They better make her a lesbian/bisexual...

They better make her a lesbian/bisexual. It’s not fair we don’t have enough 2SLGBTQIA+ protagonists in an era coming off from straight protagonists.

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Nigga, you's a rainbow fapper.

I choose to take that as a compliment.

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A what?

Lesbians rule my guy. We live in a golden age of wlw.

this is bait but on the off change you're being 100% serious wtf are you talking about?
there has never been more gayshit on media then ever before which isn't a good thing.

>Implying it'll ever be enough to them unless literally every single character is black, disabled and gay

How is to not s good thing? Amphibia would suffer without it.

How is that a bad thing

There’s so little lesbians compared to straight people. It’s insane.

Just like real life.

Real life is super gay.

Homosexuals are a tiny minority irl.

Not only that. She’ll be bisexual and poly with Sasha and Marcy.

WB is already doing it in their cartoons.

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This is what we need in animation.

There’s literally nothing wrong with this?

Man I kind of hope that's true. Both for the shitstorm and because it would be a genuinely interesting direction to go

No, it's a slur.

This! Imagine the potential it can create!

What is so genuinely interesting about shipping?

Lonely autistic people who live vicariously through cartoons seeking to simulate a meaningful relationship

Olivia and Yunan are enough

It’s not enough. They’re barely even gay.

By all means, define ‘gay enough’

Yes. Bad Writing & Bad Narrative.

I've just never seen a poly relationship done in a cartoon and genuinely have no idea what it would look like. Would they have her just like hold everyone's hand? Disney doesn't have enough balls for 3 lesbian kisses

Not him, but for me is to be more attracted by your own sex than for the opposite

genuinely have no idea what it would look like.
Sad and pathetic, at least based on the poly couples I've seen irl.

>Disney doesn't have enough balls for 3 lesbian kisses
Which obviously means there isn't going to be a gay throuple. Why do people think Disney of all people is going to validate their fetishes?

The girls are only 13, so they won’t come out and say it. But they can subtlety hint at it.

That's still pretty fucking creepy, especially since they are only 13.

A trio of girls can just be friends user.

Poly relationships need representation user. Get your head out of your ass.

So are other 13 lesbian relationships that won’t be named, which are canon. The only difference is the poly.

It's nice to be a waifufag nowadays. I can pretend to care about gay bullshit so that female characters remain untouched by filthy m*les and open to self-insert.

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I think the poly part is pushing it. Many people are willing to accept gay couples but polyamorous is where a lot of people draw the line.

This! We have gay couples now give us polyamory. It’s hypocritical not to.

>polyamorous is where a lot of people draw the line
I, for one, am open to exploration.

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Anime harems=/=degenerate polyamory.
At best you can call it an idealized form of polyamory.

This! If Japan has polyamory, why can’t American cartoons have them?

Wrong and wrong. See

In the West, polyamory is almost always just an excuse for a woman to get hotdogged by two dudes.

Poly is only pushing it when a male is involved.

Just like cartoons more readily accept lesbian girl couples, so too they will more readily accept a poly of three girls.

I guess my only argument left is that only a small percentage of people want or care about this. Call me crazy, but I think people are tired of romance and shipping inserted into magic adventure stories.

When get whole episodes on Sprig being engaged, user

This! Amphibia could be a crucial step into getting people to accept polyamory.
I command you to masterbate.

Are they liked or wanted by the fanbase though?

I'm just tired of romance and shipping overtaking magic adventure in magic adventure stories. Pic related was the best "magic school" story in a long while precisely because it focused on whimsy and magic, and it wasn't a fucking soap opera. The Owl House was copying it, and guess what they added in spades.

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That is still a league of a difference between straight up gay throuples.

You’re retarded; this series straight up failed thanks to the queerbaiting. Owl House is LWA done right.

>he picks the biggest yuri show from Japan
You’re defeating your own point.

It was one of the best things Trigger managed to produce, especially the original OVA.
>thanks to the queerbaiting
Cute girls doing cute things is not queerbaiting, it's one of the longest-running tropes in Japanese animations. That's like complaining about queerbaiting in Love Live, you sound like a Twitter user who has no idea how any of this works.
>Owl House is LWA done right.
It did things so right, it already got canceled without ever managing to tell a goddamn story. But it got an "LGBTQ+ representation" section in its Wikipedia article, so I guess that was worth it.
That's Symphogear.

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I'm not saying you're wrong about wanting magic adventures over shipping, but LWA (TV Series not OVA) was the biggest fucking waste of potential, half of the episodes were so bad, not even filler, just straight up fucking bad. The best magic school stories remain book/manga only because nobody can adapt/create them properly.

Litteraly everyone these days is a gay,nigger,trans,midget.
The fuck are you talking about?

>misstyped "I"

Also it's no fair that the protagonists can't develop in their story without there being a love interest, right?

They dont realise gay shit won't sell in china and whatever other muslim shithole.

Gays are exempt from that

Owl House is LWA done right. LWA is complete garbage.


who cares bitch