The "Lovely" Spydra

The "Lovely" Spydra

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Why did you put quotes around lovely?

cuz it is so in the show

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Did she ever show up in any other show?

nope. But she is every ep in in the one she is in

i havnt seen this in like 20 years but when i saw the picture i heard her voice

I don't exactly understand her color-scheme. Tho I get it's to emphasize her womanhood, plus pink is a popular color with girls in general.

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So, was Gadget Boy a spin-off of Inspector Gadget?

yes. a spin-off of the very popular characters but kid type. Like Muppet-babies and so on

Was he a goofy kid detective thatwas given gadgets, or a robot programmed to be a dimwit?
Either way seems like a questionable decision

Obviously. It was unclear though if the series was meant to be directly connected to the original or a standalone one. Gadget Boy acted a lot like the original Gadget and even had the same voice (at least early on), but might as well have been an entire separate character given his appearance contradicts a different depiction of a younger Gadget.
Regardless of that, the show was vastly inferior to the original as the animation was choppy at times and just generally inferior. At least Heather and Spydra were memorable aspects.

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Nobody knows, nothing in the show went out of its way to establish a continuity with the original series, and I imagine more hardcore fans of Inspector Gadget would be able to tell how it can/can't be connected.

Well Dabble the scientist in the show said he did create the boy so not much there

Always thought it was weird they gave kid Gadget monster girl for an archenemy but my dick wasn't complaining. Gotta take this to the shota thread.

you do you but I agree she makes it going

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Definitely an odd step after "mystery nigga with a metal/robot arm who sounds like Cookie Monster needs a lozenge"

six arm jackpot

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That's a mask. Her actual face is so hideous that it turns all who see it to stone like the Medusa. She does this to punish her sarcastic pet vulture frequently.

yep. Never showed ever. Tho, it isn't that interesting

She could be like some versions of Medusa, beautiful, but with some feature that cause the petrification

like this maybe

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I think it's implied that she's just so fucking hideous that seeing it alone is what petrifies.
the directors saying

a buttface bombshell

Wasted on that show.

she's considerate enough to cover her face so that's based

yep. rip.

Ayo, who she?

figure her face doesn't look too dissimilar from this if we go full monster lady
I'm okay with that

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yeah. She looks a lot like her mask

Does anyone have that post from that other gadget boy thread where that user said that he had a huge crsuh on Spydra as a kid and that his teacher sounded very similar to her. One day he got in trouble over something and she was yelling at him in front of the entire class and he got a huge boner because of it.

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I knew some of the archived ones about the crush but no teacher involved. Wasn't that keen on it
maybe one of these

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What if Spydra gained weight hahahha


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man this show was bad, pretty sure it was some TAX scheme or just trying to keep the license attempt

I do agree but I think it has a tiny amount of charm in it (if you're into Spydra or Heather at least)

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not as far gone as that guy but she did make me feel things, she's curvy and
>6 arms

yep, she's very show-offy

Mary Shelly wasn't keen on helping her either

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I don't think parents would like to show this show to their kids.

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i'll stop were the count goes to 50

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have a nice day

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>no Spydra feet art

I can say that she wears nice heeled shoes with webs on.

>no mouth but six hands
>sextuple handjob but never a bj

Tough sell but okay.

yeah tho think of all the tickling, cuddling or beating.
plenty of trivia

thanks OP, this was an interesting character to find out about. She's certainly got a unique look to her, with the eyes-only face, and on that point she does remind me a bit of the Martian queen from Duck Dodgers. However Spydra most definitely does have a better figure, and one might even describe it as "lovely!"

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What color is her skin? Does she ever show a hint of it? How can we lewd her if we can't expose any part of her? The mask doesn't need to come off, but I'd at least want to see her thighs or something.

One hand to cup your face
One hand to hold one of yours
Two hands to play with your nipples
One hand to jerk you off
One hand to tickle your balls or stimulate your prostate

I want to smell her

Imagine the hugs, and the hand holding.

So, was Heather Gadget Boy's blonde Aunt who was getting abducted in the process of saving the day? A sort of..Age Bent Penny Gadget?