Post art by Japanese or Asian creators about Comics or Cartoons

post art by Japanese or Asian creators about Comics or Cartoons

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>the same few images over and over
They're always good, but I wish we could have threads Non-JP artists doing JP characters. Obviously Yea Forums wouldn't allow it.

who is this meant to be?

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Thought it was Deadman at first but it looks like it's Danny phantom

Lol Danny phantom you blind user

Don't you recognize Danny Phantom logo? Fucking zoomers.

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can I say the gold colouring throw me off? if not it's been a while since I've seen Danny Phantom.

Is epic Mickey actually a good game?

>Obviously Yea Forums wouldn't allow it.
Why not?
Yeh don’t worry about it user

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>Why not?
Because their mods actually do their jobs and they don't entertain anything that goes outside the board's subject matter. The opposite of Yea Forums.

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>Don't you recognize Danny Phantom logo? Fucking zoomers.

DP is a zoomer show.

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Where is this from? It looks cool.

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Posting the best girl again

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the character is the Golden age Sandman from DC if you want some good stories go read Sandman Mystery Theatre the art is from a guy called Carson Thron, who seems to be a self-taught Japanese Artist but mosty decides to copy Tommy Lee Edwards style (which is not a bad thing IMO)
admittedly he could be a random guy from America pretending to be a Japanese man for internet point.

Any room for Anime / Manga characters by western artists?

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I think it's Sakura-Spider
Shouldn't that be an Yea Forums thread?

I mean he could just be an artist living in Japan, not an ethnically Japanese person. There's a bunch of them in metropolitan areas. Paul Pope worked on manga before he did US comcis.

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judging by his Twitter I think he is a Japenese Guy but his style is very un Japanese if that makes sense that it does cast doubt.

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Cute she-hulk is A CUTE

Cute Livewire is A CUTE


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Would look great if it had trunks.

Created the Scooby design

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Born, raised, and died in America, though.

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