuber done a retrospective on them? There are countless ones for Fox Kids, Kids' WB and Disney Afternoon, but at its peak, 4kids had control of 3 blocks on 2 networks for over a decade.

>tfw shadow realm is the best invention they every made


Completely inaccurate. It needs that homogenized 4kids soundtrack that every series had.

What would Impel Down and Marineford be like if 4kids had stuck around?

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How did they die so fast is my question. During the 2000s they were the biggest dubbing company but by 2010 they were dead in the water. Was losing Pokemon in 2007 that much of a death blow?

>Whitebeard's just standing there... MENACINGLY!

Hito hito no mi: big bubba model

Not even Marek? Weren't all of his duels in the shadow realm?

Ace will be okay, but we had to extract is devil fruit out of him and give it to Doflamingo.

>Akainu makes a big lava fist...and points at Ace and says you're under arrest...forever!
>And Luffy's like...really sad about it!

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A lot of older anime dubbing companies died aroudn the time because they couldn't grasp the seachange of tastes into moe and online distribution, as well as manga being so big and anime being almost secondary. ADV similarly died because all they really had for a big hit was Eva. Funimatio survived because Dragon Ball was so big, but also their approach of "fuck it, we'll dub anything"

iirc Tangath Toborn didn't die. They just sent him to the spirit world, which was basically the Chaotic equivalent to the shadow realm to get around permanently killing him off.

Though since the series got cancelled right afterwards they should've just killed him off to make the finale more impactful

And yet you're crying that they removed it. If you're not sensitive, then why do you care at all?

>Teach used Darkness to freeze Whitebeard in place... FOREVER!

This game of "what if" is cracking my shit up. Please keep it going guys. Here's another.
>Any mention of devils is replaced with "monster".
>That ice guy who attacked Magna's village simply escapes to the ice dimension rather than killing himself.
>Vanessa is censored and to save them time and money on editing, they can just have her drink apple cider as it comes in bottles similar to wine.
>Zagred merely whipped up an angry mob of humans to trash the wedding by knocking out the guests as some stupid prank, completely ruining the occasion.
>Zenon's uses his bone magic to beat up people and instead of impaling them as the finishing move, simply constricts them like a snake/tentacle.
>Blood magic becomes white "energy magic".

Forgot to mention that I'm talking about Black Clover.

a reminder that this is still in production iirc

They got sued by Japanese TV companies for allegedly cheating them out of royalties. If the One Piece dub didn't lose them enough deals, then that'll certainly do it.

Theres no fucking way they would have actually called Lida “Shreck”, someone must have been trolling

No, his were magic, but did shit like erased your memories or drain your life energy. All intended to kill.

Because trying to pump out Pokemon and Yugioh sized hits were unsustainable in the long run

This is what the entity formerly known as 4kids is up to nowadays

Heh, Aoi has a cute dub voice.