Death Battle

Will it be a repeat of Hulk vs Broly?

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Between that and 18 vs Carol, I thought it was pretty firmly established by now DBZ is in a tier above Marvel at this point. Is this a forgone conclusion for Vegeta?

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Damn I forgot how surprisingly great this fight was... Unironically his best showing on the entire channel even if it was an ass rape in his favor.

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Is this Thor's only DB win? Against a guy who literally couldn't hurt him.

One of the best Death Battles period, eveb if their research was rubbish (million ton Mjolnir lol)

People don't like carol for what they have done to her in recent years. And most of broly's feats were scaling multiplied to gorillion levels. Vegeta opponent is more liked than carol, and has been injected by tons of gorillion feats that would answer any scaling vegeta gets.

I miss the Lange days, even though the upload rates were excruciatingly slow


He’s only been in two

I could've sworn he'd been in more than just that and the WW fight.

I'm sure he's been in OMM and DBX but those hardly count
>Will it be a repeat of Hulk vs Broly?
Vegeta will undoubtedly get idiotic mathematics for his power level. The relevant issue is whether or not they're giving Thor a fully multiversal power level. CopeworldComics told me a while back that sometimes they leave stuff out to make the fights seem closer than they really are, so they might give Thor a finite power level and call it a day but that's base and cowardly. I'm a big boy so I don't care if Thor gets schizoversal power levels so long as Vegeta goes down like a man. Alternatively if Vegeta wins I'll gloat but I've had good experiences with Thorfags here so I won't be too obnoxious about it

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IMO Marvelfags are 100% more tolerable than your average DCfag, though I don't know if that's because they've been humbled too much by their streaks in DB or if they were always just that much more chill than 'SUPERMAN IS OUTVERSAL X INFINITY' autists

there's wisdom in humility and sometimes you need to be beaten down to really appreciate it, but I've come to realize Dr Doom (undefeated, invincible) posters are the very best capeshitters at least when it comes to contextualizing stuff. Thorfags seem to get a lot of flak for some reason, which I assume has to do with drama outside of these threads

I don't think they're using current skyfather super saiyan Thor because that run is still ongoing. what are the odds that we're getting multiversal base Thor, though?

>otto and their disciples are backing wanda
>zatanna wins
>w-we always knew she was going to win, b-baka
>d-dials go to 11

Considering they think Kratos is multiversal now I'd say high

I just want thor to win because dragonball fan tears are delicious.

What? Since when? Post the source.

Thor losing would be funnier if you are looking for more salt. DBfags make fun of Vegeta for being a jobber so you may miss out


It was on one of their podcasts where they put Dante against Kratos

so dante gets mogged by kratos then?

Honestly no.

Vegeta already has a reputation for jobbing so him losing wont lead to as many tears as you assume I guess. Thorfags stand more to lose on this fight after getting fucked over by WW. Just pointing out that Thor losing would generate more salt. At least around here anyway

Nah, there aren't nearly enough hardcore thor/marvel fans for that.

Didn’t Otto say Zatanna should win but Wanda would anyway

Imagine seeing dbs turning into sjw garbage , and this trend strengthening rather than distinguishing (unlike the edgy 90s). Moreover, imagine if toei/toriyama were suddenly appealing to dragon ball evolution fans, and calling your decades old fans incels for disagreeing with forced inclusions and political agendas. Finally, imagine having dealt with bendis for 2 decades (to put into perspective, toyo is better writer than him). You'll probably act like that way if you endured similar treatment.

>dragonball fan tears
>from Vegeta losing
a little late

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im a dmc fanboy and at most dante is universal cause of mundus and mundus 2. i dont see him having multiversal power unlike soitos (i dont play gow but i know hes strong and going off db's claim)

To the DBtards running the show now yes. In actuality, no.

Did he actually back Wanda? Even me as a Marvelfag knew Zatanna was gonna win.

Kratos is definitely not multiversal. The dude thinks the idea of a planet sized snake is absurd and cant even break some ice

no since Kratos is getting put up against Asura

Reminder that if Death Battle hadn't made Cloud and Tifa lose two matchups they easily win he wouldn't have been robbed

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Would be stupid which is why I can see it happening. It would cement their retard logic to normies at least if they actually have the guy who never destroyed anything bigger than a mountain beat the fucker who exploded a planet sized guy and punched out an active supernova on screen when not at his best


>Jonathan gets scaled to Joseph for some fucking reason?
>Pretends that Jonathan's body in part 1 is the same as when Dio stole it and was using it in part 3.
>Jonathan's body gets scaled to fucking stands.
>Jonathan can just shrug off being impaled with a sword because reasons, when Jonathan died after Dio stabbed him in the neck.

Swank literally using fanfic Jonathan and fanfic hamon that can do shit it literally has never done.

And Zatanna has never played with universes as if they were some random balls but she did anyway


Kratos is going to get ROFLstomped.

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>toyo is better writer than him
Do you really mean this? Just how bad IS Bendis? I've heard the name and it's usually spoken with derision but I don't know the practical stuff

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>swan is still pissy about jojo losing against kenshiro

1.) Jonathan is stronger than joseph so it's fair scaling

2.) It is the same, Dio just fused his head with it.

3.) Never happened.

4.) Sure? Why not? He's tough and the cut wasn't even deep or hit any major organs (Death battle literally shows this in x-ray) and jonathan could brace himself since he knew what tanjiro was aiming for

How would he rewrite Jotaro Vs Kenshiro?

