Marries a manchild

>Marries a manchild
>Complains at him for being the manchild she married

If she's INTO childlike men, what's she complaining about?

If not, why didn't she just give Sonic to Amy, who'd have enjoyed his childish antics more?

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AOSTH is better than SATAM but that's not saying much. It's pretty repetitive.

Hey Jim Cummins was great as Robotnik, one of the only two times the character has been actually threatening, though I agree AOSTH is the better overall show.

>useless without a team doing the thinking for him

Huh almost as if he's the brawn and they're the brains or something. Same reason grunts obey college educated commissioned officers.

>shares his only girl with a french coward

Sally expresses no interest in Antoine whatsoever and sometimes even annoyance at and contempt for him. By what standard was Sonic supposed to assume he was being cucked?

>only aired on saturdays, ignoring your education

It was the 90s. Anything short of Magic School Bus had no right to call itself edutainment. AoStH's end-of-episode PSAs flatly contradicted each other (see also; ask a policeman if grabbed by Scratch and Grounder, but don't call 911 if surrounded by them AND other robots) let alone the episodes they were in. I'd rather a show that admits it's fantasy than pretends it's edutainment.

Also, you can't complain about Sonic living in a polluted wasteland of brown and grey and then call for edutainment. Lots of people in the real world live in polluted wastelands of brown and grey.

>needs a backpack like a ninny

Where else is he supposed to store power rings? Up his ass?

>robotnik voiced by winnie the pooh

You mean the same cartoon character who pisses off Xi Jinping? There could not be a better middle finger to the guy in charge of the real-life equivalent of Robotropolis.

>runs away from robotnik like a total bitch

Having the sense to know when to strategically retreat =/= no longer a threat. Same reason they sunk the Belgrade.

>has nothing to do with the games

Ah, finally, a valid criticism.

See, I don't like that the Sonic franchise means such vastly different things to people depending on the continuities with which they grew up. It's clear that having such a simplistic first game made it a blank slate onto which so many different continuities could write their own details.

But AoStH wasn't more faithful to the games, it just resembled them by being comparably simplistic.

Anybody got that comic panel of when Robotnik comes back from the dead (or hiatus, or something like that) and scares the bejeezus out of Snivvely?

I'm kicking myself for getting "Belgrade" and "Belgrano" mixed up. But my other points still stand.

I often wonder how different the world be if Sega of japan had accepted and taked the lore that sega of America tried to inject into the series proper and we had some form of compromise. Then again even on it's own japan can't agree were they want to take Sonic.
Did japan liked the current live action movies btw?

Don't forget he stole Sally for Christmas too.

SATAM doesn't has PINGAS

It's funny to see people turn against this image. I remember when it was taken as gospel, but now people are realizing that it's completely retarded. SatAM wasn't edgy at all, and the idea that it influenced SEGA is laughable. SEGA doesn't give a shit what North America does with their ip, they just want to make it "modern". Also this , Jim Cumming's Robotnik and Snively were great villains.
I mostly agree but I think SatAM did try to adapt what little materials the games provided. The freedom fighters are mostly based off of the animals that would be released from badniks, for example. There are also rings in the show, which I don't believe appeared in Adventures at all (despite being a staple of the games). Season 2 was a huge failure to integrate more of the games into the show, though. I believe by then they had Knuckles and at least one variation of metal Sonic, which thay could of used. Instead they pushed that shitty Naugus character. They also really should have at least mentioned the chaos emeralds.

Penders threads get churned out constantly but it doesn't get said enough how shitty he actually wrote Sonic.

One of these spawned the longest running comic book series based on a video game, lasting for over 24 years. The other is only remembered for memes and ytp

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You would've been better off not responding desu.

>One of these spawned the longest running comic book series based on a video game, lasting for over 24 years
Just because something is long doesn't mean it's good.
Also where the fuck are all these SatAM fans coming from. It can't be nostalgia because that show was from my generation and I'm pathetically too old to be on this site. Is it just contrarianism or in defense of Penders?

Yes Penders is a bad writer we know

Years before SatAM was popular, the games were popular. It was Japanese ingenuity that created the colourful, scenic games and unforgettable BGM that made the games popular. Americans just tried to shoehorn their characters into a StarFox-esque story and that was a waste both of such a story and of the rights to Sonic characters. If they created a similar story with original characters, no one would have heard of it. The Japanese knew what they were doing and the Americans should have just backed off.

>Years before SatAM was popular, the games were popular
There are two problems wrong with this statement.
The first is that SatAM was never really popular. It couldn't even reach syndication numbers. The second is that the distance between SatAM and the shows is very small. 2 years at the most.
The rest is true though. A lot of the charm and lore of the games, America just didn't bother translating

I prefer to watch one show over the other, its not that complicated.

...Penders wrote M:25YL? Geez. I guess he's not QUITE as shitty as I thought. I thought if Penders were involved a M:25YL story would be about Sally sitting there with her legs spread while an aging and senile Geoffrey St. John programs a robot to assist him in thrusting into her so he can pretend he's doing it himself even though he's too old and weak to do so.

