Is this good or bad for the animation side of twitter...

Is this good or bad for the animation side of twitter? I figure some of the industry will leave the platform since most of them are in California.

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>Independent animators have the same chance to go viral now that the trends won't be manufactured anymore.
Sounds like a win to me!

Nothing will fundamentally change, the video formatting will still be poor for animation. Elon is doing this to virtue signal to his redditor fanbase

It's extremely unlikely to happen but if it does it means Twitter's death

Free speech is always good.

He's literally only doing this to ban that one kid that's been tracking his private jet emissions.

>Elon is doing this to virtue signal to his redditor fanbase

Twitter's already been extremely stagnant in terms of growth for a long time and almost none of the people who have threatened to leave over "free speech" ever do. Likely will be the same for those protesting from the opposite end of the spectrum.
It's doubtful anything he does can slow the backwards slide into irrelevance and the fact it is actually a pretty insular, bordering on niche community despite the fact famous people use it

Free Speech as in the inability of government to censor political grievance is good.
Freeze Peach as in "I can say whatever I want with no consequences and a free audience" is not
Musk already said he'd shadowban people anyways - this has nothing to do with free speech and everything to do with him wanting personal control of the platform

>Elon Musk
>free speech
Pick one

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Elon won't change shit. ToS and freeze peach aren't coming there. He just wants the sheer stock of user data and interactions for AI and user information. Twitter is probably only second to Facebook in terms of sheer user data. Elon wants the data reserves and anything else is just smokescreen faggots eat up in the process.

I for one love the idea of rich owning everything don’t tax them on their wealth though they don’t have it net worth doesnt equal liquidity it just means they can buy everything if they want

Implying Twitter staff doesn't change their minds at the last minute again and Elon Musk doesn't get arrested for something that's 100% his fault, you just know he'll run Twitter into the ground. Causing a bigger version of the Tumblr exodus.
I wonder if anyone will make a social media site that is made for animators and artists in mind.

also to stop people from posting the ghislaine photo

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It's adorable that you think Musk believes in anything other than being the center of attention.

>Freeze Peach as in "I can say whatever I want with no consequences and a free audience" is not
Why are you even here then? Go back to r*ddit

>Free Speech as in the inability of government to censor political grievance is good.
Twitter is affiliated with governments across the world and is censoring people on their platform for speaking out against them.

>Freeze Peach as in "I can say whatever I want with no consequences and a free audience"
You should be able to say whatever you want as long as it's not direct threats of violence. You certainly shouldn't be banned for being wrong, there are lots of leftists who are wrong on Twitter yet are allowed to stay up.

That picture is going to be bannable offense especially if you post it in his replies

>there are still people falling for the "tech messiah" bullshit
Musk's a half-retarded con man douchebag that has repeatedly pump and dumped securities leaving his followers holding the bag and has repeatedly sold utter bullshit to cities that he never delivers. Remember when he posted a dumbass submarine on twitter as a suggestion for saving the kids trapped in a cave, and when an actual rescuer pointed out that it would never work Musk spent a week calling the literal hero a pedophile?
If you actually still like Musk you are not paying attention to the world around you

Hey, I hope you're ready for a lot of Twitter artists and animators to come here when Twitter becomes unusable thanks to Musk's stupidity.

If it happens it will have zero meaningful impact. Scenario 1: he immediately gets distracted by the next shiny thing that catches his attention and nothing changes. Scenario 2: he actually goes ahead and losens up the moderation, this makes one of the worst sites on the internet marginally more dysfunctional and awful to use.

I really don't understand this hate for Musk.

What was his relationship with Maxwell, because otherwise it feels like guilt by association

>I for one love the idea of rich owning everything
Tech billionaries, Saudi royalty and real estate tycoons already owned twitter before Elon bought it. Why are you concerned now?

But Elon is wholesome 100 Keanu reeves big chungus!!!

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This thread is neither Comics nor Cartoons in any way, shape, or form.
Report it as off topic to help improve Yea Forums.

Isn't Musk in a class action lawsuit for racially discriminating people at Tesla?
Fuck racists.

He's a manchild that will throw a tantrum if no one is paying attention to him and praising him.

They would never in a million years pick misogynist and racist Yea Forums over twitter. Even Alex Hirsch had to disown us after 2016.

