>98 lbs.

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That just sounds unhealthy

extremely unhealthy example to be setting for young girls(male). hopefully this problematic series gets taken down because it will do some serious harm.



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Pocket Pussy gfs.
They hard to come by, either gotta be rich, a cuck or a disgusting groomer

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I was trying to figure out how tall she is but the fandom wiki just gave me ingame stats

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Nvm found it

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Meanwhile in the male category
>20 years old
>5’8 — 1,72 meters
>105 lbs — 47,6 kilograms

>fat hands

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What's Cait?

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When’re we gonna get more actually good animated shows like this and invincible?

>98 lbs
listen up, runt; one of us is gettin' sand kicked in their face... and it ain't gonna be me

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25-31 years old
5’7 — 1,70 meters
125 lbs — 56,7 kilograms

Well, Netflix just canned all animation apart from fucking Big Mouth so... not soon I'd reckon.

She really is perfect.

good god i hope her snatch looks like exploded brisket after all those years in jail. Im talking just perma-gape cervix falls out when she pisses loose. Asshole too, oh yeah you know he got bored of that worthlessly pussy quick and ruined her anus too. And now vi is extremely self conscious about it too, Wearing granny style swimsuits if ever when her and cait go to the beach. Even in bed she is shy with cait poking around her pussy-cave even after theyve been dating for years.

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Netflix can’t be the only ones funding good animation. Invincible isn’t even Netflix it’s amazon

She is unhealthy, she is on drugs

Amazon has Invincible and Vox Machina.

As of last month Netflix had something like 2-3 dozen animated films in production or pre-prod (including collaborations with Cartoon Saloon, Henry Selick, and Guillermo del Toro), and a dozen animated series. All of those are now ostensibly on the chopping block.

She’s a methhead

This is LoL Caitlyn not Arcane

What's Cait? Cait's a goddamn, no-good, motherfucking, sister-stealing bitch sent straight from the deepest, darkest pit of Hell. That's what Cait is. Hanging's too good for her, burning's too good for her. She should be chopped up into tiny little pieces and flushed down the Undercity's sewers.

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If Vi loves her, she can't be all bad.

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That evil witch cast a horrible spell on Vi. She must be shown the light. The spell must be broken.

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>ekko being a manlet simp
respecting the canon, nice

>Ekko with a checkmark next to his name
It's the little things.

I wonder if people are gonna go schizo mode for Riven when they inevitably go to Ionia

Cait is an angel.

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>Hanging's too good for her, burning's too good for her.
We are surrounded by illiterates

I prefer her younger self.

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I was 5'5 104 pounds as a teen. A bit underweight but it didn't affect me at all

Caitlyn (True Name: M'ha-Teel-Dah) is a demonic entity that must be banished to the realm it spawned from.
Uncultured swine.

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Arcane threads went to shit the moment people stopped Powderposting.

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Best dad.

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Too thin
I want her fatter

Ionia animated series with Zed (Govos/Usan) and the kinkou order as the main focus when?

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I could burn the world just for her.

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Delete this.

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Ha ha I'm 5'7''

Somebody please post Jinx's tummy


A turbodyke

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Tastefully edited.

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>They hard to come by
nah, there are a lot of womanlets where I live, the average women height here is 5’5” but most girls are around 5’4” and below

>Vi having all this wholesome moments while Jinx struggling for her life
I love cinematic P A R A L L E L S

My first girlfriend was like 5'2 and less than 80lbs. She had, probably still has, anorexia. Having sex was miserable because she couldn't take my dick and it always hurt her and made her cry. She had full blown signs of anorexia and even fucking lanugo. I didn't know any better at the time and I just wanted to get my dick wet. But it's not attractive and it's not even good for sex. I don't even have a big dick but she couldn't even take it.

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there is a difference between 80 lbs and 100 lbs
my previous gf was 5’1” and 110 lbs and she was fiiine

I want to kiss it.

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>le unhinged yuricuck

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Why couldn't we save her, bros

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