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8 years ago today the EU was rebranded as Legends and Lucasfilm ushered in the New Canon as it's replacement.

With everything considered, was it a worthwhile change?

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It was a needed change but for the love of God they need to hurry up and make the Old Republic era cannon. Its so far removed from the High Republic shit they are pushing that it wouldn't matter if they made it a thing.

The two KOTOR games should have stayed canon like Clone Wars did

The highs aren't quite high enough for the full canon wipe yet, but the potential is there.

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>With everything considered, was it a worthwhile change?
It was worthwhile for the simple fact that it gave me closure. I followed the EU for a long time, even when they were publishing trash, because I was invested in the larger Star Wars universe. Disney putting an end to the EU gave me a stopping point.

What is she //swco/?

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>Ignoring the fact that Luke still has struggles in the EU
>Ignoring that TLJ just lazily repeated ROTJ's arc for Luke while walking him back to a position in empire, and you really dont want to bring Lucas into a discussion of the Sequels because he compared Disney to white slavers and all.
Not to mention that Lucas constantly used ideas from the EU so that's faceitus at worst.
There's been very few bright spots, but it at least means that its not tainted by newer stuff.


Who is the better redhead imperial hand?

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Didn’t High Republic make it canon that hyperspace travel was only invented a few hundred years before TPM

What EU comics should I read if I hate the movies but like The Mandalorian and clone focused episodes of Clone Wars?

Read Heir to the Empire just recently. People weren't kidding. This shit is dope. The conversation between Thrawn and that Dark Jedi dude felt so fucking Star Wars. Will continue with the Thrawn trilogy and then move onto Darth Bane which I heard is amazing as well. Really good start for my EU experience.

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Yeah, which doesnt work with the EU at all. But at the same time TROS material made a lot of the EU sith canon so who knows.
I would reccomend stuff like the ostramander comics for edgier stuff.

After Bane you should read Plagueis, as sort of an epilogue and conclusion to Bane's master plan with the fall of the Jedi.

Yeah those books are good. I would also reccomend the Jade comics and the hands of thrawn duology of books.

Will definitely give these and New Jedi Order a go if I'm still in the Star Wars mood.

was just about to make a thread asking what the recommendations are, but saw this thread.
I’ve only watched the movies 1-6 and some of the Clone Wars show years ago, so where should I start first?

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Would reccomend the thrawn trilogy a ton (it even has a comic adaptation), but soule's vader is kino as well going by new canon.
Mara is easily my favorite sw character ngl.

>Kotor 1 & 2
>Darth Bane trilogy
>Clone Wars 03
>Darth Plaguies
>Labyrinth of Evil
>Death troopers
>Thrawn Trilogy
>X-Wing Books
>Jedi Academy, I Jedi
>Hand of Thrawn Duology
>New Jedi Order series

This is my preferred canon although I missed some bits here and there.

Pretty based, personally a fan of the dark horse 00s comics and the legacy comic (not its sequel nor the novels which sucked).

She was cute in Heir to the Empire and Luke has some exquisite taste if she becomes his endgame

Jade, obviously

Hey everybody, /swco/ is back!

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>We will never have cute live action Luke and Mara interactions
>Luke dies a loser virgin
This is the worst timelime

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Reminder that I was right about Episode IX

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Her name literally means bitter woman, and her arc is the highlht of the trilogy. Plus i like how she's a bit of a play on anakin in a way.
Beyond based.

Well, she was killed by the awful legacy of the force book series first, but its better to have loved and lost to have never loved at all.

Will they Announce Visions 2 on may 4th?

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This has been pretty cool so far

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Unifying Force is a good point to end it anyway so anything after can be ignored

Watch Mando+Boba Fett and read those Vader comics. Bad Batch is alright but prepare for a lot of mid filler.

Visions has mostly fun non-canon stuff.

Good list even if I haven’t read/played all of it. Sadly it’s not canon but worth reading anyway

The Last Jedi had problems but nothing worse than anything the original movies had. I thought it was solid and am utterly confused at the fucking HUGE backlash it got. Like it feels completely disproportional to what was even bad in the film. I'm kind of convinced people are just angry about le purple hair and Asian woman preaching a bit. Luke was cool, i don't know why they wanted an immaculate and infallible Jedi master when that was never Luke in the original movies.

Yeah not a bad one, but i have a soft spot for the legacy comic so i tend to include it (there's no direct mentions to legacy of the force outside of the vergere retcon). Plus darth krayt is my favorite sith. He's the anti Luke. Born to a former jedi, raised on the harsh sands of tattoine, taken away from his planet with the desire to avenge his father killed at the hands of fallen jedi, trained at first by that same jedi who trained said fallen jedi, both have a life defining experience on tattoine with obi wan kenobi which forces them to never be able to go back to their old life, both then change their course of life, meeting a ghost and reciving their most defining training by a dimunitive cryptic alien teacher, where their personal philopshies are formed including a fundamental disagreement with their mentor leading to them to reform their respective orders abolishing the rules of old, both new orders putting a much higher emphasis on family legacies and serving a higher purpose, both are heavily shaped by experiences with the vong, both miss a hand and both are the most powerful character of their respective era.

