I Love Mei Mei

I miss the old Mei Mei, straight from the 'Go Mei Mei
Chop up the soul Mei Mei, set on his goals Mei Mei
I hate the new Mei Mei, the bad mood Mei Mei
The always rude Mei Mei, spaz in the news Mei Mei
I miss the sweet Mei Mei, chop up the beats Mei Mei
I gotta to say at that time I'd like to meet Mei Mei
See I invented Mei Mei, it wasn't any Mei Meis
And now I look and look around and there's so many Mei Meis
I used to love Mei Mei, I used to love Mei Mei
I even had the pink polo, I thought I was Mei Mei
What if Mei Mei made a song about Mei Mei
Called "I Miss The Old Mei Mei, " man that would be so Mei Mei
That's all it was Mei Mei, we still love Mei Mei
And I love you like Mei Mei loves Mei Mei

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OK now put all those lyrics into screencaps from the movie.

I mean I do it in a lame way. Someone else does it in a better way

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>The father you go, the prouder I'll be.

Very raw line, very Ming line. She has to figure out another way to encourage Mei to succeed.

I'm not a really big fan of the ending in the bamboo forest though... some of the dialogue is touching. Some of it is just straight up canned cliché. Not sure anymore.

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Like so (this is cringe tho)

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What's a red panda anyway? A fucking bear?

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No, it's literally a panda. The panda BEAR is the sus impostor, as it is actually a bear, not a panda.

What would be Mei's favorite Kanye album?

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I would totally fuck her up the ass

Hmm... well. I'm not a Kanye expert, but I like the early stuff... and the stuff that got onto pop radio.

So I think she'd be the same.

Why would an Asian mutt who lives in Canada listen to Kanye, who was relatively an underground artist to most people in 2002 (CD didn't come out until 2004). Fun fact, Turning Red takes place in the same year as his car accident, which would in turn cause Through the Wire

I assume we're talking about 2022 Mei and her opinion on Kanye... but this is all so silly. And don't be rude.

It's a shame they only thought of ONE boyband for the Turning Red universe.

because if there was another one... they could team up for a tour (without Robaire of course).

A bit like NKOTBSB


>beanface forever
> actual style to their characters
Which way white man

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808s and Heartbreak seems right up her alley. Mabye Graduation too.

Going to re-up this from last thread. How on earth does Mei drawing whatever she drew taint what your 5 year old daughter does in regards to boys?

Like is it tainting it for you, or for her?

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That’s fanart retard

>I hurt her... my mom
Realizing that Ming had been emotionally torturing herself broke me in a way that other Pixar movies didn't

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fun fact: they were originally going to use the Joss Sticks (incense) in the Daisy Mart confrontation with Devon...

But I guess that was just disrespectful. to the Chinese religion.

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>Realizing that Ming had been emotionally torturing herself broke me in a way that other Pixar movies didn't
eh that was a part that didn't move me... even though I love other parts of the movie.

Realistacally, a Wasian woman would be a Taylor stan.

BUT, if she did like Kanye she'd probably be attached to CD or LR, since that came out while she was in late middle school and early high school. She would probably have many great memories and nostalgia associated with those two albums. Graduation too

?? Meilin Lee isn't part white. Or maybe you mean "western". Can you explain?

It's hilarious that the most pent up/horned up they get as a friend group in the movie is when Priya is dancing with goth girl.

>At last one of us is getting some action!

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She's his daughter, right?

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How does Mei react when her friends inevitably start wanting to do Jin?

funny that more people say that Wallace is Mei's dad... i mean someone said that on imdb

aww user, you deserve this... Tom Gately sketches from the art book!

Granted I took these with my phone because I'm a broke-ass.

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Another Mei Mei thread!

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What did she mean by this?

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Omlette du fromage

>I am so in love with Turning Red that I drew fanart of it even while we were making it haha! Boarding on this show was the best, most fun experience I've had working in animation. I'm so proud of Domee and all my friends who worked together to make exactly what we wanted to see! - Maddie Sharafian

OK I looked her up and apparently she was the freaking head of story on Turning Red... also it's weird that she calls this fanart, but I guess it wasn't drawn on the clock.

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Someone has the novel, and if so.
It's different from the movie or it's exactly the same.

Do you recommend it?

Thanks for that source.

what? you want the tumblr link? You're getting the tumblr link!


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You think she actually has a sideways one?

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I wish that either of the two Turning Red theads we got going now were more than troll OPs. Well maybe they're not trolls, but they aren't high quality.

Imagine kissing her passionately and detecting that metal taste as your tongues rub over her braces... haha.

i like this OP better, they were trolling from the heart

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this is sincere cringe yes. I should have been more clear.

I once tried to troll with Columbine shit as the OP turning red thread but that didn't work out too well. But I'm also a freak who likes people to discuss that stuff.

besties assemble!

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i need more goofy ming faces

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Man do I love Ming, especially her teenage appearance.

A prequel with non-stop young Ming would be amazing

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here's one with a bonus Mei

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No it was a genuine thanks. I asked for that image earlier.

>captcha: nsngr

>Imagine putting aside your family who has raised and cared for you your entire life for this abomination...

>You think you're so mature! I command thee, kneel!

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Wouldn't that movie end with her supressing her panda and becoming the helicopter mom at the start of TR?
Ming prequel doesn't really work

The best "next movie" take I've seen from Yea Forums regarding TR was in one of the earlier panda threads
>Turning Red 2 in The Godfather Part II style.
>Both a sequel for Meilin and a prequel to Ming's childhood and teenage years.

A prequel would be Ming fighting her mom as a giant red panda and marrying Jin against her wishes which would be pretty cool

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>The Godfather Part II style.
OK so does this mean a three hour Period Panda movie?

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Kinda hard since Kanye hadn't released any albums at the time (The College Dropout came out in 2004) and she doesn't look like the type to listen to Kanye anyways.

I dunno... I think MY Period Panda thread had a cogent OP.

>Sun Yee, Revered Ancestor, Guardian of the Red Pandas, please guide us through our cringe era
>especially OP.

>May we serve the animu imageboard with horny middle school girls for years on end. *bows*

>especially OP. (OP)

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