Hop Pop appreciation. This little fella stole the show for me and i love it

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Sasha turns gay men straight and straight women gay.

Confirming lesbians in Marcy's show and ruining discussion of it forever.

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If it was Marcy’s show, it be your average crap “isekai”

Anybody saved a drawing of these two? It involved Toadie asking Toadstool if he could call him his dad. Artist’s account appears to be deleted.

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Hop Pop is great. From the very beginning he was my favorite character, only becoming even better as the show progressed. Bill Farmer's voice acting is a large reason why he's so funny.

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The clock ticks once again

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Endgame right here brothers

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Yuliviachad I kneel...

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You mean Anne.

I really wish Yunan was more prominent, Toadcatcher's a great episode but then she fucks off again until True Colors and doesnt really do much
I feel like she'd make a good recurring antagonist

Do you think she's real slave now?

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>Harmonica sounds intensifies

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Theyre totally gonna do a fakeout with hop pop "dying" only to reveal he's okay a second later

Yep. What other tropes are you guys predicting?

i'm pretty sure she's dead.

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Sasha on the brink of death goes Calamity form and gives the core a beatdown


She’s more of an antihero or Deuteragonist by all means, but having her around would be like keeping someone like Adam, Giorno, or people up that angle around, to put it simple she’s one of the few ‘Too strong’ crowd Amphibia has. If the show ever implements her too much she’d ether have to get a hard nerf like Eda and Lilith or just have her be got tier full though.

>we're actually unironically getting a lesbian reveal for real among the three girls in the finale
ngl, not a big fan famalampai

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>Her slave food, breaks and treatment is better than when he was a wagie.
>She has never been so relaxed
>Wakes up every morning hoping is not a dream

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All signs are pointing to it being Yulivia imo

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what are the chances that it's just a scene of marcy or sasha telling the girls "i love you" and twitter dykes are blowing it out of proportion to create hype

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We always knew at least one of them would be an LGBT+ sacrifice. I'm hoping it's Sasha.

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that'll happen too

>I love you
>I know

Quick reminder that blushgate was over nothing

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christ its like people aren't allowed to express emotions anymore
no wonder all the 3A earth people act so cartoonishly because nuance doesn't exist

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>tfw no paizuri from spore anne

>people are genuinely this shocked there is at least one lesbian in the group
Have you missed every aspect of Sasha's character?

S3 on Disney+ soon. Oh, and also that other ugly thing we don't talk about.

Olivia and Yunan are dead, arent they

They're on the poster m8

make her useless like frobo

>that other ugly thing we don't talk about
Bruno no no no?


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Sent to the breeding camps

I advice wording this carefully, cause it makes it seem like what you're trying to say is people can't be clingy and manipulative without a hint of romantic feelings.

Sasha thread.
Sasha board.
And as such she gets this checks post.

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More like improving discussion for it.

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Sasha is for _________

As stated long ago, Yunan and Olivia have been fucking each other in jail

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Get ready for the threads to get 10 times worse if Elon buys twitter, because the Amphibia crowd from there will definitely come here.

That or they go back to Tumblr

Matt was always a shipper.

I feel like tumblr's the more likely option

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I'm gonna cry so hard when he dies at the end.


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even Reddit is more likely

Lmao. I genuinely can't believe people are that dependent on safe spaces.

>Tumblr exodus
>Yea Forums turned into Yea Forumsmblr
>Twitter exodus
>Yea Forums Armageddon
Good lord, brace yourself.

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Most of that crowd think that Yea Forums is comprised entirely of /pol/ because of the news.

Loved the references to the sleepers and once upn a time in america from that espisode

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>Matt confirms the show was always about Anne and the plantars
>3a was completely intentional
Comfykino enjoyers can't stop winning, i started watching this show not for the sakuga le epic moments, nor lore 2deep4u, angst soap opera shit and most definitely not beacuse of Shipp. I took all of those as an extra. That's why my favorite escene from the show is the final of hopping mall it encompasses all that makes it great. A girl missing her family and developing a strong connection with her newfound family and friends. Marcy was right, that trope is legit the greatest. That cozy warm feeling watching amphibia is a thing I'm going to dearly miss.

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to be fair, who do you think is gonna do most of the seething when Anne and Sasha kiss?

That would finally kill Barneyfag

Stop fucking posting this

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