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>Nancy reprints didn’t sell well enough for fantagraphics to continue with the series

Unironically one of the best strips ever. The pacing is perfect, the joke is timeless and doesn't need any context. It can be enjoyed by anyone, from anywhere, at any time.

Fucking flawless.

Ha, that's very cute. Made me smile, rotten cynical fuck that I am.


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Ernie Bushmiller and Olivia Jaimes' runs of Nancy are absolutely kino when it comes to humour and nothing is better than it

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How is she going to repay those two dollars? Does she get an allowance?

Recordatorio diario

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Fucking soulless

I wonder if people actually laughed at this stuff back then

I laughed at it just now

The banker later commits suicide off panel because of the Great Depression

This would be a lot better if the mice weren’t screaming in every panel


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In English doc

actually that's the best part, someone should make a voiced youtube video

people still do

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>the beatles!
>how can you enjoy them if you don't understand what they're saying?
> and?
>Half the world likes dogs, and to this day no one knows what "woof woof" means

kino joke desu

LMAO women

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>The beatles?
>What do you even like about them, you don't even understand what they're saying!
>So? No one barks but everyone likes dogs, innit?

why wouldn't he lend the clown money?
He obviously has a very clearly defined job.

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He could just have been some random bozo.

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>only scan of the reprint is in French
>no English scans
>books are scalped beyond belief
Being a strip fan is suffering


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Too many words

the literal translator chad
the localization virgin

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compare this from the same comic

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This lives in my head rent free. It put up new curtains.



Damn right.

>the joke is timeless

"What the fuck is a circus?" - kids 20 years from now.

That place where Robins Parents died.

"They died doing risk-e cringe stunts for YouTwit-Tok." - kids 40 years from now.

No way, they were kidnapped on jan. 6th by capitalists.

They did reprints?? Are the ones that did release still available for purchase?


They did 3 collections plus the recent How to Read Nancy. The strip collections are OOP but maybe there are some copies floating around

That's pretty great

Get it? They are lounging around.

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QuinoKino. Gringos are missing out

sluggo is lit

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If nancy was a da vinci sketch

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Based groomer

That's what makes it funny though

Soldiers dying the mud in Japan and I'm over here reading HA HA Comics for 10 cents a month.

>Soldiers dying the mud

Get newer material.