It continued without him for a bit after he left. Though they established it was one universe and not the confirmed future for mobius prime. Because that would be shit

Why did king Shadow job so fast to Knuckle's daughter in this story ?

Wait sonic has had sex

What better use for super speed than that he gets to keep thrusting in her "faster" and "faster"? :P

Assuming he isn't done the moment he gets inside.
Fastest thing alive, hmm?

>master of disguise

Only because Scratch and Grounder are unbelievable morons.

To be fair, the tone of early Archie was closer to AOSTH, so it's more like an amalgamation, at least for a while.

You'd still get Sonic Adventure, except the Freedom Fighters are playable.

>Jim Cummings was great as Robotnik
You mean great as Jim Cummings.

One have a game that was referenced in the movie and loved by sega
The other doesnt.


I wanna fuck Sally

>give Sonic to Amy
Sally is a royal but she doesn't have the authority to force Sonic to marry the only female character he's confirmed to not like.

The important thing is that both are objectively better than Japanese Sonic.

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People thought SatAM was edgy? Sure it had serious moments, but did everyone forget how many comic relief characters there were? Or how Snively "tortured" Antoine by using margarine instead of butter when making a french dish?


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Damn I wish I could be the manchild she marries and nags at

Ian did a better job of this. Sonic's older and not itching to fly off like he used to but he'll happily go back to being the hero if he needs to. And how does a couple that argues stay together for so long? Angry sex.

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>force Sonic to marry

He'd have to have the willpower to reject Amy in the first place or else whether Sally would resort to coercion would be a moot point.

Eggs are expensive, sperm are cheap. The latter tells its owner he belongs to whichever female wants him most. You can tell by the irrationality of those who say otherwise.

>he's confirmed to not like

Since when?

Also, he can learn to love her soon enough. Or at least mutually enjoy fucking her. It's not like Sonic and Sally love each other either if their bickering is anything to go by.

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Because they needed to end the story arc as fast as they could at that point.

Well, it's better than OP but still pretty awful.

>Then again even on it's own japan can't agree were they want to take Sonic.
Why do anons keep saying this?

I dunno... visually speaking I prefer the #137 excerpt.

Because she's a bitch that likes to control others?

It's not like any of the Sonic games in the past 20 years have had any consistency. Most of it is trend chasing and retcons. Not to mention lore and various details are vague and conflicting.

True, but at least when it comes from the same team that invented the original game, you know they at least know what the essence of the original game was.

This isn't to say they necessarily keep the essence of the original game in mind, but at least they know what it is, which is more than can be said for the team that made a comic book that was (very loosely) based on the games. (Or, supposedly, on cartoons that were in turn based on the games, even though the cartoons came out later...)

>you know they at least know what the essence of the original game was
That hasn't been the case for over 20 years. They've been changing the "essence" of Sonic since he hit 3D and even then he's been changed to adopt something Sonic Team thought was popular enough to copy. The team that got Sonic's "essence" was the Sonic Mania team and Sega burned that bridge. We're not getting another new 2D Sonic game in the same vein, instead we're getting an open world 3D Sonic game. At this point, I'd welcome Sonic 4 Episode 3.

She thought she could fix him.

Still a bit of a waste to take him when she could give him to someone else and find herself a guy who, even in her own mind, doesn't need to be fixed because he ain't broken.

>Sonic fag
>Defending man children

>It's not like any of the Sonic games in the past 20 years have had any consistency.
They have
>Most of it is trend chasing and retcons.
Such as?
>Not to mention lore and various details are vague and conflicting.
Only if you pay attention to western retcons. The source material is pretty consistent.

Penders hated Sonic so no surprise at these panels

>Marries a manchild
>Complains at him for being the manchild she married
>If she's INTO childlike men, what's she complaining about?
Women in a nutshell.

she dumb

I meant essence as in the style and tone. Yeah Sonic Mania was more faithful to the originals than SA2, but even SA2 even felt vaguely more reminiscent of the old games than the comics did. The comics just felt like a bunch of Sonic characters shoehorned into some military coup drama.

>They've been changing the "essence" of Sonic since he hit 3D
Can you quantify this? What, in your mind, changed?

I don't think people defend Sonic comics just to defend Penders. Ironically it's because they're so nostalgic for growing up with Sonic comics they're MORE disappointed in Penders for ruining them, not less.

The Americans should've started over with their own character. Japanese ingenuity is what created the scenic, melodious games that became so popular in the first place.

Meanwhile, it turns out Penders was full of crap the whole time and his court case never should have happened.

I think they meant compared to the games. Yeah the games introduced the idea of roboticization but didn't deal with its implications so bluntly...

There wasn't much implication. "Roboticization" in the games was tiny animals being put into a silly robot shell and used for its battery, and they pop out alive and happy when Sonic wrecks them. SatAM and Archie twisted it into full body-horror instead because it lent itself better to their idea of Robotnik being akin to Satan instead of the goofy manchild scientist from the games.

Penders killed both continuities. Unless you were ride or die for Penders you grew to hate him. Had he not shit in every bed and burnt every bridge he'd just be the "echidna lore guy".

Ironically, this is true.

Except then "Sonic mustn't be "fixed"" became the bottom line of everything.