What did France mean by this?

What did France mean by this?

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Aelita was hotter anyway.

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Il devrait être évident no?

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>user wants to bang this
This is disgusting.

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better than anime

>not wanting Japanese-French pussy


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In all honesty what the actual fuck is wrong with their foreheads? Is this the style? Is the style hydrocephalus? It's also mostly the women. The nerd guy had one but the other guys didn't really.

That's how people look in France.

Is it because everyone still smokes and drinks when they're still pregnant?

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What does France mean with anything?

This is more what did they mean by this cause it’s a quack close up then pans up to her and no one mentions it

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The fucking entire state of France, you say


>not Sissi

Jim had his own groupies

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There's a charm to it
I'll take a somewhat out there or rough but inspired design like Klasky-Csupo over the nth degree regurgitated modern Calarts

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>that time XANA scammed the Lyoko Warriors by selling them a bunch of NFTs


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>Tim and Eric
Get the fuck out.

Were NFT's even around when this show took place in the early to mid '00s?

That your PP should be big PP

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XANA was visionary in that episode, like when it SWATed Jeremie.

Got some nice new stuff from the last thread.

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I wish terrible would get over his granny tits phase already.
At this point it feels like he's physically incapable of drawing tits that aren't literal kneeslappers.

nigga they're big titties
they're gonna take up space

NFTs weren't around last fucking year.

he also did an edit with smaller tits.
and ended the thread with several canon sized..

I know that. It was more a general thing. It doesn't matter who he draws, if it's a female he will default to tits long enough to double as a scarf.

Eh, the thing in the previous thread was more about general giant tits rather than granny tits.

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i love french animation

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I bet she take it up the ass with no lube.

most likely

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>take it up the ass with no lube.
Which Lyoko girls does that?

Sissi has one of those.


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we had
yandere sissi
big titty sissi

which will be the next innovation?

On model Sissi.

that's basically the same as yandere Sissi.

sharkfag, be that you?

one of the lasts with Milly from last thread with color for ya.

cool trojan website

Great job!

We already got Edit Sissi.

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They meant they're ashamed of it because they voted that regressive leftoid faggot back in

>French cartoons thread?

Very good ones at that.

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Seems like a Lyoko one but you can probably post about other french cartoons.
Macron isn't even a leftoid faggot, he's literally a modern industrial revolution banker. Dude want the poor's kids to go work for free instead of going to school at age 12.

Edit her socks off.


I'm not the one who made the edits, I just collected them.

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Might as well post that one too.

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looks wrong in a way that hurts physically.