If Craig of the Creek didn't have diversity Yea Forums would have loved it

If Craig of the Creek didn't have diversity Yea Forums would have loved it

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No, since most people hate it for being comfy fun.

The best description of Craig of the Creek is that it's just the Steven Universe episodes everyone skipped made into an entire show.

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i dont care about that, i just find SOL boring honestly

hmmm I wonder why specifically these characters are white

But Clarence existed and was about the same level of popular

god i wish that were me

I see plenty of actually diverse shows praised here all the time so you're full of shit

Yea Forums likes Clarence more than COTC.

That’s because it started airing 8 years ago and some people here now were actual kids when it started
I was here back then and the new episode thread traffic is pretty similar. Even Harvey Beaks could sustain a general to last a week when new episodes were airing, Clarence never could

they also have a brown rich friend

Clarence was critically panned when it came out and was hated by e-celebs

Sorry, the main character is black, so I'll never watch it.

If the designs weren't this goddamned ugly, I would have loved it.

What's wrong with the designs, they're very Toriyama inspired, I think the problem is more in the subject matter, for which you need to blame America

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Eh I get what they are trying to do with it but it just doesn't quite work for me. Like most the time it feels like they are tiny adults rather than children.

I agree, the style filtered me hard

>they're very Toriyama inspired
lol that's so wrong

Thing that bothers be is a bit of the things the kids do seem less like imaginative play world stuff and more just someones fetish.

Craig is too much a pacifist observer rather than an actual adventurer into this world.

Most of the black kids in the show are rich. It's common in realty to show house to minority in designated zones.

No it's pretty much on the money

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Could you name a few examples? I don't see anything the kids do as being fetishy.
He is definitely too much of a pacifist, especially in the anniversary box episode. The finders keepers fucker took his box and purse and that motherfucker just stood there and took it. Then his little sister has to kick that guy's balls for him. I wanted to see him bludgeon that guy with his staff ffs

Look at this chad.

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Dog girl in petplay

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Have you seen how Toriyama draws africans? cause You need to make those lips BIG and RED if you want to make it true to form.

Oh god, I forgot about that. Yeah, that was really fucking weird. They probably just intended for it to be strange but you can never be sure.

>Steven Universe but only townie episodes
That sounds fucking terrible

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Well they obviously want their studios in a non-burned down state but I think they come pretty close with the "caricatureness" and big lips

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What bothered me about that episode was that they could have done that differently. Just have Craig trick the kid into dropping his phone, claim finders keepers, and do a trade-off.

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>turned mortimor into her shoulderplates

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Is that sk8rgirl supposed to be Sparkle's old friend?

That's the working theory

I honestly don't see the resemblance

Be more racist

that's an insult to Craig, the townies are 100 times worse than the worst kid of the creek

are they going to reverse pomf =3 David???

Yes which is pretty fucked up when you consider Ashley's creeksona is David's sister in her small Twitter comics

I promised myself I wasn't going to let another loli with pigtails and long sleeves trick me into watching a show I don't like....
God Damn you Yea Forums!!!

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Does Yea Forums even like this show? I'm pretty sure that most this show has generated on this board is apathy.

Yea Forums doesn't watch cartoons or reads comics

Actually it's this, it also has an artstyle more like the weaker episodes, too. Just not interested.

>yellow theme in outfit
>cheerful smile
>floppy sleeves
Was somebody inspired by Jyushimatsu?

Not even worth it bro. It's one scene where they talk to Craig the eagle one is the leader, and the fat pig tails one is the funny one.

They had a cameo dodge ball episode but visual only no lines.

yeah i wish the guy getting sat on was brown (it would fit my racedom kink)

i always found this show creepy

So have we talked about how Kelsey is just Rider from Centaurworld? I was watching both at the same time and it was SO WEIRD

me on the bottom

>If Craig of the Creek didn't have diversity children would have loved it


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What is episode and season number for that tabletop RPG episode?

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>tabletop RPG
They did a rpg episode recently but it purposely video game style. Even using a few 8-bit scenes

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Didn't watch it because it looks like shit

>they're very Toriyama inspired
You are very full of shit