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I want Liane to tuck me into bed, cuddle with me and kiss me goodnight.

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come on man, this is why we get deleted. make a discussion and wait before new thread. the other op was doing good for a few threads, why ruin it?

well before we die... post unusual faces

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I had a new better thread ready to post, I was gonna wait a 30-60 minutes to click post. Should I do it now to drown out this garbage thread or wait till this gets deleted?

nah just wait
if it doesnt get deleted within the hour then i guess mommyfag won and u can fling ur pasta here insead

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you stupid fucking faggot
you can create one now if you want


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nah dont do it thatll defo alert j*annies and get us all assraped
just fucking wait my dude, either this thread lives or it dies and u can post urs in a few

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we don't need thread wars you stupid sluts
now let's discuss: has there ever been a man more thoroughly, completely, and systematically cucked as Kyle? even Butters has better luck in relationships.

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Yeh ill just wait till this gets deleted or if it doesnt, ill save my pasta for next time kek
if my internet holds through this thunder storm that just started, that is

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hope it does bro
and i hope ur nice n cozy guy inside
post more funky Jimmies in the meantime

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I've been saving this extremely cursed Jimmy to post, i think now is a good time
this pic has actually been growing on me while its sat in my south park folder, i hate to admit

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I never really appreciated Jimmy fully until my most recent rewatch of the series. He's a total Chad.

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holy shit its actually really fucking good
getting realism right is a beast in and of itself, i gotta commend them for also working with an unconventional face and not just pussying out and making him re abled
i love when artists remember jimmys face is all wonky and illustrate it well

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The artist has a lot of the sp kids drawn realistically. They're all pretty solid, though if im nitpicking i think some look a bit too young. But hey im guessing they were just using whatever reference pics they good find that looked like the kids, not necessarily focusing on age.
The Cartman is pretty horrifying though. He looks like a 5 year old bloated goblin.

This one is my fav. Very pure

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Why always mommy threads? Why no daddy threads?

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pretty good
i cant help but feel like jimmy is canonically older than most kids so all realism fanart looks too young imo
but this is by far the best one

>mommy threads
>daddy threads
>no love for either of them

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I can larp as a daddyfag if you want. Staurt is best boy
heres a fuckin bizarre image i just found on google images

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>Heidi's father
>But not Tolkien or Jimmy's dads
What did the artist meant by this?

they're fucking ugly dude, get over it

Obviously Tolkien's dad is the one doing the fucking

i like those
odd images
post more

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Also just found this picture. Biggest keks at Cartmans dad

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fucking kek

Becuase they're ugly as shit and need to die

But he's also the one who ironically attracted the most girls after him

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Oh christ i found the DA page for it. Its a gold mine for weird shit

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Jesus christ i love DeviantArt

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Wendy must have really pissed of Butters to get him mad at her and really enraged Stephen to also get mad on is son's behalf

kek, these arent exactly what i meant but theyre certainly a
different flavor of fuck
why are u fuckin rude user
just embrace cripplemommy and crippledaddy

>Ike is taken away from his bad father
>is given to an even worse family
Only in South Park

Ike Stotch :)

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pls post jimmy valmer the original creator of Sonichu

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This one might be slighttlyy more towards what you were looking for. Same.. "artist"
This is the lovely story the author made
"2 days ago, she framed Butter's dad (Stephen) for global warming, spun his mom (Linda) out of control, wailed at Stephen to "Drop dead, idiot!", ran away, 1 day later she had enough of what she thought Stephen had done and threw herself off a building, which shocked Stephen to the core, threw himself to the floor, beat the floor, bashing his forehead on a brick wall and messing himself physically up and cried upon, making Butters heartbroken, telling Stan and Kyle about what has happened, which made Sgt Harrison Yates feeling sorry for Butters to watch his mom kill herself.

So, he did some investigation and 4 hours later, it showed him terrifying results, finding out that Wendy had blamed his dad for the global warming, which made him and his dad to become mad at Wendy, so they went and confront her at the level crossing."

So yeah anyway-

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oh goodie i love autism threads
somebody call Guy

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HE was attracted to them, but I don't think it EVER worked out in his favor.

>this never again..

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The idea of Butters having a little sibling is so cute, though. And sad. Imagine Butters taking the heat to spare his little brother a grounding.

He practically scored with Rebecca, stealing her first kiss

>it's an Ike releases his inner Dennis the menace and Butters gets grounded each and every time season

>female ruins the life of a stable family for her own personal delusions
this is in character for Wendy

Once again, the thread comes up with a better episode concept than anything thats been written for the official show in awhile
Any writefags or drawfags for this?

Unironically pretty much

>BE Me

>48 posts / 8 posters
calm down your autism

Hello my children, I have come to answer any requests you may have and will do my best to perform that which you so desire. So ask and ye shall be granted an image of that miracle!

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>Psychoanalyzing the thread
okay autist

It's because M&T are too focused on keeping the show as culturally relevant as possible so their main priority is coming up with jokes targeting pop culture and what's on the news front page instead of creating funny scenarios for the cast.



9 now ;)

Oh Holy Lord Jesus, I humbly request a painting of thy child Ike


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my lord please bless their love

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Jesus x Satan yaoi

I was thinking of this the other day when considering the Human Kite-> Human Kike thing
Is that why Ike is named Ike? Ike->Kike
Maybe I'm overthinking. Then again, seems like something Trey and Matt would do. Well they literally did do it with the Kite...
On the other hand maybe this was obvious and I'm just slow as fuck

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jesus x damien yaoi

Honestly I think their in-show characters would get along pretty well. I could see them going out for a coffee to chat or something.

Hnnnng Jesus be kinda hot no homo

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jesus why did you give me diaebeetus?

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This is one of those posts thats great without context.
Well, not much better with context actually

main 4 accusing jesus of being biased towards CATG because they're minorities

Your parents made fun of beetus-havers in highschool

who would win in a fight?

jesus if ha how come n o yhin god

well i guess mommyfag got their thread
does that other user wanna post their pasta now ?

Thinking of them again...

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is jesus' dick big?