Superman is le hungry

>superman is le hungry

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Still better than anything DC has done with him recently.

I bet he could eat like… 40 cakes

that’s 4 10s!

I've heard that kryptonians like to feast on the insides of human females. It's just a rumour though.

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Why are Anime and Manga so obsessed with food compared to Western comics and cartoons? They go into so much detail about food, how it tastes, its ingredients, how its cooked, and all that stuff.

Asians are very perfectionist and hyper-focused on presentation and high standards, which includes things like food.

Same thing on tv and movies generally, Asian dramas seem to put a lot of focus on food. Even other countries like Mexico the people are quite proud and obsessed with their food

Is that a Mcdonalds reference?

I don't know, but it's only nice to see sometimes. Solitary Gourmet was genuinely great.

>joker is le daddy

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Translations when

>X is le Y
is this a meme specific to this board?

"le" and "lel" are from reddit....but i don't know if they're unaware or using it "ironically"

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Very cute bros

the best take on the joker in decades

/ck/ approved

Nips understand their dynamic better than DC.

shut up and eat some rice

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Don't forget the scan where they almost kissed

according to manga, Krypton's main food was a very similar grain to japanese rice, so kryptonians love japanese rice and superman loves it because of it. thank you

when japan understands the character better, I think it's time to hang up the coat.

Japan knows what's up.

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that's one weird way to say superman likes eating pussy, but aight

So he genetically knows about food he never experienced?

weaker than goku

>gook makes superman worship japanese food
>heckin based leave it to japan to really understand what superman is all about
Why do anime faggots flood the board and spew shot that anyone who has every read a comic knows is bullshit. This manga is Superman in name only and is nothing like the character has ever been you reyards.

Can't even survive in space

>deadpool is le kino

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Isn’t it kind of canon Clarke/Superman is a bit of a foodie?
>We will never get a side series in which Superman goes around the universe trying various alien street foods and restaurants.
>“The food is amazing, but don’t eat it unless you have a kryptonian anatomy. And even then…”

>Superman is pitted against his friends
>Made the butt of the joke
>Son is gay
>Now in talks of making him black
>Bros with Batman
>Respected by the writer
>Allowed to by goofy
>Could have been easily race swapped but is not

He is welcome to Ligma.

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I just KNOW there are fujoshits out there who will take this as irrefutable evidence that Batman tops.

>genetically knows

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They have Superman as a character you can mod into Budokai Tenkaichi 3, but I wish they had Suppaman too since Arale is playable.

Cho is such an unfunny faggot

>irrefutable evidence

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The mechanics of batman riding superman and dismounting is hilarious.

The Japanese are. The chinese... are not so big on high standards. But they take their food VERY seriously.

They're obsessed with EVERYTHING. Ballroom dancing. Bicycle racing. Fishing. Train driving. Train molesting.

But what about an eating contest?

You see midwesterners eat?

His favorite meal is beef bourguignon canonically, for some reason it makes sense a being who can eat but doesn’t have to would be fascinated with different types of food.

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>You see midwesterners eat?
There are a lot of Japanese restaurants around here.

i don't think there is that big a fujo audience for superman and batman. they tend to gravitate towards superboys and robins.

Yup. Fujos tend to like boyish characters than manly ones.

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That seems like an exception to the rule, and both Supes and Batman look a bit younger (but it could be the anime inspired style).

Please, tell me this is displayed out in public.


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He totally can. Did it in one of the first arcs of Dragonball. Went to the moon and back no worse for wear.
Fuck, I hated Goku v Superman debate threads back before coming to Yea Forums. You'd have superfags chanting "Filler!" anytime someone brought up the times Goku or Vegeta were in space breathing even talking because their faaavorite way of having Superman win was by getting him to push Goku into space and pass out.
Then I'd bring up the Dragonball feat, from the damn Manga, categorically NOT filler and they'd say it doesn't count because it was a gag.
I really like how Yea Forums used to respond to it, by saying they'd be buddies.

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why did someone scribble out the japanese text?


>eating is now reddit

kodansha's logo is ugly

They would be buddies. Besties, even. And Bats would get all jealous.

The logos and title are the things on the cover that don't look like ass.

Even stories as pointless as this are better than the stories that involve him that DC has put out in recent memory, poor dude just cannot stop worfing.