The Owl House

What's the next step in your master plan?

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>Look for Hunter fan art.
>Look for Hollow's Mind art.
>Look for Luz art.
For fuck sake, just fucking stop, it's getting so tiresome.

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>The Owl House
More like the gay house

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oh god i havent watched birdhome in ages
did she really go super sayan too?


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No, just a fan theory that she’s going to get possessed

Yes, and?

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>pirates your show
>dont even like it

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they'll need it

Do you think Belos/Philip is in any way aware how much technology and society have advanced over the centuries he's been gone?


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Oh Matt, naive you. Everyone in the world could legally watch owl show and owl could do BIG numbers, and Disney will still anally fuck it and throw it in the dumpster once it's done.

It's getting so overused to the point it's starting to get annoying.
Calm down.
Hunter has been used primarily as an angst device, make him do something different already.

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Look for Belos art. This episode was all about how he got them traumatized, i don't know what did you expect.

he has a pig pile of human crap in the conformatorium, so probably

Am I supposed to feel disturbed or aroused.

A kino finale would be Hunter vs Belos and Amity + Luz vs Collector

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also Collector

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I'm really in loved with this character design.
It doesn't belong in the show.

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I mean the dude fucking needs it

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So Phillip is from around the 1700s, right? How does that relate to the reveal?

It's becoming a meme. An annoying meme.
What's the purpose of repeating it every time.
Do you want a 22 min episode of this guy going into a psychology? Is that what you want?

their not a couple so people focus on them individually.

Gotts be honest, this guy hasn't charmed me yet. I am being more cautelous this time to not get dissapointed like i've been in the past with other shows.

Yes kino = most generic baby brained shit even you could come up with. It won't be kino, but it sure as shit will happen.

Most of his happy art is ooc though. unless he's with Willow or Gus.

>betrayed, beguiled, alone, deceived
>We'll have our revenge [...]
does the Collector imply both of them went through the same shit?

he#s from the 1600's also Witch Hunter

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come up with a better ending then nigger


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>have so much cute Hunter and Belos art
>it's all a lie
>he never loved him

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They'd also actually execute the teraphy angle instead of just teasing it. Have him hang out with the EE while he is getting progressively happiee or something.

If only.

We really missed out on this being an adult series in the early 2000's where Luz ends up in a magic brothel to taste all the lesbo dyke flavors of the pussy

>Hunter runs to Willow out of desperation
>Eventually realizes he's putting her in danger by being there
>Tries to sneak out while Willow is in the kitchen
>Gets vined up and held in place followed by a soothing hug letting him know she's not scared of Belos and will keep him safe.

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what#s the role of the other characters? Is belos an angry puritan standing outside with a cardboard sign reading
>down with this sort of thing

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>Triggered by therapy
I think you need therapy

oh boy

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The boy loves his burd

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personally i can't wait for hunter to build himself a shack in the woods and start a little private mailing business servicing the emperor's coven

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good morning /tohg/

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>someone's going to die
>of fun!

what is this special pain called when you look at a happy scene, and you know how it all goes to the shitter?

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Honestly at this point Belos needs some reinforcements, he has to face Lumity, Harpy Eda, King Forma Ultima, the rebels etc

Only if my ship is canon.

Marry a working woman, have kids and get into the board of the Bureau.
His? I don't know

collecting this titan…

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Which ship?


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