He's not a liberal

>Musk already said he'd shadowban people anyways
[citation needed]

Artists shoukd have never went to Twitter to begin with. Twitter is a terrible site to share and view art. Fuck even motherfucking Deviantart is assloads better as an art gallery website than twitter is.

The reason artists are on twitter is that it's a convenient image hosting platform that lets them connect with other artists and a potential audience who can give them attention or money. Yea Forums isn't big enough for that purpose, and even if it was the lack of stable identifiers or long term image hosting makes it a non-starter. I don't even know where artists would migrate if something actually forced them off twitter. Probably instagram or some other monkey's paw option.

The social media platform most animation artists are on is Twitter. It's a big factor on how artists network with each other and how to get your work seen by people in the industry.

Yea Forums is not a town square or free speech platform and never has been. Bans are common. Shit, in the good old days you'd be red-text banned for badmouthing a mod's favorite character. Eat my ass, newfag.

>Twitter is affiliated with...
Twitter is a publicly traded company, they are not a government enterprise. You are retarded.
>You should be able to say whatever you want as long as it's not direct threats of violence
I like how you went out of your way to say stochastic terrorism is cool beans
You have no inherent or granted right to use Twitter without abiding by the terms of service. Your first amendment rights do not and should not extend to the point that they interfere with Twitter's property rights.

>Why are you concerned now?
Because he's a retarded leftist

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Oh wow so now another billionaire gets to buy twitter I should be ecstatic I was told he didn’t actually have this money but now suddenly he has 46 billion to buy twitter let me guess it’s non taxable
Eat the rich

>Musk is racist


X Æ A-12


>You have no inherent or granted right to use Twitter without abiding by the terms of service
Then why does the Taliban have an active Twitter while Trump does not?

Deviantart is good for hosting but bad for marketing, as in the feed in twitter updates you better on what's trending to keep your work spreading rather than staying within a narrow group. As a consumer you're making discoveries easier.

But yeah for archive it's pretty bad, even when artist have alternate accounts that are only for their art.

I hope all the animators stop tweeting dumb crap and listening to Twitter lesbians and start doing better shows

Thanks for admitting that this is all for your God Emperor.

It's not twitter's fault that even literal terrorists know how to obey the terms of service better than trump.

But I thought Yea Forums is Yea Forumsmblr though?

Thanks for ignoring the question because you can't accept you're a flagrant hypocrite.

>Twitter is a publicly traded company, they are not a government enterprise
You actually believe this, how sad.


>Eat my ass, newfag
I'm an oldfag who has been here since 2016, Yea Forums has always been based and redpilled you retard

The literal terrorists calling for the deaths of hundreds of individuals? Where in twitter's terms of service is that allowed?

Elon pays more in taxes than you ever will in your entire life.

My guess would be that the Taliban account is run by someone with enough brain cells to rub together to figure out how to avoid breaking TOS

>uh actually it's about free speech
Lmao is this how they convinced you?

If I invited the taliban and trump into my house and trump starts shitting on the floor while the taliban doesn't, Im gonna kick trump outta my house. Hope this helps.

The only thing I will praise Elon for is if he manages to hit Twitter's kill switch, Twitter needs to die before harm is done to people's brains.

still not Yea Forums related, fuck off

Yea Forums is Yea Forumsmblr but the lefties that post here don't have prominent online personas they need to protect.

Hey dipshit the Taliban is shitting on the floor too. But twitter is happy to keep them in their home. Stop being a fucking hypocrite

Fewer people deluding themselves into thinking that Twitter is good for art can only be a good thing

Being a hypocrite would be saying that the Taliban account should be immune to TOS
Saying everyone has to follow the TOS is consistency, not hypocrisy.

Literally 0% of this thread's discussion is relevant to Yea Forums and you know it, you cancer defending troglodyte.


Yeah I’m sure Twitter was the reason not just humans being unironically a moronic species

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It doesn't help you at all. You just admitted you like terrorist mass murderers more than an asshole at worst.


So murderers and sexists are fine as long as they're not mean. Got it.

In the part where they don't actually do that on their Twitter account

I don't know where his fanbase hangs out but it sure as hell ain't Reddit.

But they don't follow the TOS. Hell many many accounts don't yet are still up and running. That is what we call textbook hypocrisy

If twitter dies a new site will emerge and the shit will continue. As was the case with tumbr. As was the case with SA.
Same as it ever was, same as it ever was...