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Star Wars canon ain't worth shit anymore. I just go by what I like now which is coincidently mostly EU stuff

Maybe they’ll canonize it after the remake. Revan is already technically canon


Wtf, that makes no fucking sense, wtf

Every problem with Luke in TLJ was also a problem he had in V and VI, but that isn't a good thing about TLJ, it's one of the many problems with the OT. ANH was the only good movie in the trilogy (not only because of Luke's degradation, but that's definitely one of the big problems).

>I just go by what I like now


Its a pretty basic thing really. Luke's main defining trait was that he was optimistc and believed in the best in people, he was a bit naive and he could act rashly but this was tied to his fundemantal character. The starting point for this new Luke by default needs Luke to act out of character. Not to mention that the movie is just constantly deflating its own set ups to then deliver nothing at all. Its not the worst movie, TROS is worse by most ways of viewing it, but the backlash is absotluley understandable.

And Luke wasnt an infallible Jedi in the EU, he was mostly a mentor figure/catalysts for other characters and had his own arcs (such as not feeling he coudl continue the jedi without the guidance of obi wan and the force ghosts).

I want A’Sharad Hett in the Obi Wan show

You’ll get nothing and like it!

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I want him too. Hed be aperfect antagonist to pit against obi, but nah we gotta have vader for some reason.


He was going to be in it before they rewrote the whole thing to focus on an unnecessary Kenobi/Vader rematch.

The better question is....

Do you think Jade ever let Luke stick it in her ass?

Not to say that all of this is on Rian, a lot of it comes from 7 deciding it wanted to have the same set up as ANH, but the specifics are all him. And at the end of the day for a movie all about learning from the past...we end up with a setup that really has nowhere to go and that is still highly derivative of the OT.

Of course. I mean Jade canonically called Luke master once or twice. But she also calls him farmboy so...

>vader is gonna fight Kenobi
God this is stupider than having Anakin and Dooku fight like five times in CW

>Jade canonically called Luke master once or twice

Somehow I forgot that

Luke hit the damn jackpot

You want more Ahsoka and Space whales? So be it

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When hammill first read the script for TFA, he thought that it was Luke who grabbed the lightsaber and not rey
That one change woudlve made the whole trilogy so much better

>Hit the jackpot
>Redhead named MJ
Do you think they knew what they weere doing?

Her name is literally mary jane with two letters changed, of course they knew

Oh that was stupid, as was kenobi and grevious figthing all the time, but this is more stupid.

They shouldnt have used maul vs kenobi on rebels. Would have worked here so well.

Maybe. I feel the best way to fix Luke (while keeping everything more or less the same) is make it so that he's not on exile or hiding, but that he's hiding his jedi students. You can play everything the same way more or less but this explains why he left in the first place better than any other explanation.

Can't wait for this to definitely stick around again
unironically though /wars/ over on Yea Forums a year or so ago got me into the SW books for a little bit, I'd like to try that again

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Hell, he can be in exile if it's explained that he had a vision or something of training someone who could help make things right.

I really don't mind that Luke screwed up, I mind that he gave up entirely

>Let me tell you about those Jedi arts I've been trained in even though we have met a million times and I even jobbed to Jedi padawan who you know
I hate TCW

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Fuck you nigger


Honestly i think how he screwed up is aprt of the issue. I think it would be better and more apt for the theme of the movie if Luke failed because he kept ignoring ben's signs and tried to reach him with compassion like with vader, and then he turned.

Grevious was done drity there. To a lesser extent so was Dooku.


This was incredible

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Overall I still like it but god damn do I hate what they did with grevious

>It's not a story jannies would tell you
Definitely read this in his voice

Yeah, that would have been better.

Honestly though, Luke making a second-long mistake on pure reflex is human enough. But again, him just quitting entirely and not trying to reach his own damn nephew after what happened with Vader makes me seethe

I feel like both togheter just strengthen the other's issues.Doesnt help that the movie is so smug about it.

At least TROS is retarded and it knows its retarded.

Reminded me of this

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I like ashoka, but goddam why is she in everything

My guess is part Filoni obsession and part Disney desperately trying to double down on nu-wars stuff that people like on any level, especially in the case of a character like Ahsoka who can fit in their whole "the force is female" approach

Cool it!

/wars/ was fun, shame the jannies took it down

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I guess. I still feel she really has outlived her usefulness as a character. Maybe it would be cool to see her interact with Luke more, but that's kinda it.