What are some good furry comics?

What are some good furry comics?

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None. Yiff in hell furfags

Do you mean ones with anthropomorphs or sexualised anthropomorphs?
People recommend Lackadaisy and there's a sort of adjacent one with a black cat that anons can point out (and often make a thread for even if not many other anons care for it as you can't post lewds of characters).
I think an user tries to Christmas/New Year storytime one of those SFW Peaches & Cream comics from when the artist was less consistent at art.
There's probably 10-15 legible and not patreon-blocked webcomics that anons here might suggest 1-2 of but... they always seem to be """slice of life""" trash that has a premise and then does nothing with it... like most webcomics.
There's Scurry if you want a complete(?) webcomic about anthropomorphised mice.

I'm out of the loop as to the modern stuff and a lot of the old red board grade material that you're lucky if wikifur mentions and the usual booru has pages of.

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What do you mean when you say furry? I've been reading Caelum Sky recently and it's been decent.

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MasterPloxy's comic about pokemon rape that is still going on; that galade and human have been doing revenge sex towars that gothitelle for 3 years straight now

>pokemon rape

The Grandville series is pretty great.

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Gold Digger is pretty furry


the best furry anything is always done by non-furries

- Tracnar Faribol by Benoit du Peloux, fairytale of two thieves, a Princess, her father and his witch wife

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>there's a sort of adjacent one with a black cat that anons can point out (and often make a thread for even if not many other anons care for it as you can't post lewds of characters).

I like this one

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Ehh, feel like they're either closeted or just keeping the furfag autism restrained.
Which actually helps with the general quality since attention and effort isn't wasted on stupid shit.



In both French and scanlated to English

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My niggah.

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Please tell me awful things happen to her.

Rare Breed

>You now remember Digger

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Yiff in hell, furfag.
Also, >>>/global/rules/16

read for yourself: boards.fireden.net/co/thread/118428778/ or archive.wakarimasen.moe/co/thread/118428778/
Here's the witch wife.
The English translation is poor, it's better in French.

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I guess Lackadaisy Cats, but I don't really think of it as a "furry" webcomic.

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Dan Abnett’s Wild’s End is good.

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck

The entire Donjon saga.

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cute artstyle contrast to the shit-insane dark, edgy, disturbing "things" happening in the those. I read one it was... dear god

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Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck comics.
Also Mickey Mouse comics.

Sure, but there's a lot of heart hidden behind the edge. I highly recommend Megan's Run, and consider it to be the best Jack ever was. It's about some woman who goes on the run from death and eventually travels to hell just to prevent some little girl from having to die.

Off World: The Crease
this has lots of fur but little clothes so it is hard to find an image that is acceptable on a blue board. Story is good though the orgies are a bit distracting from the plot. Currently on hiatus but hopefully back soon.

Latchkey Kingdom if you like comedy adventure stories that don't take themselves too seriously.
No large ongoing plot that will never be resolved or hundreds of pages of soap opera.

It has heart, as has been said.

>I highly recommend Megan's Run

Best arc ever.

I need to finish these

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Hmmm I don't think I care for that art

Bear King by Mobidic, conflict between shamanistic human tribe and animal gods (that talk but are otherwise animals, so not really furry), reads like a native folk tale

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next pages will be on the /aco/ Euro thread

Source of that one?

seems good enough, tho I don't think I have the guts to read something so... y'know, And I've read No mouth must scream and loved it lol.

page after this will be on the /aco/ Euro thread

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page 4:

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This stupid fucking comic. I love it.

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ooh that gonna get pruned oof. pickaxehands must hurt tho

I started reading the tamberlane webcomic, it's been pretty good so far.

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Legend of the Golden Phallus

>no one mentions the fun one because of pissy mods

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Duck comics.
Duck Avenger stuff if you want something completed and long.
Looking for quick smut look into Carl Barks' nudes or Ugly Duckling by Sciarrione


Do they not?
I thought Out of Placers was just that common knowledge that it didn't need to be mentioned, like Concession or TwoKinds.

>No mouth must scream

What was that then?

Ah yes, 'Cliff'. I love 'Jack', but this was just tryhard edgy crap.

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Not sure if it's really furry but I definitely reccomend out-of-placers

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Read Quack. Underrated funny animal series from the 70s with only 6 issues.

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>the last 3 books will never be scanned
Every day it hurts a little more.

Idk if it's good but certainly binge readable.


It's not good but I enjoyed it.

And that's the story of my fucking life

>Be Dutch
>We get every album

Sometimes we get lucky.

>Be Dutch
I'm so sorry.
Bantz aside they're all translated by NBM, but the books are physical-only and I think they're out of print too.
I fucking wish they'd be available in digital.