ITT: Movies you loved as a kid but hold no cultural significance whatsoever

ITT: Movies you loved as a kid but hold no cultural significance whatsoever.

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I haven't actually watched this in over a decade, wonder if it still holds up.

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even a movie about robots had a circumcision joke

That's because it was written by non-Jews.

first half is a lot of fun, but story runs out of steam after the ball scene. Bigweld is the only highlight of the second half

And Jews never joke about circumcision?


Which is weird because it was a criticism of Capitalism

Weren't there even supposed to have been a trio of commie robots cut during development?
Does Kramer finding it barbaric count as a joke 'cause he's the wacky guy?

Not really. Consumerism, maybe. definitely critical of planned obsolescence

>a trio of commie robots
Sounds like they were inserted into Astroboy

The second movie is better.

The girl was Amanda Bynes? Fuck all these years I never knew.

That's much better, thank you.

I agree that the second movie is overall better but the first movie has a really neat development for the Pickles family
>Stu has to actually find work to sustain his family
>Didi has to be more at home now that she has two babies
>Tommy learns responsibility

I have the dvd of this and the creative process they used when making the world was fucking great

Was it a circumcision joke? I thought they just hammered in his penis.

so did

>Mary and Max
>Don Hertzfeld's World of Tomorrow
At least Heavy Metal got heavily referenced in South Park

Yeah, the visuals and soundtrack for this movie was insane with how creative it was. It's crazy how well it holds up too I recently watched it because my grandmother in hospice requested it

Everything is a critique on capitalism when you're a communist

Eh? It was saying capitalism good... if a jolly narcoleptic fat man is in charge.
And then it had a mixture of confusing themes like poor people are creative and unique but rich people are uniform and bland, except the corporate girlfriend who I swear had less reason to exist let alone as a love interest since the yellow robot existed.
user is just being rent free right now.


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This was my jam
Looking back, I don't remember why I was so into it, I guess I really liked animals since Nemo and TLK were big in me as well

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>"did you see the humans's faces? They were quaking in their capitalist boots"
Astroboy was pretty eh, but those commie robots were great

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They were one of the worst parts of the movie, especially with those half-assed designs and cringe comedy. Just put them side by side with any of the characters from Robots and the gulf of quality is night and day.

I watched this shit over and over again as a kid
Looking back on it now in my 20s, I can safely say that while the film is objectively terrible, I have too much of a nostalgic bias for it to dislike it.

As a Filipino who watched this with my mom, she took it to mean a circumcision joke.

Madagascar 1 was so cringe and in your face once you rewatch it as an adult.

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Watch the 80s one instead.

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not really Yea Forums but i havent seen it since i saw it in the theater.

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Idk about the US but here in south america this movie was advertised to the guts. I still can't believe how it fell into irrelevancy. I've never seen a movie so dicksucked by disney channel prior to release.

It's a feel good movie and essentially a modern Homeward Bound. It's a pretty good film too.

it's the best of the trilogy

The only reason I like this movie as a kid was because I was really into knights and Arthurian shit. I watched it once as a teen years back for old time's sake and it was pretty terrible I think the Ruber meme is overrated too, Gary Oldman was wasted and the character is just kind of awkwardly bad.

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>Freddie Highmore, Nicolas Cage, Kristen Bell, Donald Sutherland, Bill Nighy, Nathan Lane, Eugene Levy, Matt Lucas, plus an opening narration by Charlize Theron and several minor roles (Samuel L. Jackson, Alan Tudyk, David Alan Grier, Elle Fanning, Ryan Stiles, etc)
for such a whatever film, it sure had a good cast

Why do you keep pretending to be sharkfag, we know it's not him at this point. It's quite obvious you're just reposting archived comments from previous threads now.

>Shrek 2 is full of pop culture references
>Robots is full of sexual jokes
what a weird era that was

Yeah I agree, it was nowhere near as good as I remembered. This might one of the few franchises where the sequels blow the original out of the water.

I like it because Devon makes me hot under the color, and the songs were nice.

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Madagascar 1 is amazing. Screw the pointless sequels tho

Robots is actually more relevant than ever. The film's literally just the current "right to repair" arguments but animated.

I used to rewind the benning part with the song, thought it was the catchiest thing in the world. Still like it a lot.
Same, I also played some of the games on the Disney channel website

The planned obsolesce stuff just keeps getting worse, huh?

The fat rolling robot represents a jolly, mom and pop shop businessman. The shark fin idiot is an envious corporatist who wants to strip every one of their individuality and replace it with plain, soulless robot parts for equity.

how is the dad forgetting to put on the babies robo dick and then needing to hammer it on a circumcision joke? now the rugrats movie had an actual circumcision joke in the first 5 minutes.

Was a pre teen but wtv

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I mean, what exactly do you mean by cultural significance?

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Extremely soulful movie

>Ewan McGregor, Robin Williams, Amanda Bynes, Halle Berry, Mel Brooks, Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Coolidge, Jim Broadbent, Drew Carey, Stanley Tucci, Dianne Wiest, Paul Giamatti, Natasha Lionne, Harland Williams, Jay Leno, Al Roker, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Terry Bradshaw
Robots voice cast is insane

This movie had a ton of adult humor
>"Baby making" joke
>Hammering in Rodney's weewee to make him a boy
>Bathroom sign has a plug for men's room and an outlet for women
>Countless jokes about a large butt on a female character
>At least 3 different pee jokes
>Doorman robot flashes a group of other robots on accident
>Various weird scenes between villain robot and his mother
I know there's more I'm missing but yeah

Laika’s movies after Coraline.

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I really like this movie, the pig character is genuinely hilarious

Open Season to the point where even SPA’s later movies Spiderverse, CwaCoM, Hotel Transylvania, and Surfs Up are more better remembered.
Worst since all of its sequels are DTV tier.

Must have been that Lord and Miller magic touch.

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Why was this movie not as fondly remembered as Toy Story and Shrek despite doing everything that made those movies successful?
It’s basically Blue Sky’s Bugs Life.

For some reason this movie made me cry from emotion as a kid lol

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oh my god it's been forever since I've seen this

Aren't there like 10 sequels to this?

It's about as fondly remembered as any other Blue Sky production by general audiences.

>It’s basically Blue Sky’s Bugs Life.
Just because it was their second movie? That's a retarded comparison.

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The Pagemaster

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This one was on HBO all the time when I was a kid, loved the shit out of it. Ask people 30+ years later if they ever saw it, get nothing but black stares.

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>Me: That's just a wolf movie, how cute.
>Also me staring how wolves have no "alpha and omega" shit, the "pack" is just a mother and father and their kids and any she-wolf trying to get a litter on her own would get it killed by the main breeding wolf:

Nonnie of culture. Rio 2 was stupid as hell but this scene really made me cry -

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I watched the shit out of The Fox and the Hound when I was little but it’s been completely overshadowed by the other Disney movies

>The Pagemaster
Was actually a surprisingly decent movie, it just came out when Culkin was a teenager and his audience had aged out of watching cartoons.
Culkin was like the last child actor to actually have any sort of career, and like Shirley Temple, his ended once he hit puberty.