The thread is on-topic, what people discuss in the thread is out of the OP's control.
Like how every general discussion thread for a cartoon is just a porn dump.

What do you think Trump is? A saint?

>But they ARE breaking TOS!
No, they aren't. They did once and were punished for it.
You're complaining that the rules are applied consistently because your cult leader was too stupid to obey them

No that’s not how it works my Yasuke threads are on topic but then pol shitposts whether it’s on Yea Forums or Yea Forums and mods deciding being lazy is much easier just deletes my whole thread rather than the inciteful pol posts

he is a real person, like Bezos, you can identify him and hear him. You can't really point a finger to someone who hides behind their company like the shitheads at Blackrock do.

twitter is a privately owned social media platform and so they will care more about things that cost them money than real world violence. how are you only now figuring this shit out.

in this case both companies are protecting their business, it's just twitter's current business is anti-humanity while elon's is pro

Leftist ran out of big sites to migrate to. You think Mastodon will be able to get their message out?
Conservatives had to deal with this for years, now it's their turn to learn that you can't replace big tech.

This thread isn't on-topic, you mongoloid, you wanted to talk twitter politics, dont get it twisted.

>Yeah huh they do!

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I like how this right wing dude didn’t build his own he just bought someone else’s I guess build you own was always a meme saying

Twitter is conservative site, so if that keeps you outragefags on twitter, im all for it.

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Buy deviantArt instead, that place is a shitshow and needs actual saving.

I don't understand why people are freaking out about this. Nothing about Twitter will change from this.

Lol, you're retarded if you think anyone would come here because they think Elon buying Twitter is going to turn it into some kind of nazi space.
Yea Forums would be FAAAAR worse for those kinds of people.

>this makes one of the worst sites on the internet marginally more dysfunctional and awful to use
why? because voices you dislike aren't being destroyed?

conservatives already tried that with gab, parler and trump's new website. the reason it keeps failing is because you can't quote tweet and make fun of liberals if your website is a right wing echo chamber

I don't think he's a saint but he should still have a twitter account. Being a dick isn't a bannable offense. Lying shouldn't be bannable either. Otherwise you'd have to ban the current sitting president as well.

What guarantees are there things wont remain the same?

I'm all for no more censorship, but did they really censor indie people going viral too? I thought it was mostly political opposition and what not.

That and jokes.

You know who broke ToS? Taylor Lorenz, who doxxed a Twitter user who uploads cringe TikTok clips.
No, I'll stick to my lying eyes, thank you.

it's a social media thing, screeching about nothing

I understand Twitter's position, I don't understand the moral grandstanding that I was responding to about the Taliban being better than Trump.

That's not an intentional part of the algorithm, it's a consequence of right wing media focusing in hard on clickbait and outrage which drives engagement more than informative news
You see the same pattern with literally every single engagement algorithm

>you can't quote tweet and make fun of liberals if your website is a right wing echo chamber
Sure you can, just post their dumb Twitter posts on your website.
Hell, you're on Yea Forums, that's basically this board's bread and butter at this point.
Hopefully if all the retards fuck off from Twitter it means there'll be less retarded shit for other retards to spam here on Yea Forums, so I'm all for Elon buying that shithole.

Trump broke Twitter's terms of service. Many times. And they gave him a pass time and time again until it wasn't profitable anymore to do so. Twitter isn't in the right here, but neither is saying that Trump should have his account back.

Trump was banned for inviting violence, not lying.

Reminder the literal Taliban and Sandniggers who wish death on America are allowed and own part of Twitter but le funny orange meme man is a danger

>Trump broke Twitter's terms of service

Free speech is, social media is not

Yup. Among other worker issues that Tesla plants have

if industry artists leave, best for us indipendent!
A lot of people don't realize how good twitter actually is. It got us the connections and work that no other site does. It's a forgiving site where you can do good even if you don't post every day (unlike insta). It's very easy to monitor who you interact with, it has a vast userbase of non-artists who you want to buy your art (unlike deviantart).
These people have flooded the site with political bs since 2016, making it harder to use the site for fun/art only, and now whine and want it to die?

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But he never did that... so why is he banned?

>You know who broke TOS?
So report them, why are you complaining to me?
Ten to one you're just retarded and there was no breach of terms