>Jonathan is stronger than joseph

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>Way faster than Kenny and no sell Musou Tensei because lol Stands can mess with ghosts or something. Also spam time stop and ignore the stamina problem by scaling to Dio

How do you know Jonathan > Joseph? Answer this directly and not with shoulds
Can Jonathan's body naturally reproduce the vampiric attributes Dio displayed in part 3?
I'm not contesting the outcome I genuinely want to know

Superman son would've never been gay without bendis, because he's the one who aged him in the first place

The whole point of Joseph's character is that he isn't as strong as everyone else but he's clever and uses his tactics rather than his strength to his advantage - That's how he won all his battles. He literally just learned hamon too, he wasn't experienced in it whatsoever as Jonathan who ALSO has ZEPPELI's power. (Zeppeli has been training in hamon nearly his entire life.)

It'll be a repeat of goku vs superman 2 as pointless rage bait whose slot could have been used for any better idea

Ben said it was done because of how much SA was vidya focused

He thought Zatanna should win, but (until the last moment) thought they wouldn't because you can theoretically scale Wanda above pre-retcon Beyonder and they wouldn't make Zatanna stronger than literally all of Marvel.

Was it ever an explicit point that Joseph was weaker than most hamon users...? He only seemed weaker than the pillar men, and even then he seemed stronger than fucking Kars at the end. It just seemed to be his fighting style

Hi Swan! Let me debunk you really quick you giant faggot.

1. Joseph beat the pillarmen who look at vampires as fodder and food. In what world is Jonathan stronger? They also can't be compared because they don't even interact. Just because they both use hamon doesn't mean they are comparable. Or is Raditz comparable to Broly because they're both saiyans?

2. It's literally not. Part 3 Dio can reattach limbs and heal wounds and do other shit. I don't recall Jonathan being able to do any of that.

3. They said that Dio was able to keep up with stands using Jonathan's body, so you're a faggot.

4. Jonathan died from Dio stabbing him in the neck. A sword straight through the chest (getting stabbed in that area would hit several vital organs btw) would kill Jonathan, or with wank it would still weaken him greatly.

might actually do Kenshiro justice and not downplay him like the episode did

Yeah it really leaves a bad taste in the mouth when in the aftermath of the fight the hosts are comparing jonathan to star platinum for speed stuff. Its so unnecessary and wanky.

He'd say Jotaro is 2000x FTL and Star Platinum hits with 100 megatons of force because he almost killed Dio in 1 shot and Swan thinks Dio is city level.

They both would have won through Supernova scaling (or DB would be pestered enought to include it anyway).

Tripfag went with a poll vote rather than his own choice and then bragged like he had made that choice from the start and never doubted Z. He was the same way in Doom VS Lex and Wally VS Sonic. For someone so crazy about DC he freaks out pretty quickly and assumes they will lose if there is even slight adversity

Joseph's potential is greater than Jonathan's since he already knew some Hamon before he started training but he never really focused on the "power" aspect of hamon and creative with it instead of just BRUTE strength like Jonathan.

If Joseph fought head-on with the pillar men like Jonathan with Dio (Who could split cliffs, buildings, and the clouds in the sky with laser eyes) he would literally lose easily. Honestly , lisa lisa and Caesar are more than likely stronger hamon users than Joseph beacuse they were more intune and experienced with it. So how come he defeated stronger enemies? Because of his tactics, not his strength.

But his blog always said Zatanna should win

was creative with it instead*

Vergil beats Sephiroth though. Especially now.

And his bullshit luck. Dont forget that

>marvel's superman vs what if goku but a manlet
i swear this niggas are running out of ideas...

Joseph directly clashed with Kars's blade head on and not only won, but won in a landslide, while tired and weakened. I really don't think Jonathan was stronger

Nice bro, but did you forget that both Cesar and Lisa Lisa lost to the pillarmen while Joseph didn't? Also, Joseph is blatantly stronger than Cesar and he surpassed Lisa Lisa. He was straight up humiliating Kars until he became perfect.

Goku himself is already a manlet user

Kars did lose pathetically to Joseph but maybe he was just weak. Honestly from that performance he'd probably get creamed by PB Dio

Not really, unless you buy that one tweet from a guy who isn't even working on the series anymore, there's nothing in DMC directly as powerful as a sun exploding.

So this is what a JoJo "fan" who only looks at the pictures is like. Impressive

Except Joseph literally defeated Kars not by his skill or strength but ltierally because of luck and a volcano launching kars into space. You cant say "Oh joseph beat kars so joseph> jonathan in strength!" When the way he won was literally not through that.

>Goku himself is already [stronger than superman]
very true and CANON

>Literally ingoring the wider context of the entire sentence and choosing one part to debunk

Yes, I know Lisa Lisa and Caesar lost to the pillarmen but that's because they tried to defeat them with their prowess in hamon instead of just clever tactics like Joseph did. I ltierally said this in that post but it destroys your point too hard so you ignored it.

Jotaro being faster ftl shit but kenshiro still wins due to strength durability instakill shit and being able to see stands

Reread the fight. Before Kars became ultimate he lost to Joseph and got his arm exploded by his hamon. Not by tactful striking, but because Joseph's Hamon completely outlcassed and fodderized Kars's brilliant bone blade in a direct clash. JoJo fans are so quick to forget that Kars got literally no diffed by Joseph in their first fight in the most pathetic display of hero vs villain I have ever seen in the manga medium. Why do you people always skip to the fucking volcano? There was a reason Kars was face down on those spikes when the nazis arrived, and it's that Joseph's strike >>> Kars's bone blade