Craig is dangerously based

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They always make Buttercup black because she's the violent and dumb one.

Dude, what if government guy was actually some incopetent manchild fool but luckily we have strong independent whamen to show this white fag his place!

I don't even understand the point of doing this. Stops it from being a Powerpuff reference, so seems pointless

>black adult buttercup

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Because it’s mocking the live action cw reboot where they wanted to make Buttercup black

What's this from?

Kid Cosmic

I doubt it. People are always quick to call stuff like this parody, but it never is. Whoever did that change definitely thought they were doing something brave and progressive.

>What if we made the aggressive tomboy into a black woman
Wow racist much? Good job moron!

You know what? At least its not Blossom. They always replace the redheads.

God forbid if they do this to Sarah Bellum too.

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Dude, what if government guy liked pickles!

Is totally spies now a Powerpuff girl reference? This board is so mind broken that a brown skin girl being next to a blonde and red headed is a personal attack. People really need to feel persecuted 24/7

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Poor McCracken, he just wanted to make a comic-inspired show. On top of Netflix not giving it enough exposure, the little attention it did get attracted paranoid white guys who see progg boogeymen in every frame.

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Im not the only one who sees this, right?

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are the two questions linked together?

This. I thought they were a double reference.

They probably are, right down to the synchronized moves.

It wasn’t that good. Craig can’t into episodic. Like, he’s tried but the end result is just really hammy, cheesy and unfulfilling.

The cheesiness was on purpose; it's based on pulp comics after all. Outside of that, it still had good moments.

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And here I thought people were mad about Ms. Bellum being gone from nu-PPG.

The strong whamen were not even real. They were robots, existing in an imaginationland created solely to cater to Kid's wishes, so in fact they were double-fake, just like the surrounding outrage.

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Yeah, but you don't know it at the end of the season. Then Faust came to shit on the entire concept and fucked off after she made an awful second season with a smirk on her face.

I was so disappointed that they weren't real or were they?

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Did they give these characters an episode or any screentime?

>waaaah I'm a fragile snowflake triggered by a stinger with a black chick in a suit waaaaah
>now I'm gonna shit on the horse show lady but never provide proof!
Yes, we've seen this hundred times already.
Yes and no?
The red-headed woman exists in the real world as a building inspector, but it's unlikely she moonlights as a secret agent. The same could go for the others, they could be based on some people Kid met in real life, or the ginger lady existing in the real world was just a massive coincidence.

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Somehow she's only credites as a writer for second season where everything goes to shit and is absent anywhere else while season 3 has to basically undo everything season 2 does? But sure We've seen retards with no taste like you hundreds of times already.

Christ. I’m so tired of you faggots and your culture war gibberish.

Americans are taught to hate and persecute each other. It's a dying country

Yes, but they turned out to be figments in a little boy's fantasy, and not the "Cake, GameBoy, and me" kind of fantasy.

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>Americans are taught to hate and persecute each other.
I guarantee you're saying shit like "American culture is centered around niggers" when not saying shit like this.

Kid is cute.

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>little boy's fantasy
Is that true or are you just pulling my leg

>American culture is centered around niggers
Not him but hey, that's not wrong.

No. He is balding.
How about you read the thread.

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Heroes aren't cute, they're cool.

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Is not just red head, blonde, and black girl old ass trope?

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I think Kid's bike scene was hot me harder than I thought it would.

It looks like it was made in the scrapyard, and he lives in a scrapyard so it makes sense. But man I was not expecting that he made it after the funeral, it's such a kid way to. Find a handle bar put it on a body, add some tires, a basket to hold your stuff, and the chain not fitting and him just going to be upset felt so realistic.

Papa G helping him, only for kid to run away. Lastly just that scene where Kid comes back realizing he has literally no where and no one else to run to.

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/pol/ lives rent free in your head.

American culture is simultaneously centered around narcissism, accommodation and irony more than anything, not that there is a single unifying American culture anymore.

I'd argue Bubbles is the dumb one.

Except S2 didn't suck any harder than other seasons, the show was firmly in the shitter by mid-S1. Prove to me that she's the person responsible for ruining Chuck, or that cheesy speech from S1 finale, or that retarded twist about Jo's stone being capable of pulling fantasy dimensions out of its ass, then we will talk.
>while season 3 has to basically undo everything season 2 does
It really doesn't, S3 supports S2's themes and events. How is that supposed to work anyway when the entire show is a one big season split into 3 parts?

Well, she is blonde…

They took the idea from that one justice league episode

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He is cute.

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No, they do it because blonde/red hair looks terrible on black people

I liked slimegirl Flo.

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It's definitely not a totally spies reference, retard but whatever

Why didn't they let these boyfriends kiss?

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Kino episode. Any one know why they didn't use the actual jsa for it?

No romance for anyone. Romances have never made shows better.

this, it never works because they're just basically filler that never contributes to the story.

It only ever works if it actually contributes to the story.

rights issues, probably

They felt the premise was insulting to their legacy. But it was all a last minute change because the original commercials actually did feature the JSA but in the actual episode they're recolored.

Because Craig is a liar or a hack.

On a different note, what is it with Eric Bauza and voicing latently gay characters?

According to Craig, they're already in a relationship, so a kiss or a different kind of PDA would barely count as romance.

>this, it never works because they're just basically filler that never contributes to the story.
What does the scene where they're molested by Jabba the Dominator contribute to the story? The characters themselves are pretty much just a pointless filler, they contribute nothing.

I saw PPG fanart on twitter earlier and buttercup was black
it's like reality is being changed before my eyes

>No, they do it because blonde/red hair looks terrible on black people

No it doesn't, it just looks jarring if you're not used to it. There's an entire race of people who look black that can occasionally have blonde hair called Melanesians in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Did your eyes ever see reality?