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Bromance edition

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I think it was two threads ago that people were asking for proof of fujo Sue, so here ya go

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Ahaha, he was going to throw you under the bus five minutes ago.

So all resolved then. No need to look into this further later I'm sure. Can't say I'm surprised, thus is the natural order of things in Taeshi's world.

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Okay lads iceberg video up

don't pee on the floor
use the commodore

I want more lewds of Mike and his sister

i want more brown futa daisy

Everybody walk the dinosaur

Try begging in the trash thread

threadly reminder that Mike did nothing wrong

That shading on the first panel though

do not respond to this user

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Fucking nothing.
Can someone recommend a good comic which updates regularly?

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I dont like to beg but ill try


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He flops sides harder and faster than a metronome. Jesus fucking christ this is such bad characterization.

We're just meant to forget the previous 15 pages or so when he was throwing him under the bus? Now they're all bestest bros 4eva?

Fuck you Taeshi.

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It's an okay page, nothing special. Would be better if Taeshi's style of writing was less schizophrenic however. It would also have more of an impact if Paulo hadn't gone back and forth on this already. I am starting to wonder if Taeshi's idea of setting up plotpoints boils down to
>random stupid event occurs
>time passes
>event repeats but the level of stupidity might vary

Because so long as there is an established precedent, ridiculous plotpoints make perfect sense, or so Taeshi has presumably been told. Since character consistency is out the window and the discord drones are constantly sifting for it anyway, this is the closest Taeshi can get nowadays.


>mike tries to help him and treats him nicely (in part because paulo isn't trying to help by being a massive retard)
>paulo spends the rest of the chapter hiding the guilt of being completely ready to shoot him on the back of the head for someone who didn't even care about him
>it ends with paulo trying to confront mike about this and then they fuck or some shit
sadly like anything remotely interesting this is way beyond their writing skills

This is addressed in the next page, weirdly enough.

Never forget

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Why is Sue a fujo?

>hey Mike
>sorry for being such an asshole all the time
Riveting. We've already seen this

Taeshi is too retarded to think of anything new or clever, she spent every single shred of creativity early on in the comic. She's entirely tapped dry.

Thus you get the same repeating bullshit plot-points and character beats and arguments.

It's astounding people watch this shit with baited breath because we've already seen everything BCB has to offer. There is nothing new, no matter how many more pages she produces.

Her characters are in a perpetual time-loop, a stagnation where they are rotting caricatures, flanderized husks of their former selves (which isn't saying much).

Which makes them even more bland than usual since they were all about as deep as a puddle when Taeshi "wrote good" according to some sycophant's.

I tried to read it a long time ago, but I left it.
Is the tiger still pregnant?

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Yes, she is still pregnant. She will probably never have that kid.

Name one (1) character in this comic that isn't bipolar

On occasion she'll accidentally bumble her way into writing something enjoyable, like the Mike/Daisy stuff earlier this chapter. But make no mistake, I find it hard to believe that was anything but an accident.


Rachel, Matt, and I'd include Mike simply because he doesn't shift back and forth at the drop of a hat. His dysfunction comes in long uninterrupted chunks of time

Do not read this comic.

He was ready to fight this guy to the death on command. Do their personalities just reset with every page?

All of them technically.
But by your definition Amaya

Mike/Daisy bullshit is only enjoyable if you subscribe to harem-Mike fanboyism.

Otherwise all it amounted to was another out of nowhere dramatic asspull to try to rope others in. Much like the Augustus/Lucy kiss. This wasn't even the first time Daisy kissed Mike

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>Mike/Daisy bullshit is only enjoyable if you subscribe to harem-Mike fanboyism.

I'm not indulging in the harem shit. I just think it was nice for someone to actually be in Mike's corner instead of him constantly getting shat on. Meanwhile Paulo and Lucy's moment was just a mess.

I like how the MikexDaisy posters immediately stopped after last week when Mike showed up still looking miserable and without Daisy.

It's not like many of the readers are intelligent enough to notice. At least when it comes to the ones who pony up cash

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Don't hate on based Insomni-Act

I can't tell if this is taking the piss or not.

What would haremshit have to do with this? Daisy's simultaneously the best and worst choice for Mike right now and that's what makes the ship remotely interesting and therefore an exception within the comic as a whole.

That's quite the personal narrative, if divorced from reality and basic reason

The Mike x Daisy kiss was good because it was the first time that Mike kissed Daisy back when she kissed him. Yes Daisy had kissed him before but he didn't reciprocate it.

That would actually imply caring about what happens to ANY of these characters. Fuck everything about each and everyone of them. Seriously fuck Taeshi for birthing this abortion into the world.

Taeshi has made it a point to ruin and infect all of them with her bpd-insanity. None of them outside of maybe Amaya can be wrote without Taeshi's personality trickling inside.

That is implying Amaya is "wrote" in any which way other than being a cardboard cutout.

Yeah, I don't blame people for ditching this trashfire.

Nah you fuckers were especially obnoxious for weeks, glad to see it went nowhere lol

I doubt it

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The next page is Paulo’s words about Mike echoing in his head as he watches Mike smile and walk away. There’s clearly some guilt lingering there.

Paulo is a two-faced rat

>not walking home together despite not living on the same street
>lol it went nowhere
Were you expecting them to slampig on the table or something? You're sounding awfully rent free about this

Fake and gay. Taeshi believes that, as a true artist and writer, internal dialogue is beneath her. Therefor all information must be conveyed by actions and spoken words, no matter how badly she botches it.

>No Mike or Paulo trying to force a kiss

I suppose to Taeshi's credit, little as that might be, her ships are typically slow burners without quick on/off switches--as proven by Paulo refusing to just give the fuck up on Lucy come hell or high water. Whether they make sense or not, each pairing takes forever to get from point A to B to C. So Paulo isn't going to suddenly make out with Mike. This would be just one more stretch on a very long road that might eventually lead to Paulo admitting his feelings in some way. Probably won't happen though.

I wonder if Lucy looked back and saw all this happening, I hope so seeing Mike and Paulo talk like this is probably making her feel worse

Is her cock that big?

it was like that in the original too?

Paulo's acting awfully "anime girl" for my tastes here.

What do you expect, all Taeshi knows is anime tropes

Cute Daisy!

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That names familiar, what do I recognise it from?

Next page: They part, Mike smiles at Paulo and Paulo remembers offering to drop Mike completely a few minutes ago and feels like shit

Jazzy jazz

If this comic was any good, I would say that Paulo's flip-flopping would be semi-in character. I could see Paulo unintentionally being the ultimate people pleaser who naturally does anything or says anything he thinks the other person wants to hear in order to be liked and continue the companionship.

For Lucy, that meant being willing to dropping Mike like a hot potato because if he didn't, then she would continue to just grow more distance from him.

For Mike, that meant showing signs of being a genuine friend without revealing whatever mental gymnastics he would be willing to do for Lucy because if he didn't, he'd risk Mike being the one to end the friendship.

All of this stemming from abandonment issues that developed overtime from his mother leaving him and his dad. And him blaming himself for not being good enough or likable enough for his mother to fucking love him.

But ya know...This isn't a good comic so here we are.

As well he should. But it would be funny to see some patreons bitch about it

What about Rachel?